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    Alexander Meldenburg

    Alexander has worked in the financial sector for over 10 years. He was involved in the banking business: he led factoring operations, conducted financial analyzes of small businesses, worked with stocks, brokerage services and lending.


    In 2015, he was named VTB Manager of the Year and Best Corporate Sales Manager. In 2018, he became the best manager at PSB Bank.


    Alexander is professionally versed in the financial industry. He can tell and explain why, how and where to invest wisely in order to increase capital or find new sources of income.


    Real estate
    Has been in the real estate industry since 2016. For three years, he managed a real estate company in Russia. Since 2019, he joined the Association of Developers of Georgia Sea Inside. Initially as a head of sales department, but very soon, thanks to his excellent communication skills, he became a sales director. In 2019 he received the title of "Best Manager" Sea Inside.


    Advanced training
    Alexander regularly improves his skills at continuing education courses in the areas of sales and investment in business:


    • 2017: "Personality and how to become it"
    • 2018: Corporate Sales
    • 2019: "Corporate life and communications"
    • 2021: "Space for Development"


    — Alexander, why do you love your job?

    — For the fact that you can communicate with a variety of people and meet interesting buyers from different countries. It enriches both professionally and personally.

    — Why did you choose Georgia?

    — Georgian culture has always attracted me. It's warm here, the sea and delicious food. People are very friendly and hospitable. Living in Georgia, I am convinced of this every day.

    — What do you think is the secret of success?

    — Be prepared for any turn of events, do not dwell on difficulties and do not worry for no reason. And most importantly - appreciate every day and enjoy the little things.