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    In which area of Batumi is it better to buy real estate?
    Before answering this question, decide for what purposes the apartment is purchased? For life or for investment? If for life, then you are looking for something that corresponds to personal wishes (a noisy active city center or a quiet cozy far quarter close to nature). If for investment – focus on proximity to the sea. The closer, the better.

    Which new buildings in Batumi are better?
    The quality of new buildings can be determined in two ways: either to visit the object yourself and assess its characteristics (but for this, you need to professionally understand the construction), or focus on experience, past projects and the reputation of the developer. SeaInside cooperates only with proven builders. All objects that we sell are peer-reviewed. In our catalog – new buildings by the sea from the developer in Batumi and Tbilisi.

    Choosing a property in Batumi, you should pay attention to the area around the Alley of Heroes. Nearby is the new Batumi stadium, near the hypermarket “Karfour”. A lot of new buildings are being built here. This arrangement is convenient: everything you need is at hand. And although this is not the first coastline, but the second, but the sea is not far away – about 10-15 minutes on foot. The main thing is that the prices here are acceptable. You can walk to the old town in half an hour or by public transport, which in Batumi works perfectly (and is inexpensive – 0.50 lari. Taxi to the center will cost 3 lari).

    Many residential complexes are being built on the first coastline. The undoubted plus of them is that the sea is literally two steps away. For example, Batumi View – came out of the entrance to the boulevard, and already the beach. However, remember that property prices in coastal neighborhoods are slightly higher. Another feature of such large hotel and residential complexes is that they sell not flats, but apartments. Apartments differ from flats in that they are more like their own hotel room, which is completely at the disposal of the owner and which at the same time opens access to hotel services.

    If you are searching for a house for yourself in a quiet place, near the sea, but far from the bustle of the city, you should consider comfortable apartments in the suburbs of Batumi – Makhinjauri, Chakvi, Gonio, Kvariati. In the new complexes, Dreamland Oasis (Chakvi) or Mziuri Gardens (Makhinjauri) developed infrastructure that will provide comfort and privacy. If you want a city society, you can always go to Batumi – it is a 15-20 minute drive away.

    Are you planning to buy an apartment in Batumi? Need the first line? Contact us, we will select real estate for individual requests.



    For those who dream of having a house by the sea for recreation or earnings, but are postponing the purchase, economists are advised to hurry. The cost of building materials has risen sharply all over the world (we wrote more about the reasons for this here). Therefore, real estate prices are expected to rise in 2022. How to buy an apartment in Georgia for a citizen of Russia and citizens of other countries – read the article.

    If you are planning to buy an apartment or a house in Georgia but live outside of Georgia, there are three options for buying. The first is to come to Georgia on your own, the second is to come on a free real estate tour from Sea Inside, the third is to make a purchase remotely. Let’s talk about the last two.

    Real estate tour

    This is a good chance to combine a trip with a vacation. Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Great Britain, Germany. More than 200 people from these and other countries have already come to our tour after Georgia opened its air borders. We offer a fascinating journey through the mountainous Adjara and premium-class residential complexes on the first coastline. In five days you will have a rest in hospitable Georgia, choose a dream house by the sea with a stable income and return the cost of the tour (when buying apartments in the amount of $40,000). You will see high-mountainous Adjara, ride a boat, taste rare varieties of Georgian wines and national dishes. During the whole tour we provide transfer (including meeting and seeing off at the airport).

    Remote deal

    Buying real estate in Georgia at a distance is becoming more and more popular. And all because it has many advantages. It:

    • Saves time – you can make a purchase without leaving your home;
    • Saves money – no need to spend money on air tickets;
    • Eliminates paperwork;
    • The transaction can be concluded from anywhere in the world.

    The process of buying an apartment and all its stages – from selection to registration – take place online. All this time, a personal manager is attached to you – 24/7, he explains the details and helps with the choice. In fact, it goes like this:

    1. Together with the manager, you select several options and inspect them online via video link.
    2. The selected option is booked for you – not only the apartment / apartments is fixed, but also the price for it.
    3. We send you the documents by mail for review. After agreement, sign the contract of sale.
    4. You pay the cost (either in full or in part – if you purchase by installments).
    5. You receive an electronic code from the State Public Registry confirming ownership of the property.

    To make money work for you, invest it in real estate. Contact if you have any questions.


    Where is it better to buy an apartment for rent – in Tbilisi or in Batumi? There is no specific answer to the question, but we will give some tips that will help you make the right choice if you decide to make money on renting real estate.

    From the point of view of investment attractiveness, both resort real estate and metropolitan real estate have their own advantages. Batumi is a large resort on the Black Sea coast of Georgia, the capital of the Adjara region. It is called the Georgian Las Vegas. The entertainment industry is concentrated here (casinos, restaurants, nightclubs, attractions, etc.). The botanical garden, ancient boxwood forests, nature reserves and other unique natural sites attract millions of tourists to Adjara every year. Batumi has repeatedly won international competitions in the nomination “The best tourist destination”. A large influx of tourists has led to the fact that the construction market began to develop rapidly. It has become profitable to buy and rent apartments in Georgia (in particular, in Batumi). Thanks to the quick payback, you can earn decent money (we wrote more about this here). Demand has also grown for such a relatively new market segment as apartments, which is convenient for foreign investors. Particularly high interest is shown by citizens of Israel, the USA, the Russian Federation, the countries of Central Asia, Europe and the Baltic states.

    The capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, is distinguished by the developed infrastructure of a large city. Tbilisi is rich in sights, monuments of architecture and antiquity. Accordingly, many tourists from all over the world come here all year round. As a result, the market is growing, new residential and hotel complexes are being built and accordingly sold.

    The main question that every investor faces is what income this or that property will bring? Rental income depends on many factors. The most important of these is location. When buying an apartment in Batumi, pay attention to the distance from the sea. When buying a house in Tbilisi, consider how close it is to the center. The level of income is also affected by the type of property – apartments, apartments or villas.

    What to consider:

    • If you buy an apartment in Tbilisi, it is better to choose the central and business districts – there is a high demand and developed infrastructure (communications, transport interchanges, availability of shops).
    • If Adjara is more attractive, look at the objects on the first coastline or close to it, preferably with a sea view. There is always a demand for them.
    • In Tbilisi, as in any major economic center, long-term rentals are in demand. At the resorts – short-term. The first will bring a stable, even income, the second will require more effort, but will also allow you to earn more.
    • In the case of resorts, consider seasonality. There are summer, winter and mixed resorts. Batumi is mixed (the Goderdzi ski resort is open in winter).

    Georgia is a popular tourist destination, real estate here is becoming more expensive every year. You can earn money by renting real estate in Tbilisi and Batumi. To decide where to buy a property, decide how exactly you plan to rent it out – long-term or short-term. In general, apartments in Georgia (for example, in Tbilisi) are purchased by those who want their savings not to lie dead in the bank, but to generate income.

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    Acceptance of an apartment from the developer is the last and, probably, the most exciting stage of buying real estate. How to make sure that it goes smoothly and does not overshadow the joy of acquisition? Follow our advice.

    Acceptance, developer, verification, documents… Don’t let these words scare you. The first thing to remember when preparing for acceptance is not to rush. The main thing at this stage is to check everything carefully in order to detect possible jambs of the developer in time. You can mark all comments in a notebook so as not to forget. If, having come once for acceptance, you are not sure that everything has been checked properly, you can take your time to sign the acceptance certificate. Instead, ask the developer to come again – so you will be calm that you didn’t miss anything and everything was taken into account. If you are afraid to miss something important in the acceptance process, and you need help, you can contact us. Sea Inside managers are well prepared – they know what needs to be checked and will control all steps. For those who prefer to take it themselves, we advise you to consider the following.

    So, how to take an apartment from the developer? After the developer has informed that the object is completed, and the company is ready to hand over the keys to you, agree on an acceptance date that will suit both parties. We recommend that you sign up in the morning or afternoon hours – it is better to inspect the premises in good lighting.

    Take with you:

    • The contract and the plan of the apartment – they will be useful for checking the area and layout.
    • Sheet of paper (you will need it to check for drafts)
    • A light bulb and some simple electrical device (for example, a hair dryer). With their help, you can easily check the health of sockets and other electrical outlets.
    • Building level for detecting uneven surfaces.

    How to accept a new building from the developer

    The first step is a general inspection. Go around all the rooms. First of all, pay attention to the surfaces – the floor, walls, ceiling. They should be even (a building level is useful here), dry, with no signs of dampness. Feel free to count the number of windows and doors, measure their size and check the shape. If there is a balcony, check its floor – it should be laid with a slope so that during rains the water does not collect on the balcony, but flows down. If you are buying a turnkey apartment, check whether the wallpaper is of good quality and if there are any rough joints. Do not be too lazy to see if the skirting boards are tightly laid. Turn on the heating and check how the heating works.


    Avoid all wet spots. Run water at full capacity from the taps in the bathroom and shower, in the kitchen. If the plumbing communication is carried out according to the rules and installed tightly, then it should not leak anywhere. The pressure must be strong and stable. See how quickly the water goes into the drain at maximum pressure – if there is a blockage. Flush the toilet tank and watch how quickly the tank fills up.


