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    General partner
    Co-owner of BiCo diversified holding and Sea Inside. He began to come up with and implement innovative business ideas back in 2005. Then the Internet was just becoming a part of everyday life. There were no ready-made solutions for the work of search engines - they had to come up with from scratch. Together with his partner Alexander Makeev, he came up with and created a unique aggregator. Together they developed and implemented an analytical service. Their joint company was the first on the market to offer tender support. For 15 years, Alexey Orishchenko and his partners have brought more than 10 IT products to the market.


    Today, Alexey's companies have 6 branches in Russia, more than 200 employees, offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tbilisi, Batumi. One of the recommendations that Alexey follows himself and advises others is to read more, and not only professional literature, but also fiction.



    Is there, in your opinion, a principle that will ensure success in work?

    The main thing is to carefully study the market before any undertaking. Market research will help you go find new solutions and stay one step ahead. And always be ready to expand. It is not necessary to limit the work of the company by geographical boundaries. In the age of the Internet, this is quite possible.

    What is the hardest thing about being a leader?

    Assemble a team of professionals. To have an expert assessment within the company, experienced employees are needed. And it is not easy to unite people with different experience, character, temperament and approaches to work into a single team that can solve problems together. We must find the key to each of them.

    What leadership skills can be learned?

    Communication skills. Business, but at the same time “human” communication is a necessary component in any business. To successfully work with clients and partners and conduct a constructive dialogue with them, you need to feel them. And you can understand their feelings only through dialogue.