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Pros and cons of investing in real estate in Georgia

How not to lose investments and stay with an apartment? Everything that anyone who plans to invest in real estate in Georgia should know. | Sea Inside

Investing in real estate was considered and is considered the safest way to save capital (at least) and increase it (at most). By renting out real estate, you can make a regular profit.

Investments in apartments in Georgia have an additional bonus. They will bring not just income, but income in dollars, which looks especially attractive against the background of the instability of some national currencies (for example, the ruble).

Three reasons to invest:
  1. Favorable price – quality ratio. An apartment in a new building can be bought from $ 30,000.
  2. High income and payback: you can earn from $6,000 a year on renting, the invested pay off in 5-7 years.
  3. The price is rising: according to statistics, houses here are getting more expensive by 15-20% every year.

Advantages of buying an apartment in Georgia:

  • Residence permit: when buying an apartment for $ 100,000, they give a residence permit.
  • Simple and quick registration: the property is issued in 15 minutes and $ 80.
  • Simplified taxation: there are no taxes on purchase and ownership
  • No visas: citizens of about 100 countries can freely enter the country.
  • Convenient conditions for business: transparency of operations, the principle of "one window". The right of private property protected by the state
  • Absence of bureaucracy and corruption: Georgia is on the 6th place in the World Bank's Doing Business ranking.

Other advantages of buying a house in Georgia are a mild climate, beautiful nature, affordable prices and hospitable people. It's nice to live, work and relax here.

Georgia's popularity as a fashionable tourist destination is growing. Foreigners are increasingly buying houses here. Apartments and houses in the Black Sea resorts of the country are in the greatest demand. For example, the profitability of real estate in Batumi is about 15-18%. This is a high indicator (the global average yield is 4-10% per year). In the database of the company Sea Inside – the best real estate in Georgia for investment. We sell apartments, apartments, villas in Batumi and Tbilisi for every taste and budget.


The disadvantages include, perhaps, only one factor – the complexity of self-management, if you live in another country. In this case, the management company will help. For example, some Sea Inside facilities are managed by global hotel chains (Hilton, Marriott, Holiday Inn, Wyndham, Ibis and others). This ensures that the customer receives service to a high standard.
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