    To make sure that the wiring is done correctly, you can use a light bulb or a hair dryer. Do not forget about electricity and water meters – record their readings (or better yet, take a picture on your phone).

    Doors and windows

    The front door must be installed exactly (a crookedly installed door will cause trouble in the future). Open and close the front and interior doors. Listen to see if they creak (if they creak, then the hinges are not greased). There should not be a gap in the doorway, otherwise it will blow through. Now windows. Close the windows and attach a sheet of paper to the gap in the frame – if it moves, then there is a gap, and there will be a draft in the room.

    Follow these tips, and the acceptance of an apartment from a developer in a new building will go without delay. The Association of Developers of Georgia cooperates only with reliable proven developers. Contact us!


    Which apartment is better to buy – a resale or a new building? Probably every real estate buyer asks this question. There is no exact answer to this eternal housing question. Both new buildings and resale have advantages. To make your choice easier, read our recommendations. However, please note that these tips are general in nature.

    Advantages of apartments in a new building:

    • Fresh renovation
    • Own parking
    • New communications (pipes, elevators).
    • Well maintained front doors and stairs
    • Free layout of apartments
    • Concierge Services

    Advantages of apartments on the secondary market

    • Thick solid walls, high-quality sound insulation (although great attention is paid to sound insulation in new premium-class complexes)
    • Unusual original layouts, high ceilings
    • Historical value of the building (in some cases)
    • You can make an exclusive design in the style of “retro” or “vintage”.

    Of course, these are not all factors that play a role in choosing a property. Other criteria also influence the final decision – the view from the window, the presence / absence of a balcony, the floor, the adjacent territory, the general infrastructure of the area.

    Finding the right option takes a lot of time. It is difficult to find housing that would suit in all respects. Sea Inside managers will save your time, tell you about the pitfalls and select the property according to your needs.

    It is easier to choose a property according to your needs in a new building, the choice here is more diverse. Such advantages of new buildings as enhanced seismic resistance of the building, a variety of layouts, modern elevators, new communications and a well-equipped house adjoining territory make it possible to find the right option.

    Resale is conditionally divided into two categories – buildings of the Soviet period and “pre-revolutionary” buildings. The first includes “Khrushchev” and “Stalin”. The “pre-revolutionary” includes not only historical buildings, often classified as architectural monuments, but also dilapidated houses that are on the verge of destruction.

    Thinking about what is better to buy – a resale or a new building, pay attention to the following details:
    Check the strength of the building, the condition of communications, the serviceability of the elevator.
    Please note that, having bought a secondary, most likely, you will have to make repairs. It will be necessary to repair everything – from flooring to interior decoration. So repairs in the old housing stock are a separate item of expenditure.

    The cost of real estate in a new building is higher, but buying and repairing a home in an old fund will cost the same, if not more.

    The Georgian Developers Association Sea Inside sells apartments in new complexes managed by global hotel chains (Hilton, Marriott, Ibis and others).


    We explain what “investing” is in simple terms and how it works.

    Everyone knows that it is impossible to get anything in the future if you do nothing in the present. In fact, this is the main principle of investment – to invest today to earn tomorrow.

    Education and sports are also investments. We study and train now, so that later we can “collect the cream” in the form of experience, earnings or victories in tournaments. That is, investments are:

    – Mental, monetary or material investments that will bring income in the future (in the short or long term).

    Investments are:

    – short-term (up to a year)
    – medium-term (from 1 to 5 years)
    – long-term (more than 5 years)

    Investments are returned gradually – depending on the profitability of the project. According to the level of risk, they are divided into:

    – conservative (bank deposit)
    – moderate (real estate)
    – aggressive (stock exchange)

    There are many areas where you can invest, but most often invest in real estate or securities. At the same time, investing in real estate has been and remains one of the most profitable areas. Why? Firstly, because apartments and houses are becoming more expensive (for example, in Georgia – by 10-15% annually). Secondly, you can earn money on it. You can earn in several ways. Here are the main types of real estate investments that Sea Inside experts advise you to pay attention to:

    Buy at the “excavation” stage and sell at an increased price when the house is completed;
    Transfer to a management company and receive a regular fixed income from renting out;
    Rent out yourself.

    The fact that investing in real estate in Georgia is considered a profitable business is confirmed by the figures. Foreign injections only in the Black Sea region of Adjara in the first half of 2020 increased by 15% – and this despite the pandemic (data from the Georgian Statistics Service). In general, direct investments in the country and from abroad in the second quarter of 2020 increased by 0.5%. Most of the investments are investments in apartments (about 53%). The bulk of the capital came from the UK, the Netherlands and Turkey – these countries account for 60% of investments. Funds also came from the USA, Malta, Iraq, Switzerland and other countries. Such a positive, albeit insignificant, dynamics was assessed by analysts as a sign of the recovery of the economy, which suffered from the coronavirus pandemic. Experts expect foreign direct investment to rise in 2022.

    Conclusion: To ensure income in the future, it is necessary to invest in the present. The Association of Developers in Georgia Sea Inside has a large database, which contains the best real estate for investment. Leave a request – our managers will select apartments according to your requests.


    Unstable exchange rates, declining incomes of the population and the transition to remote work will affect the economy, the market and the purchasing power of the population. We spoke with an expert and collected his answers in a short study “How real estate demand will change: forecast 2022”.

    Experts predict that the demand for real estate in the old housing stock will decline. Alexander Meldenburg, the head of the Sea Inside sales department, explains this trend with two reasons: “Firstly, the state of secondary housing is deteriorating from year to year. Secondly, over time, the secondary property loses its value, so from an investment point of view, this is not a profitable investment.”

    Overvalued real estate in major cities
    For example, apartments in Sochi are considered among the most expensive in Russia – they are second only to Moscow and St. Petersburg in price. According to analysts, real estate in this Black Sea resort is overvalued – it is 30% more expensive than its real value. 1 sq. m in Sochi costs about $3,000 and more. For $50,000 you can buy a 30 sq. m. in a residential area. In Batumi (Georgia) for the same money you can buy apartments on the first coastline in a premium class complex with a sea view. An apartment with the same conditions in Sochi will cost $250,000.

    Without developed infrastructure
    According to Sea Inside analysts, when choosing an apartment, the buyer pays attention to two main factors – the area of ​​the acquired property and the infrastructure of the quarter. It is important for residents to have a well-maintained house territory (preferably isolated), good roads, availability of shops, banks, schools, pharmacies and other social infrastructure within walking distance.

    Without parking
    More and more people are buying cars, many families have several cars, so the availability of a parking space is one of the most significant issues when buying a property. Demand for residential complexes without a special place allocated for parking will decrease.

    Apartments without renovation
    The modern lifestyle is when every day is calculated by the minute. Saving time in the XXI century is in the first place. People do not want to spend time and nerves on repairs, so they prefer to buy turnkey apartments. Homes without finishing are becoming less and less popular. This trend will continue in 2022.

    Large apartments
    Demand for buying a large apartment (more than 100 sqm) is declining. The reason is an increase in real estate prices due to an increase in the cost of building materials. The price of a square meter rises – utilities rise in price. Few people want to overpay for large areas. More popular are compact studios or 2-3 room apartments within 40-80 sq. m.

    High floors
    Apartments on high floors are more expensive than on low floors – on average, by 13-18%. This is due to one simple factor. High floors offer a panoramic view from the window. However, recently buyers are not ready to overpay for this plus and often choose houses from the 4th to the 10th floor.

    Sea ​​inside. The best real estate in Georgia. We offer what we would buy ourselves.


    What is more profitable: renting or buying an apartment? Our advice will help you make the right choice.

    Rental features

    When renting a house, it is difficult to make long-term plans. Such instability and uncertainty about the future affects both finances and the quality of life.

    • The owner can raise the rate – you will have to set aside more money from income to pay for housing or look for a cheaper option. Plus, there are the hassles of moving.
    • Tenants depend on the whims of the landlord. The owner may change plans, and then you will have to move out and urgently look for new housing.
    • There is no possibility to dispose of housing at will – the tenant is forced to comply with the conditions of the owner, who can, for example, prohibit having animals.
    • The money paid for the rent goes to “nowhere” – in contrast to the mortgage, in which after a certain time after payments (even if this period is several years), an asset in the form of real estate remains.

    Mortgage: pros and cons

    Buying real estate with a mortgage is more expensive. However, this method has obvious advantages.

    • You pay for your housing – that is, by paying a monthly bank transfer, you thereby invest in the property (in the case of a lease, you give money that will not return to you).
    • Real estate appreciates in value over time. After 2-3 years, it can be sold more expensive and even earn on resale.
    • Buying an apartment is an opportunity to protect your savings from inflation. Savings lying in the bank “idle” may depreciate.

    Pitfalls when buying an apartment in a mortgage

    • Strict financial discipline – you must be able to organize regular payments on time without delay.
    • It is necessary to have on hand the amount sufficient for the down payment. Banks determine the amount of the contribution in each case separately. As a rule, it is 10-20% of the property value and more.
    • Increased final price. Taking into account the payments of all interest on the loan, the final cost of real estate is higher than with a one-time purchase in full. When buying a house with a mortgage, sometimes you have to overpay two or even three times (although payments are stretched over several years).

