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How to choose a reliable developer in Georgia?

Developers of Georgia: how to choose what to pay attention to, what points to consider. Good advice from Sea Inside.

The real estate market in Georgia is developing rapidly. New complexes are being built, new construction companies are appearing in Batumi, Tbilisi and other cities. The risk that the construction will not be completed is extremely small. New buildings are put into operation, as a rule, on time or with a slight delay.

Sea Inside partners are reliable construction companies with extensive experience and a good history. Those who prefer to buy an apartment, house or apartments directly from a construction company, we advise you to pay attention to the following points in order to minimize possible risks.

  1. Check whether the official documentation is in order (whether there are building permits, licenses, etc.).
  2. Examine the portfolio – if there are completed projects in it. The more of them, the easier it is to trust her.
  3. Find out if the builder is meeting deadlines. It is important that he fulfills his promises and puts the facility into operation on time.
  4. Is the management company reliable? Is it known in the market? Apartments managed by large international management companies are more liquid.

We, as the Association of Developers of Georgia, feel responsible to investors and buyers, therefore, before offering an object, we study the construction market of Batumi. Choosing partners, we pay attention to the integrity of the developer and his business reputation. All our facilities are selected according to additional criteria:

Investment attractiveness. We select only profitable real estate from the point of view of investment.
Advantageous location. We treat the issue of location with special care, as this is one of the decisive factors of the liquidity of the object

SEA INSIDE. We cooperate only with trusted partners. We offer what we would buy ourselves.
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