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Author: Sea Inside

How to quickly and easily buy property in Georgia in 2022?

For those who dream of having a house by the sea for recreation or earnings, but are postponing the purchase, economists are advised to hurry. The cost of building materials has risen sharply all over the world (we wrote more about the reasons for this here). Therefore, real estate prices are expected to rise in 2022. How to buy an apartment in Georgia for a citizen of Russia and citizens of other countries - read the article.

If you are planning to buy an apartment or a house in Georgia but live outside of Georgia, there are three options for buying. The first is to come to Georgia on your own, the second is to come on a free real estate tour from Sea Inside, the third is to make a purchase remotely. Let's talk about the last two.

Real estate tour

This is a good chance to combine a trip with a vacation. Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Great Britain, Germany. More than 200 people from these and other countries have already come to our tour after Georgia opened its air borders. We offer a fascinating journey through the mountainous Adjara and premium-class residential complexes on the first coastline. In five days you will have a rest in hospitable Georgia, choose a dream house by the sea with a stable income and return the cost of the tour (when buying apartments in the amount of $40,000). You will see high-mountainous Adjara, ride a boat, taste rare varieties of Georgian wines and national dishes. During the whole tour we provide transfer (including meeting and seeing off at the airport).

Remote deal

Buying real estate in Georgia at a distance is becoming more and more popular. And all because it has many advantages. It:
  • Saves time - you can make a purchase without leaving your home;
  • Saves money - no need to spend money on air tickets;
  • Eliminates paperwork;
  • The transaction can be concluded from anywhere in the world.

The process of buying an apartment and all its stages - from selection to registration - take place online. All this time, a personal manager is attached to you - 24/7, he explains the details and helps with the choice. In fact, it goes like this:
  1. Together with the manager, you select several options and inspect them online via video link.
  2. The selected option is booked for you - not only the apartment / apartments is fixed, but also the price for it.
  3. We send you the documents by mail for review. After agreement, sign the contract of sale.
  4. You pay the cost (either in full or in part - if you purchase by installments).
  5. You receive an electronic code from the State Public Registry confirming ownership of the property.

To make money work for you, invest it in real estate. Contact if you have any questions.
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