    To buy an apartment quickly and transparently, contact trusted companies. The Association of Developers of Georgia Sea Inside has been helping beginners and experienced foreign investors to purchase profitable real estate in Georgia for about 4 years. The Georgian banking system is quite liberal. For example, a non-resident can apply for a mortgage here. To do this, he will need a minimum of documents:

    • Identification document (passport)
    • Extract from the Civil Registry Agency (House of Justice)
    • Account in any commercial Georgian bank (you only need a passport to open)

    The peculiarity of mortgages in Georgia is that a number of banks do not require proof of income. Interest rates on average – from 8% per annum in dollars and from 6% per annum in euros. An alternative to a bank mortgage loan can be the so-called. internal, or interest-free installment.

    Sea ​​inside. The best real estate in Georgia. Buying an apartment quickly and transparently.


    “I want to buy an apartment, but I don’t have enough money. I don’t want to take a mortgage from a bank. What can be done?”. With such questions, we, at Sea Inside, are often addressed. There is a way out. Let’s talk about it in more detail.

    What is “installment plan from the developer”

    Let’s start with a general definition. An installment plan is a payment option for goods or services, in which the payment is made not in full, but in part. It is resorted to when buying any product, but most often it is expensive (such as equipment, a car or real estate). In this case, the goods (house/apartment/apartment/villa) become your property even before you pay the full amount.
    This type of payment helps out when savings are not enough, but there is a constant income, due to which you can stretch the payment of the debt over time. In recent years, more and more companies offer settlement on such a payment system.

    In Georgia, installments from the developer are called “internal” – that is, without the involvement of a bank or other third-party microfinance organizations. Usually it is designed for 1-2 years, sometimes for 3 years – as a rule, until the end of construction.

    Installment: pros and cons

    Perhaps its main advantage is that it is interest-free. That is, the value of real estate is divided into equal parts, which should be paid regularly, preferably without delay.
    Installment terms are set by each developer independently. Finding companies with favorable conditions is not easy. We at Sea Inside carefully select developers – we cooperate only with reliable and trusted ones.

    To apply for an installment plan, you do not need to provide a certificate of income (which banks usually require for issuing a mortgage loan) – this is a considerable advantage. An identity document (usually a passport) and an extract from the Public Registry on the acquired property are sufficient. At the same time, the size of the monthly payment is higher than with a mortgage – due to a shorter term. However, the absence of commission interest makes this type of payment attractive. To get an internal installment plan, you need to make an initial payment – usually 20-50% of the property value. Installment without overpayments is especially convenient for those who do not have the entire amount on hand, and it is not possible to take a bank loan for various reasons (for example, a bank refuses a loan because of a small salary or an unclean credit history). Having a steady income (for example, from renting another apartment) and being able to financially organize regular payments, this method of payment (in fact, an alternative to a mortgage) allows you to purchase the desired property.

    SEA INSIDE. Looking for real estate? We offer what we would buy ourselves.
    +995 555 233 565 (Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram)


    What is more profitable: a mortgage or an installment plan? Let’s consider in more detail.

    Installment is a form of payment when buying a property, when the owner does not pay immediately, but in portions. This method of payment will help out if there are not enough funds for the purchase. This is especially beneficial for those who live in a rented apartment – you can live in your own house and have to pay monthly rent.

    Installment is divided into two types: mortgage (bank) or internal (from the developer). Each has its own benefits.


    It is a mortgage loan from a bank. A financial institution, as it were, lends you the missing amount – while the purchased property, although it is registered in your name, remains pledged to the bank. You cannot fully dispose of it until you close the debt specified in the contract.

    One of the advantages of a mortgage is that payments can be stretched over a long period – usually such a loan is issued for 3-15 years. All this time, the owner is obliged to pay small amounts to the bank on a monthly basis on a fixed day. For some clients, the obstacle is that some banks do not give “go-ahead” if you do not provide a number of documents – this is necessary to make sure that the client is solvent.

    How to calculate a mortgage

    The bank adds a commission to the value of real estate and divides the amount received, for example, by 8 years (or 96 months – it is considered not in years, but in months). Please note that the amount you pay to the bank will be much higher than the original value of the property. In order not to miss these details, carefully read the contract before signing.
    Getting a mortgage in Georgia is a little easier than in other countries. It is enough for the bank to provide a passport, an extract from the Public Register on the acquired property and, in some cases, a certificate of income. These rules apply to both citizens and foreigners. The only difference is that according to the law, the bank has the right to issue 70% of the property value to non-residents – the remaining 30% must be paid as a down payment. Mortgages without a down payment are usually not issued, however, financial institutions offer various registration options in order, on the one hand, to satisfy the interests of the client, and on the other, to secure income.

    From the developer (without the participation of the bank)

    This type of payment is also called internal installment. It is issued for a short period – usually for 1-3 years, usually until the end of construction. The main difference from a mortgage is that in this case documents confirming the source of income are not required. Developers with whom Sea Inside cooperates offer interest-free installments.

    How to calculate installments

    To get it, you need to pay an initial fee – about 20-50% of the value of the property (the developer sets the share himself). Then the cost of an apartment or apartment is simply divided into equal parts, which must be periodically transferred to the construction company. The peculiarity of this type of payment is as follows: since the duration is shorter, the amount of the monthly payment is much higher than with a mortgage. However, a definite plus is the absence of commission interest, that is, you don’t have to overpay anything – this is what attracts investors.

    Georgian Developers Association Sea Inside sells apartments by the sea with any form of payment. Contact.


    Dynamic market development and liberal legislation have made Georgia a leader in the Caucasus. The influx of tourists has increased the demand for profitable apartments. We will tell you what risks there are when buying real estate.

    Many of our clients, who are generally ready to buy, wait for the right moment and ask: “Should I buy a property now?”. Experts answer – definitely buy, as houses in resorts are constantly becoming more expensive. The earlier you buy, the better your investment will be. Real estate transactions in Georgia are as transparent and simplified as possible, the risks are minimized, but before buying, you should pay attention to some nuances.

    Unscrupulous developer

    Such a risk exists if you deal with unverified companies. This risk can be avoided by purchasing property through us, the Georgian Developers Association. Sea Inside cooperates only with reliable proven developers who have experience, reputation in the market and completed projects in their history. By choosing us, you will be sure that the object you are buying has all the official documentation in order (building permits, licenses, etc.), and that the apartments, villas or apartments are attractive from an investment point of view.

    Buying an apartment at auction: risks

    Usually, apartments that were mortgaged in a bank or credit organization are put up for auction. If the lender has not repaid the loan, then they are put up for an electronic auction. Such objects are attracted by the price – it is below the market price. However, keep in mind that this is the initial cost, and it increases during the auction. First of all, you need to carefully study the documents for the apartment (for example, check if there are any unformed redevelopments) and the conditions for participating in the auction. Often, former owners and members of their families are registered in such apartments. Sometimes they refuse to be discharged (especially difficult when it comes to minors). In this case, the new owner will have to settle the case through the courts.

    Poor construction

    Such risks when buying an apartment were significant ten years ago. With the development of the sector and the growth of competition, it is coming to naught. Developers are trying to meet the demands of the buyer, who has become much more choosy. This contributes to higher quality standards. Today, more and more residential complexes in Georgia are being built according to international standards.

    Risks with the contract and documents

    You can check the legal documentation and the status of any object yourself. To do this, you need to apply to the House of Justice. This can be done in two ways – either electronically (via the platform httpss://, or by contacting the House of Justice directly. When buying an apartment in a trusted real estate agency, you can not waste time on this – large real estate companies care about their image, therefore, only with trusted developers and objects.

    Unfinished housing

    This risk exists when the property is purchased at the excavation stage. In this case, the experience of the developer, his reputation in the market, previous projects, customer reviews can serve as a guarantee.


    We receive many inquiries asking for clarification of professional investment terms. One of the most common questions is what is real estate payback, how to calculate it and how it differs from profitability. Let’s explain with an example.

    Payback and profitability are two main financial indicators for assessing the liquidity of real estate. Both parameters show the investment attractiveness of the object, but from different angles. In short, payback is the time it takes to pay back the investment (investment). Yield is the profit that can be earned on rent (reciprocal).

    Payback period: calculation

    You can calculate the average real estate payback yourself, for this it is not necessary to have a real estate payback calculator. Remember the simple formula from Sea Inside: the cost of an apartment or house should be divided by the annual rental income. It is measured in years (since the main element of the formula is time). Yield is calculated differently: the annual rental income is divided by the value of the property. It is measured as a percentage (the main thing in the formula is the ratio of price and profit). Please note that these are averages, as the final figures may be affected by variable factors (taxes, utility bills and other payments).


    To make it clearer how all this works in practice, we will calculate on a specific example. Suppose you bought an apartment in Georgia, in Batumi – in a new premium residential complex with sea views on the first coastline. Total area – 36 sq.m. The cost of the white frame is $36,000. Let’s add about $10,000 to it for repairs, furniture and appliances. In total, the final price of apartments ready for rent is $46,000.

    Taking into account market rental rates, the average income from daily rent in Batumi is $50-80 in the season and $20-30 in the off-season. The season in Batumi lasts from May to October (that is, 6 months out of 12). We take the minimum indicators and insert them into the formula. Net income per year minus expenses (“communal” + maintenance + cleaning + commission of the management company) – $ 8,300.

