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    Senior manager by sales

    Alina has been in sales for about 13 years. She began her professional career in the automotive industry, then moved on to the real estate sector. She worked in Moscow for the largest developers, occupied a leading position.


    During her two years at Sea Inside, she became a lead manager, closing about 70 deals worth more than $4 million. In total, she participated in more than 50 professional development programs from such reputable organizations as Moscow Business School, Practical Training School and others.


    Alina is a multiple winner in corporate competitions, the owner of distinctions for achievements, ability to communicate with clients and determination. In her spare time, she loves to travel and is interested in extreme sports. Alina also helps stray dogs - she is an active volunteer of the local organization for helping animals.


    • 2015: "Stages of sales"
    • 2016: Triad Technique Skills
    • 2017: "Sales in a highly competitive environment"
    • 2018: "Status and tough negotiations"


    — Are buying a car and buying a property similar?

    —There are more differences than similarities. We can say that these are two different things. Selling cars is harder. Essentially, car dealerships offer the same product, say BMW, but at different prices. Therefore, the main thing here is to establish contact with the client, arrange him, perhaps try to knock out a discount for him. Real estate is different. Real estate is about the needs of a person, about his wishes. Here the main emphasis is on where he would like to live or how he would like to make a profit from investments. Therefore, the approach is initially different.

    — How would you characterize the Georgian real estate market?

    — Now the Georgian real estate market is in the midst of its development. It is necessary to invest in Georgian real estate in time. Batumi is the future Georgian Dubai. 20 years ago, Dubai was a desert, and now it is a flourishing land of skyscrapers. The same will happen with Batumi. Georgia is developing intensively. I first visited Georgia seven years ago. Today it is a completely different country. For those who want to move to Georgia or have real estate here, I would advise you not to delay.

    — How do you spend your free time?

    — I devote my free time to homeless animals. I am actively involved in the volunteer movement. I organize overexposures for sick dogs who need treatment. I sterilize at my own expense, I pay for the treatment. We collect donations, regularly buy food, and go out of town once a week to feed stray dogs. I spent the eighth of March outside the city - in the downpour we fed homeless animals.