    It turns out that it is possible to recoup investments specifically in these apartments in 6 years. Profitability – 18%. Such indicators prove that buying a house in a popular resort is a profitable investment. This example demonstrates well the relationship between these two terms: the higher the yield, the shorter the payback period according to the calculation. This is another pattern that will help you navigate the calculations.

    However, it should be remembered that you should not rely on a single example. It is necessary to calculate the numbers in each specific case separately, since situations are different, and every nuance can play a role. Suppose the apartments themselves are ideal for renting out, but the infrastructure of the quarter is not well developed (no transport available, bad roads). When investing in real estate, consider the details, and then the investment will quickly and profitably pay off.


    Why do apartments with the same conditions cost differently? What is the price per square meter? Let’s explain in detail.

    So, how is the price of real estate formed? There is no exact pricing scheme, but there are a few nuances that will help to understand the essence. To begin with, let’s figure out what the “market price of real estate” is. The market value in the economy is considered the most probable price at which a good or service can be sold on a free market in conditions of healthy competition. Simply put, this is the price that the seller sets and that the buyer is willing to pay. To some, such a definition will seem vague (and not unreasonable), but such pricing is the key to a free market.

    Another economic term that plays a role is the cost of real estate. Here’s what it’s made up of:

    • The cost of the land
    • Design costs
    • The cost of building materials
    • Construction cost
    • Engineering filling
    • Summing up communications
    • Taxes

    So, in the formation of the market price of real estate, the first and most important role is played by the cost of construction. However, not only she. Also (and maybe even to a greater extent) the cost is affected by market conditions, which should be understood as:

    • The level of demand for real estate in a given area
    • Presence/absence of the developer’s bank debt (if the company is building an object with borrowed funds, then the price per square meter will include the cost of paying on the loan).

    What else makes up the value of real estate? Here are the main parameters that affect the cost per square meter.

    If an apartment or house is located in the city center or on the first line of a seaside resort (for example, as a hotel and residential complex Batumi View from Sea Inside), it will cost more than a similar apartment located on the outskirts or far from the beach.

    House condition
    A new building or a resale, a “white frame” or “turnkey” stage, old finishes or renovations from world hotel brands, as in the 5 * Blue Sky complex, the renovation of apartments in which meets Holiday Inn standards – all this is also reflected in the price.

    An apartment within walking distance of which there are shops, a bank, a school, a pharmacy or a restaurant costs more than one that, although renovated and furnished to the highest standard, is located in a new quarter with underdeveloped infrastructure.

    Adjoining territory
    Modern renovation and the first coastline are, of course, good, but an apartment in a house that stands in an untidy courtyard with broken benches will cost less than apartments in complexes with a landscaped house territory with playgrounds and recreation areas.

    As it turns out, the market value of real estate is a labile concept. It is influenced by a combination of many factors. Such flexible pricing explains why two identical apartments with similar conditions in the same area cost differently.


    Where is it more profitable to buy an apartment or a house to earn money? In Georgia or Turkey? Montenegro or Russia? Let’s compare countries in terms of investment attractiveness.

    You can buy real estate with a guaranteed income at the Association of Developers of Georgia Sea Inside. Before the deal, study the market in the country of interest. Pay special attention to the payback – this parameter will show more clearly than the others how profitable the purchase is. To begin with, we note what are the income from real estate. In short, they are of two types:

    1. On resale – buy at the stage of excavation and sell upon completion of construction (for example, in Batumi, you can earn about 30% on this).
    2. On rent (daily or monthly) – this method works especially well in tourist countries.

    The absence of tax, reasonable prices (on average $1400/m²) and quick payback (about 5-7 years) attract foreign investors to the country. Foreigners buy apartments here for living and earning money. Most often, investors choose Tbilisi and resorts. Batumi real estate is especially attractive. On average, apartments by the sea on the first coastline can be purchased for $40,000. Renting them out, you can earn an average of about $5,000 a year. A separate bonus is the opportunity to obtain a residence permit. To do this, you need to purchase a house or apartment worth at least $100,000. We talked in detail about how to maintain apartments in Batumi here.

    Apartments in Sochi are among the most expensive in Russia, second only to those in Moscow and St. Petersburg. According to experts, real estate in this Black Sea resort is overvalued – it is 30% more expensive than its real value. Price 1 sq. m – from $ 1500 and above. For $40,000 you can buy a secondary property in a residential area of ​​30 sq. m. with old communications. For this amount in Batumi you can buy apartments on the first coastline with a sea view from world hotel brands. In Sochi, such apartments cost about $250,000 and more. In addition, in the south of Russia – high tariffs for utilities. Add to that taxes and other obligatory payments. If a house in Sochi will bring income, then in the long run.

    In Turkey, tourism generates income due to the large number of tourists: the industry’s share in the country’s GDP is 11.3% (for comparison: in Greece – 8%, in Georgia – 15%). However, the tourist flows are qualitatively different. Those who are attracted by the all-inclusive service go to Turkey. They usually stay in hotels – apartments are reluctant to choose. Private investors are being stopped by new rules that Turkey introduced in 2019 that have made it harder to buy. Now, before purchasing, the client must receive an expert assessment. The appraiser’s services cost $135. The mandatory tax on registration of property rights has increased: before the innovations it was 3%, now it is 4%. And some more numbers. The average price for 1 sq.m is $1770. Purchase tax – 4%. Registration – $ 4217. Payback – from 13 years. Profit per year on average – $ 4100.

    Registration in Montenegro costs $7337. This is a fee for the services of a lawyer, notary, realtor, entry into the cadastre. Registration lasts 30-60 days. Purchase tax – 3%. On average, 1 sq.m costs from $3500/m². Payback – about 20 years. If you are looking for a studio apartment in Montenegro, count on at least $100,000. And remember that in Montenegro, an urgent problem for residents and tourists is the lack of central gas supply.


    Is it worth it to buy apartments during the construction phase? And how to make real estate investments profitable? Let’s consider in detail.

    When the decision to buy is made, the question arises, what kind of property to buy – under construction or already built. To begin with, it is worth understanding what the stages of construction are. The whole process of building a building is conditionally divided into three stages:

    First stage
    It is also called the excavation stage. During this period, the foundation is laid and the first floors are built. Buying an apartment in a new building at the start of sales is the most profitable option. If you want to buy real estate at the maximum attractive price, then you should buy it at this very moment. In this case, you will save almost 70%.

    Second stage
    This is the middle of construction. Repair work is already going on in full force, the building is growing, taking shape, most of the partitions and floors have been erected. Already during this period, work begins on the improvement of their own infrastructure – a parking lot is being built, an area is allocated for playgrounds and squares, if this is planned by the project. At the second stage, the cost per square meter is higher than at the first, but still lower than the final cost of finished housing. Buying real estate during this period is also profitable – you can save about a third.

    Third stage
    Construction work is completed, the building is put into operation. The cost per square meter at the third stage rises and approaches the market. Of the three stages, this is the most expensive. However, you are buying ready-made housing.
    * * *
    All three stages have their advantages. To decide when exactly to buy an apartment, you must first decide what the house is purchased for – for living or for earning. If you have a place to live, and you are thinking about where to invest your savings so that they work, then you should ask yourself the second question. How exactly is it expected to generate income – through resale or through rental? In the first case, it is more profitable to buy at the stage of excavation and resell upon completion of construction, in the second – to invest in a finished apartment and start renting it out as soon as possible so that it starts to make a profit. Whatever it is, stick to two basic principles, and you will always win. Both are based on the golden rule of economics: time is money.

    Principle #1

    At the beginning of construction, real estate is cheaper, at the end it is more expensive. At the same time, when buying apartments at the construction stage, it will be necessary to wait until the construction is completed (on average, it lasts from 1 to 3 years). But there is also good news. Apartments in hotel and residential complexes, villas and townhouses by the sea, which are sold by Sea Inside, have an interest-free installment plan until the completion of construction.

    Principle #2

    By buying a house or apartment at the last stage (and even more so in a turnkey condition, when the property is completely ready for occupancy), you will save time – you can immediately move in or start renting out. However, keep in mind: such an apartment will cost more.

    Bonus – another tip

    You can avoid risks if you buy real estate from trusted agencies. We, the Association of Developers of Georgia, cooperate only with reliable companies. In the following articles, we will tell you how to compare prices and what time of the year is best to buy a new building.


    How is real estate liquidity determined? Why are some apartments considered more liquid and others less so? Let’s explain briefly and clearly.

    Liquidity is the property of an asset to be quickly sold at a market price. Simply put, the faster you can convert a house into money, the more liquid the property.

    The most liquid apartments are those for which there is a high demand. The least liquid vehicle is a property that does not attract a buyer. Do you want to buy liquid real estate? Contact Sea Inside. We own the database of the most profitable properties in Tbilisi, Batumi and Gudauri.

    One way to make illiquid housing more liquid is to lower the selling price below market value. This method can be resorted to when you need to urgently sell an apartment and get money for it.
    This or that housing falls into the category of liquid, depends on how high the demand is on the market in a certain period of time. Liquidity is affected by many factors. Let’s list them.

    City or village, resort or capital. Location affects not only the price of housing, but also its liquidity. It is easier to sell an apartment in the historical center of the city than in remote residential areas.

    General condition and repair
    For apartments with a new renovation in a new building, the demand is higher than for a secondary apartment in Khrushchev. A house with a fresh, clean finish is easier to sell than a house with similar conditions, but with an old renovation.

    Number of storeys
    The upper floors are considered more liquid, but if it attracts other indicators (for example, price), then there is a demand for the lower floors.

    Ecological situation in the area
    More and more people when choosing a house pay attention to the environment. Few people want large industries and factories in the neighborhood. A house located near the sea, a lake, a park or square will be easier to sell, therefore it is more liquid.

    Transport accessibility
    Good roads and well-developed road junctions provide convenient transportation and, therefore, make everyday life easier. A home that is easy to drive to will sell faster.

    Presence/lack of developed infrastructure
    A well-maintained house territory with playgrounds and lawns not only beautifies life, but also makes the property attractive in the eyes of buyers. The presence of supermarkets, entertainment centers, restaurants, schools, banks and pharmacies within walking distance increases the liquidity of the house.

    Surprisingly, the number of square meters has no effect on liquidity. There is a demand for any area. Small studios will be chosen by couples, multi-room apartments will be preferred by families with many children.


    Why do we need a management company and what is included in its functions? What if she does not fulfill her duties? | Sea ​​Inside

    The concept of “management companies” (hereinafter referred to as MC) is found in many areas – in the investment industry, in management and others. Let’s talk about those who work in the housing and communal sector.

    What is a management company
    This is a private organization that undertakes the trust management of real estate, as well as the technical and sanitary maintenance of apartment buildings on the basis of an agreement with the owners of apartments / apartments.

    How the management company works
    The owner enters into an agreement with the UK. The owner of an apartment or apartments undertakes to pay monthly for the services of the Criminal Code in the amount prescribed in the document. In return, the Management Company undertakes to provide a quick and convenient solution to issues that arise from residents related to the daily maintenance of the house. There are three types of such organizations:

    1. Direct managers – are responsible for the rental of real estate.
    2. Operational – responsible for the uninterrupted operation of utilities, the technical and sanitary condition of residential complexes.
    3. Hybrid – perform the tasks of the first two types, that is, they manage real estate and ensure the proper operation of the building.

    Most of the residential complexes of the Georgian Developers Association Sea Inside are classified as hybrid.

    What is the responsibility of the management company:

    • Attract tenants, advertise and promote an apartment or apartments on accommodation booking sites
    • Supervise check-in and check-out processes
    • Organize cleaning of the rented property after the departure of guests
    • Inform about occupancy and income
    • pay utility bills and taxes
    • ensure the safety of property
    • landscaping the backyard
    • renovate the façade
    • monitor the smooth operation of communications
    • Provide safety
    • monitor the integrity of the fire protection system
    • carry out minor repairs

    If the management company ceases to fulfill the obligations specified in the contract, then the owner has the right to go to court with a request to hold the company liable, compensate for damages and compensate for lost profits. We admit that there have been no cases of violation of the contract by the Criminal Code in our practice. Perhaps because the well-known international hotel brands Holiday Inn, Marriott, Hilton, Ibis Styles and others act as managing companies for Sea Inside residential complexes. This serves as a guarantee that the services will be provided according to the standards of well-known hotel chains.


    Having decided to buy an apartment, people sometimes do not think about how affordable housing prices are in a particular country. How to buy an apartment in Georgia, so as not to miscalculate? Expert advice | Sea Inside

    Each investor who decides to purchase foreign real estate for earnings, responsibly approaches the selection of the most profitable option. Why are more and more entrepreneurs paying attention to Georgia? Experts attribute this popularity to several factors. According to the head of the Sea Inside sales department, Alexander Meldenburg, it is profitable to invest in real estate in Georgia, because it becomes more expensive every year:

    “According to statistics, prices for apartments and apartments in Tbilisi and Batumi rise by an average of 15-20% every year. This means that if you buy a house today, you can earn on resale in two years. And those who bought apartments from us two years ago can now sell them for a third more. So they are already winning. This is without taking into account the volatility of the ruble, which tends to depreciate.”

    New building in Georgia: relevant or not

    Another advantage of the country is that it is a year-round resort. Stable high demand and the influx of tourists guarantee a quick income. The liquidity of such property increases from year to year. Therefore, investments in real estate in this small sunny and hospitable country are highly profitable. The average payback is from 6 years. “When they ask me when it is worth buying an apartment in Georgia, I answer – without delay for tomorrow. In order not to lose ruble savings, but on the contrary, to make them bring income, it is important to buy an apartment in Georgia right now,” A. Meldenburg believes.

    Why us?
    Sea Inside are the official representatives of Georgian developers on the territory of the Russian Federation. We have the widest base of quality real estate for both living and income. Our managers analyze the real estate market, assess the liquidity of the project, understand the technical details. We work under direct contracts, we do not charge a commission, we provide free consultations on issues related to real estate, we guarantee the confidentiality of the transaction, we apply an individual approach, we help make the right decisions, taking into account the requests and wishes of each client, we accompany the transaction in three languages.

    Giving tour
    When buying real estate in the amount of $40,000 or more, we give five exciting days in mountainous Adjara. A tour is an opportunity to see the apartments/apartments you like on the spot, relax by the sea and see the mountains.

    SEA INSIDE. We help you choose the best.


    How will the real estate market develop in 2022 and is it worth investing in real estate? Expert opinion: forecast of new trends and evaluation of old ones | Sea Inside.

    When making forecasts for real estate in 2022, analysts first of all pay attention to the fact that in 2021 prices soared, a sharp rise in the price of building materials. Wood, brick, fittings, metal-plastic windows and doors, electrics have risen in price several times. Economists predict that in 2022 prices for concrete, cement, sand, gravel, paint and varnish products will rise by 10-18%.

    Alexander Makeev, co-owner of Sea Inside, explains the rise in prices by two reasons – global inflation and closed borders due to the pandemic.

    “The isolation of Asian countries has especially affected. It is in these countries that the largest manufacturers and suppliers are based. The disruption of supply chains against the backdrop of preserved demand, coupled with global inflation, has produced such a result. Another factor is the desire of the big powers to reduce dependence on oil. They began to develop “green energy”, but it turned out that it was not enough to meet the demand for fuel. As a result, transportation has risen in price, which means that the prices of the goods themselves have risen.”

    Since materials occupy more than a third of the market value per square meter, the increase in construction costs will affect the development of the market. Experts expect that against the backdrop of continued demand, real estate prices will rise in 2022. At the same time, construction trends in 2022 will remain the same as last year – the demand for new buildings will exceed the demand for secondary housing. Alexander Meldenburg, head of the Sea Inside sales department, explains this trend with two reasons: “Firstly, the state of secondary housing is deteriorating from year to year. Secondly, over time, the secondary property loses its value, so from an investment point of view, this is not a profitable investment.”

    Speaking about how new buildings will react in 2022, experts emphasize that the demand for large areas (more than 100 sq. M.) Will decrease. Increasingly popular are compact studios or 2-3 room apartments within 40-80 sq. m. Another trend from last year, which will be relevant in 2022, is the reduction in demand for real estate without repair. Accordingly, apartments with finishing will be more in demand. Buying a turnkey apartment for an investor is an opportunity to quickly start renting it out and earn money.

    Investors interested in purchasing real estate for income, experts recommend to hurry up – the old, attractive prices are still in effect. Many developer companies have already begun to raise prices.


    The global economy is undergoing changes in the post-pandemic. What are they and how will they affect the Georgian real estate market? Should we be afraid of the bubble that economists talk about? | Sea Inside

    The end of the past and the beginning of the new year were marked by high inflation throughout the world. The situation in the real estate market depends on whether it will remain at the achieved level or go down, as predicted by the European Central Bank (or maybe, on the contrary, up – a number of analysts also express this opinion).

    Sea Inside experts have long been saying that real estate in some countries and cities has been overvalued in recent years. Among other things, this was facilitated by business support packages, which many financial institutions resorted to during the pandemic. However, the coronavirus pandemic is coming to an end, and it is expected that banks will soon begin to roll back stimulus measures.

    This can cause real estate speculation. Will there be a real estate bubble in Georgia? It should be noted that the eurozone market is expanding – new territories appear with potentially attractive residential complexes, both for living and earning. This may lead to the fact that in the near future prices for houses and apartments will change – most likely, upwards. Another argument in favor of the fact that apartments and houses will rise in price is the increase in prices for building materials in 2021. This will affect the pace of construction – in the coming years they will decrease, which means that the cost of apartments will increase. Those wishing to buy an apartment in Georgia should hurry – by buying apartments in resorts and in the capital, you can save and increase your savings.


    Georgia attracts more and more foreign investors every year. Real estate here can be bought and issued in one day. Developed remote online services. However, before buying a home, a foreigner should be familiar with some of the nuances | Sea ​​Inside

    The dynamic development of the market and liberal legislation have made Georgia a regional leader in the real estate market. The influx of tourists has increased the demand for profitable apartments. Large and small investors buy houses, apartments, villas in order to rent them out and earn money. There are more and more foreign citizens among buyers. They willingly buy houses in the country’s capital Tbilisi and resort areas.

    How to buy property in Georgia

    1. Real estate in Georgia has the right to buy a citizen of any country. Sea Inside has helped more than 700 foreigners from 27 countries find and purchase apartments, apartments, villas and townhouses. During the holiday season, visitors are especially in demand for investment tours organized by Sea Inside. We pay for tickets, hotel, excursions, inspection of residential complexes – you can enjoy a wonderful vacation and look after a house by the sea. In the case of buying apartments worth $40,000 or more, the tour is free.

    2. Buying real estate in Georgia by a foreigner is absolutely no different from buying a Georgian citizen. For foreigners, the same procedure is provided for registration as for citizens. The only exception is that the law does not allow non-residents to acquire agricultural land (however, they can rent it). Land of all other categories is available to them. The fact that there is no tax on purchase and ownership in Georgia makes the country’s market even more attractive for investors.

    3. Georgian legislation is quite liberal – registration is as transparent and simplified as possible. Registration in the House of Justice takes about half an hour. The property is transferred to the name of the new owner in standard four days ($20), in an accelerated mode – in one day ($80).

    4. Among other advantages, foreigners are attracted by the chance to obtain a residence permit in Georgia. By law, anyone who buys real estate in the amount of $100,000 or more can apply for a residence permit. In the future, this gives the right to obtain a Georgian passport, which allows you to travel to Europe without a visa. Therefore, Georgia is increasingly viewed as a “reserve airfield” where you can move from disadvantaged countries.

    5. The conditions for buying real estate in Georgia are as simple as possible: it is enough to have only a passport. You can check the status of the purchased housing on your own – you must either go to the House of Justice or send an application electronically (on the website httpss:// Buying real estate in a trusted agency, you can not waste time on inspections – large real estate companies care about their image, so they work only with proven objects.

    Is it worth buying an apartment in Batumi

    The resort town of Batumi is especially popular with investors. The capital of the Adjara region is developing at a rapid pace. Even during the pandemic, investments in Adjara did not stop – moreover, in the second quarter of 2020 they increased by 15% (data from the Georgian Statistics Service). According to IMF forecasts, in 2021-2025, the Georgian economy will grow by 5%. As the economy grows, so will the price of real estate. Resorts are recovering faster than other cities. They are always popular with tourists (which is why investments in resort real estate are considered low-risk). Real estate, occupied all year round, guarantees a stable income – in summer Batumi is chosen by lovers of sunbathing and swimming, in winter people come here to ride in the Goderdzi ski resort.


    Have you decided to buy a property in Tbilisi or Batumi and are interested in details? Our tips will help you navigate. We will tell you what steps should be taken on the way to buying real estate in Georgia.

    What should I pay attention to when buying real estate in Georgia? The first thing anyone who is going to buy a house or an apartment abroad needs to know is how registration takes place. In some countries, this procedure is complicated and expensive. For example, in Montenegro, you need to pay 3% of its cost for re–registration, in Cyprus – up to 8%. It takes time to collect and review documents. In Georgia, you can arrange the property in 15 minutes – you only need a passport and $ 15 (the apartment passes to the new owner as standard for 4 working days) or $20 (accelerated – in one day). Such simplicity of registration is explained by the fact that here, unlike other states, there is a single electronic register. Any notary has access to it. The notary checks the object on the database, and if everything is “clean”, draws up the transaction. The document is drawn up in Georgian, but we, at Sea Inside, translate all contracts into Russian or English (free of charge).

    Benefits of buying a home in Georgia

    • There is no tax on the purchase of real estate

    The absence of a tax, which exists in more than a hundred countries around the world (Turkey, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Spain, Cyprus, Croatia), is a tangible advantage of buying an apartment or house in Georgia. It is noteworthy that there is no tax for both citizens and non-residents. A separate plus is the absence of a tax on ownership. The only case when the owner is obliged to make payments to the local treasury is when he earns on rent and when the income reaches more than 40,000 lari (about $ 14,000) per year. And even in this case, the tax is only 5% of the income.

    • Available residence permit

    The practice of granting a residence permit when buying an apartment is accepted everywhere. The only difference is that the states themselves set the minimum cost. For example, to get a residence permit in Spain, you need to buy a house for $ 570,000, in Cyprus – for $ 330,000, in Georgia – for $ 100,000. A residence permit allows you to obtain citizenship in the future.

    • Simple rules for visiting and staying

    Having bought an apartment, for example, in France, you will have to take a Schengen visa every time to go to your home. You don’t need a visa to go to Georgia. Citizens of more than 100 countries can visit the country without a visa. Simplified rules also apply to stay. Foreigners have the right to stay here 365 days.

    • High profitability and fast payback

    High rental rates ensure a quick return on investment. Rental income reaches 15-18% per year (the global average is 4-10%). You can return the investment in 5-8 years.


    The low cost of living in Georgia is one of the factors that attract tourists, investors, freelancers from all over the world to the country. Many consider Georgia as a country for moving to a permanent place of residence. Let’s take a closer look at how much living expenses are in Georgia.

    The country has a well-developed real estate market. It’s easy to rent a house here, and buy it for every taste. In Georgia, you can buy an apartment for $ 40,000 in a new building. Rent will cost about $300 and above. Sea Inside has the largest real estate base – in Tbilisi and Batumi, on the first coastline. Having moved to Georgia, you will not be bored. There is a rich cultural life and a lot of entertainment. There are 60 museums, 30 theaters, nightclubs, art spaces, galleries, casinos, and a developed fashion industry in the country.

    Public transport is represented by metro, buses and minibuses. Metro stations connect different areas. There are only two branches – the Central and Saburtalinskaya lines. A one-time travel ticket costs GEL 1.00. It is valid for an hour and a half – during this time you can transfer from one type of transport to another for free. Travel cards for a week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and a year are also available. For those who do not use public transport, taxis (including online services). A taxi ride will cost 4-10 lari ($2-4). Acceptable fares for long-distance transport. For example, the Tbilisi-Batumi train costs 25-65 lari ($8 – $20). It takes you 5 hours to get from the capital to the sea.

    Foreigners note that Georgia has affordable prices for products. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are on the shelves all year round. The cost of fruits and vegetables is 2-4 lari per 1 kg. For comparison, here are the prices for some basic foodstuffs: 1 kg of beef – about 40 lari, cheese – 12-18 lari. At the same time, in the capital and resorts, as usual, everything is more expensive than in small towns and villages, but not much. For those who prefer to eat in public catering places, the prices are also acceptable. A full dinner for two at the restaurant will cost $30.

    There are quite reasonable prices for high-quality communication and fast Internet. There are three major providers operating in the country – Magti, Geocell, Beeline. They provide 4G generation connectivity. Each company has several tariff plans, from which you can choose the most convenient. SIM cards can be purchased at the operators’ offices (they are usually located on all main streets), shopping malls and at the airport. When buying a passport is enough. Phone expenses, including mobile Internet – about $ 10-15 per month.


    We talked about why it is profitable to live in Georgia in the last article. If you are thinking about emigrating to Georgia, this article is for you. We will tell you how to move to Georgia, what are the pros and cons of permanent residence in Georgia and how to get it.

    According to the law, foreigners can stay in Georgia without a visa for 365 days. They can work, register companies, buy real estate (by the way, Sea Inside has a large real estate database in Tbilisi and Batumi). Obtaining a higher residence status gives you more rights, but also more responsibilities. In fact, residence permit, permanent residence and citizenship are these three stages of the same process. How do they differ? Consider it in detail.

    What gives a residence permit

    • You can stay in the country for more than a year
    • You can remotely issue a power of attorney from a notary according to the Procedure
    • It is possible to receive public services in electronic form
    • You can get vaccinated against COVID-19
    • Medical services and insurance will be cheaper
    • To apply for a visa, you do not need to travel outside Georgia
    • After 10 years, a temporary residence permit can be changed to a permanent one

    What gives permanent residence in Georgia
    Permanent residence is the next stage. The owner of this status has all the same advantages as the owner of a residence permit, as well as the following rights and obligations:

    – You can not renew your residence permit every year
    – You can receive a pension in the future
    – You need to make a 2% contribution to the Pension Fund from the salary

    How does citizenship differ from permanent residence

    Obtaining citizenship is the third and last stage. The holder of a Georgian passport, among other things:

    • Can visit EU countries without a visa
    • Can buy agricultural land
    • Can participate in elections
    • Must undergo military service (men 18-27 years old)

    How to get a residence permit/permanent residence
    To get a passport, you must first take a residence permit, and then permanent residence. One of the most convenient ways to apply for a residence permit is to purchase real estate for $ 100,000 (we wrote here in detail about what to pay attention to when buying an apartment). To go through the procedure of obtaining a residence permit, it is necessary to evaluate the purchased property. The assessment is carried out by private companies (it is important that they have state accreditation. The appraiser charges an average of about $60. The application is submitted at the House of Justice.
    Need to:

    • Fill out a questionnaire
    • Attach a real estate appraisal document
    • Attach a photo (it is taken in the same place, in the House of Justice in an automatic photo studio).
    • Pay 75 USD

    All this is done in one place and takes 10-15 minutes. The operator, having accepted your application, will issue a registration number – with its help, you can monitor how the review process is going. After 30 working days, you will receive a response (usually by SMS). The option of reviewing the application in an accelerated mode is available – in 20 days ($ 100) or 10 days ($ 130). You can also fill out the questionnaire remotely (via the platform ), but in this case it will be necessary to provide material documents to the House of Justice within 10 days.

    What to consider before applying for a residence permit
    If a residence permit is issued on the basis of real estate ownership, then the time of residence in Georgia does not matter. However, two nuances should be taken into account: a) you must stay in the country legally and b) the remainder of the legal stay must be at least 40 days.


    When buying real estate abroad, the buyer often does not know that in addition to the cost of an apartment or house, he expects a number of additional payments – taxes, lawyer fees and other payments. Sometimes he finds out about it at the last minute. In order to protect Sea Inside buyers from unpleasant surprises, we will tell you what pitfalls exist when maintaining real estate in Georgia and what secondary expenses the owner of an apartment in Tbilisi, Batumi and other cities should expect.

    The tax system in Georgia is considered one of the most simplified. The country ranks in the ranking of countries with the most loyal taxation. This makes it easier to do business. There is no purchase tax, which exists in more than a hundred countries of the world, here (in Israel it is 9%, in Greece – 24%). There is also no annual tax on ownership in Georgia (in Greece – $9 per 1 sq.m). These rules work if you use the apartment for living, and not for earning. If you are going to make a profit from renting out a house, you must pay taxes on rental income (so-called income tax) is 5% per year. To do this, you need to contact the Tax Inspectorate with a request to register in a special register of landlords.

    Utility bills in Georgia
    In Georgia, utility rates are lower than in other countries. Utilities include payment for electricity (0.22 lari /kWh), water (0.50 lari/m3), gas (0.54 lari/m3), Internet ($10-$30), garbage collection (5 lari per person). On average, all together it will cost about $ 80 per month (depending on how actively you use electricity and gas). Since the heating in Georgia runs on gas, in winter, during the cold season, the bill may come more. In summer, the main share of utility bills is electricity costs (if air conditioning is installed).

    Expenses for the services of the management company
    In many modern houses, and even more so in large hotel and residential complexes, there are management companies (sometimes they are also called management companies). They are responsible for the protection of the house territory, cleaning the entrance, elevator maintenance and other everyday household chores. A separate service of the Management Company is assistance in real estate management. This service is often resorted to by those who own profitable apartments in one country and live in another. In this case, the management company is a good way out of the situation. She takes care of renting an apartment (search for tourists, cleaning, minor repairs) and regularly reports to the owner. On average, the management company charges 10-40% of the rental price for its services. We wrote in detail about why the MC is needed here.

    Optional expenses
    Optional expenses include real estate insurance. There is no law in the country obliging to insure a house – this is done at the request of the owner.

    So, let’s summarize. The average price of an apartment in Batumi is from $40,000. For this money, you can buy apartments on the seashore. Spending on real estate in Batumi consists of three types of expenses: these are the costs of taxes, utility bills, and payment for the services of a management company. In total, about $ 1,000 a year (the maintenance of a house in Turkey will cost $ 1,500, in Dubai – $ 2,500). At the same time, you can earn from $ 5,000 on renting. Due to the high demand for resort real estate, apartments in Batumi pay off in 5-7 years.


    On February 13, an earthquake occurred in Georgia at 22:25 Tbilisi time. Residents of the capital Tbilisi and other cities felt it. According to seismologists, the tremors were magnitude 6.2. The epicenter was located in the south of the country, near the village of Sameba.

    The earthquake did not have a devastating effect on Tbilisi. In general, it should be noted that an earthquake in Georgia happens infrequently – the country does not belong to the earthquake-prone zone. However, weak tremors happen from time to time. This time the tremors were of great force (the last time the tremors of the same force were in 2004 – it is still remembered by residents of Georgia). Many were at home at that time and clearly felt – seeing how the furniture was moving and the chandeliers were swinging. But there were also those who did not even notice how the ground was shaking under their feet. Why do people feel an earthquake differently? It’s all about the earthquake resistance of residential buildings. It is on this indicator that the consequences of an earthquake depend. Some buildings are more stable, others less so. The situation is best with new buildings. But, of course, not with all, but only with those that were built in accordance with international standards. What are these standards? Let’s tell you in more detail.

    How earthquake resistance of buildings is achieved
    In order for the building to be stable and not collapse in an earthquake, builders take into account the following factors:

    • The level of seismological danger of the place
    • Soil features
    • Permissible height of buildings
    • Technologies and materials

    Monolithic frame houses are considered the most earthquake-resistant. This is a European standard – it is used in more than 40 countries around the world. All residential properties that Sea Inside sells are built using monolithic frame technology. They will withstand earthquakes of magnitude 8.0.

    The earthquake resistance of the building is provided by several parameters. Here they are:
    1. Materials. They must be strong, plastic, but not brittle. For example, to increase the strength of concrete, polymer fibers are added to it.
    2. Construction. It should be rigid, but mobile. To achieve this, the foundation is divided into segments or special supports are installed. The balance between rigidity and shock absorption is the main principle of earthquake–resistant construction.

    New buildings are safer than secondary housing, because:

    • new materials are used in construction, which are being improved more and more every year
    • along with building materials, science is developing – today specialists have more opportunities for accurate calculations.

    Looking for profitable real estate in Georgia? Contact us. We’ll find what you’re looking for.


    Many who have visited Georgia want to buy real estate there. How to choose the best option? How much to expect? Our tips will help you make a choice | Sea Inside

    We have already written that real estate in Georgia is a good way to save and increase capital. We will tell you how to choose a property in Batumi.

    Before thinking about how to buy an apartment in Batumi, decide what you need it for – to live or to earn? In Georgia, real estate is getting more expensive by 20-25% every year. A properly selected apartment can bring about 30% income. The best option, which has long been mastered by investors, is seasonal accommodation. This is when the owner lives in the apartment for a certain period, and the rest of the time rents it out. You should immediately decide on the type of housing as well – do you prefer a new building or a secondary one? Sea Inside sells villas, townhouses and premium apartments in new buildings on the Black Sea coast. If you are looking for real estate to earn money, it is profitable to buy an apartment in Batumi with a sea view. It will always be in demand among tourists, which means it will bring a constant stable income.

    How to buy a house in Batumi
    The buying process in Georgia is fast, transparent and easy. Registration takes place in the House of Justice and takes 15-20 minutes (for example, in Cyprus, real estate registration takes 1 month, in Greece – 2 months, in Spain – 2-4 months). After the transaction is concluded, the new owner will receive a code from the Registry in the form of an SMS message, which confirms ownership of the property (in Georgian). The standard code comes in four days ($15), in accelerated form – in a day ($50) or on the same day ($70). Do not be surprised when you receive a printout of the statement without printing. Electronic document management has been introduced in Georgia for many years, so all official documents of the House of Justice are issued without a seal, but they have full legal force. This eliminates paperwork.

    Housing prices in Batumi vary. On average, 1 sq.m costs $500 – $2000. The specific price depends on the location of the house, condition, view from the window. Buying at the excavation stage is cheaper, upon completion of construction – more expensive. Prices for the “white frame” are lower, with repairs and finishes from the developer – higher. For example, apartments with an area of 32 m2 in the Blue Sky complex at the white frame stage cost $30,400 ($950/m2), with a complete turnkey finish, including furniture and appliances – $46,400 (+ $ 500/m2). Finishing in all apartments is according to Holiday Inn standards.

    *Blue Sky is a 36–storey hotel and residential complex 10 minutes from the beach, next to the new Batumi Stadium. It consists of two blocks – block A and block B. In Block A there is a Holiday Inn hotel and turnkey apartments for rent. In block B there are apartments for living.

    How to buy an apartment in Batumi for a citizen of Russia and citizens of other countries
    Recently, remote purchase has been in demand. It saves time and money – no need to change plans, quit business, buy tickets and go just because of the purchase. Those who are in Batumi can either walk around the city and take a closer look at the objects under construction, or contact us. Sea Inside managers will pick up real estate, orient in prices, help with registration.


    In the capital of Adjara, Batumi, the summer season lasts a long time – from May to October. At this time, you can swim in the sea, sunbathe, ride bicycles. But what to do in Batumi in winter? Let’s tell you in more detail.

    Winter in Batumi is quite warm. The air temperature rarely drops below +10 degrees. Snow here, if it falls, then rarely, and melts quickly. We can say that winter in the conventional sense lasts here for two weeks a year. The rest of the time, winter is like autumn. It will not work to swim in the sea, but in good weather you can sit on the shore, listen to the surf, breathe the sea air. So Batumi does not lose its attractiveness in winter. If it is difficult to make a program, you can come on a winter tour of Georgia from Sea Inside. It’s convenient – we organize the trip down to the smallest detail. You will be able to visit the main sights of Batumi, climb the mountains, look for a house on the seashore for living or investing.

    Besides, you can always go to see other cities of Georgia – it’s not so far from Batumi. The choice is quite large. Popular ski resorts are Gudauri, Bakuriani, Tetnuldi, Goderdzi. Lovers of antiquity will be interested in ancient temples, cave cities, ancient wineries. Winter is a good time to visit the Svaneti mountain region. The snow-strewn Svan towers will not leave anyone indifferent, and fabulous mountain landscapes and picturesque roads will decorate the trip.

    Batumi in winter: what to see

    The first thing you can advise is to celebrate the New Year in Batumi. On New Year’s days, a festive atmosphere reigns in the city. You can recharge with positive energy so that the New Year celebrated in Georgia will be remembered for a long time.

    • Visit the fish market. The stalls of the oldest fish market are full of seasonal fish. Here you can buy fish and give it to restaurants in the neighborhood – it will be cooked and served on the terrace, where, sitting under a canopy, you can enjoy local cuisine amid the noise of the surf.
    • Go to museums. For connoisseurs of beauty in Batumi there is a Museum of Fine Arts and an Archaeological Museum. And in the museum of the Nobel brothers (they lived and worked here at the beginning of the XX century), which still holds rare exhibits – for example, a bottle of oil, which was traded by famous oil magnates. Another interesting place is the ethnographic museum “Borjgalo”, the creator of which has been collecting rare exhibits throughout Adjara for 40 years.
    • Attend master classes in Georgian cooking. Professional craftsmen will teach you how to properly wrap khinkali, bake khachapuri and cook churchkhela.
    • Go to the movies. In the old town, near Europe Square, you can find the Apollo cinema. This is the oldest cinema in Batumi – the first cinema show was held there in 1903! The building is perfectly preserved. Watching masterpieces of world cinema and new films in an old but very cozy cinema hall is unusual and interesting.
    • Swim in the pool. Of course, this will not replace the sea, but for those who want to stretch their bones or just splash in the water, going to the pool is a good option. In any large hotel complex there are swimming pools, including Olympic–class (50 m). Let’s face it, it’s a great pleasure to swim in the pool located on the roof of the hotel and admire the sea.


    Where to buy a house in Batumi? Close to the sea or away from the beach? In a tourist center or on the quiet outskirts? Let’s analyze in detail | Sea Inside

    Where is it better to live in Batumi – in the new part of the city or the old one? You need to choose an area depending on the purpose of acquisition: whether you need real estate for yourself so that you can come on vacation at any time of the year or for renting and earning. In the first case, focus on your preferences, in the second it is better to choose an area popular with tourists. If you are looking for a house for seasonal living (the most popular option among investors), you can pay attention to the suburbs of Batumi – Makhinjauri and Gonio. Their advantage is that, on the one hand, they are located 10-15 minutes away from Batumi, and on the other hand, they offer a quiet holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the city. For example, the Mziuri Gardens complex in Makhinjauri has its own thermal spring, exclusive access to which the owners of the apartments will have.

    Batumi: where is it better to live

    Those who are attracted by an active city life will like Batumi, the capital of Adjara. You can buy cheap accommodation in Batumi from Sea Inside. Prices for premium class apartments start from $25,000. On average, you can buy an apartment by the sea for $ 40,000 – $50,000.

    Conventionally, Batumi can be divided into two parts – the old city and the new one. The Old Town is located in the area of Europe Square – it is a tourist center, there are many historical buildings, architectural monuments. There are practically no new buildings in this part of the city. In the old town, for the most part, there are low low–rise buildings. Many of them have recently been restored. To buy an apartment in old Batumi can be recommended to those who do not mind living in an old housing stock, but in the heart of the city.

    The New City is located along the New Boulevard. Business activity is concentrated here, there are many hotels, casinos, tourists. The quarter is being actively built up. New hotels and modern residential complexes are growing by leaps and bounds. Global hotel brands have taken a look at the area – the Blue Sky apart-hotel is being built here, which will be managed by the Holiday Inn. Hilton, Marriott, and Ibis Styles hotels operate. The area is great for investment – the property will be as busy as possible. In addition, many complexes have management companies to whom you can delegate the rental of apartments – this is especially convenient for those who own real estate in Georgia, but live in another country.

    Where is it better to buy an apartment – on the first line or away from the sea? Of course, the first coastline is always in demand. Among the new buildings of Batumi, the only complex that is located in close proximity to the beach is Batumi View, which is being built literally 20 meters from the shore. However, the objects on the second coastline are not inferior at all. For example, the ready-made White Sails complex, although it is only 5-7 minutes to walk to the beach, right across the boulevard, so almost any real estate in the resort is suitable for investment. The main condition is that the resort should be known as a popular tourist destination. And Georgia has no competitors in the region in this regard so far.


    Thinking about how to use the savings in the best way, we often wait for a good moment, ponder, guess. But sometimes there are critical moments when there is no time to delay, a decision must be made urgently. As of March 3, 2022, the official dollar exchange rate is 108 rubles. The devaluation of the ruble may continue. If the savings are not saved, then the savings earned over many years will become worthless and disappear. According to most experts, a universal way to save money is to buy real estate abroad. Sea Inside has a large database of apartments, villas and townhouses in Tbilisi and Batumi. Why is Georgia one of the most suitable countries for this?

    1. Georgia’s neutrality. The country has not joined the global sanctions against Russia. Russians can come here, rent or buy real estate, work, study, run a business. Although the Georgian opposition is trying to protest Georgia’s decision on neutrality, the government insists on its position. Moreover, Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili signed Georgia’s application for membership in the European Union on March 3. The EU, in turn, is ready to start considering the application. This means that Georgia can become a kind of “window to Europe”. Russian citizens will be able to establish or maintain existing economic ties with Europe.

    2. Open borders. Georgia is one of the few destinations where Russians can leave for now. The demand for buying and renting apartments in Tbilisi, Batumi and other cities has grown sharply in recent days. It is more convenient to go to Georgia by plane (via Yerevan, Minsk or Istanbul). The land borders are closed by the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation. In this article we have collected all the most convenient ways to enter Georgia.

    3. Confidentiality. Georgia does not provide information about bank accounts, transactions, transactions and property owners. This is confidential data that is protected by law. Thanks to this, the country has attracted many investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world. It is especially convenient for IT specialists, freelancers and anyone who works remotely to live in Georgia.

    4. Reasonable prices for real estate. For $40,000 – $100,000, you can buy a two- or three-bedroom apartment in a new building. And, for example, apartments in Batumi by the sea can be bought for $ 50,000. Another plus is the ease of design. In Georgia, there are no additional payments when buying an apartment. The registration procedure is fast – you can register a house in your name in one day, registration costs $ 40 (we wrote about this in detail here).

    If you are looking for where to invest, please contact us! We will select the property according to your requests. We work without commission.


    Restrictive measures related to movement between countries are constantly changing. Sea Inside has collected the latest information about what the rules for entry to Georgia are now.

    Since March 1, 2022, the rules for visiting Georgia for foreigners have been relaxed. Now you can go:

    1. With the vaccine. Any two-phase vaccines are accepted (in the case of Johnson & Johnson, one phase is enough). Vaccinated people may not present a negative PCR test. The law does not prescribe the time that must pass after vaccination.

    2. With a negative PCR test. It must be done no later than 72 hours before crossing the border. Children under 10 do not need a test. The rule applies to all visitors, regardless of citizenship (previously the list was limited to 67 countries. The obligation to take the PCR test again on the third day of stay is canceled.

    You can provide either a printed or electronic certificate of the vaccine/PCR test.

    *The status of the patient has no legal force.

    Georgia: conditions of entry from Russia

    By air travel

    Although there is no direct air service since July 2019, you can fly with transfers via:

    • Istanbul
    • Minsk
    • Abu Dhabi
    • Yerevan (from there you can get to Tbilisi by plane, train or minibus)
    • Gyumri
    • Baku (from there to Tbilisi can only be reached by plane – the land border of Azerbaijan is closed)

    Sea Inside arranges tours for real estate. We organize a trip and purchase an apartment easily and quickly.

    By land:

    No special permit is needed to enter Georgia by land (through the Upper Lars checkpoint). However, the restrictions specified in Decree No. 763 of the Government of the Russian Federation still apply. According to him, departure is possible in the following cases: the presence of close relatives, a trip for work / study, for treatment, the presence of real estate or a residence permit. To confirm any of these grounds, you must have the appropriate documents.

    * Citizens of the Russian Federation can return to Russia through the Upper Lars without reason (that is, you can fly by plane, and return by car).

    Can citizens of Ukraine and Belarus come through the Upper Lars?

    Theoretically – yes, practically – it is unlikely (in practice there were no such cases).
    General rules

    Foreigners, including citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and about 100 other countries, do not need a visa to enter. Foreigners can stay in the country for 360 days. After the expiration of this period, it should be reset to zero – it is reset by crossing the border (Armenian or Turkish).
    Based on this , Georgia is one of the best countries to purchase real estate .


    Review: Why I decided to buy real estate in Batumi | Investor’s story from the first person | Sea Inside

    Every entrepreneur who earns money by renting real estate has his own success story. We asked Vitaly, one of our clients, a businessman from Russia, to share his.

    Vitaly, an experienced investor, knows well what “real estate rental income” is. He owns real estate in Russia and successfully earns money from it. Here is Vitaly’s story about how he entered the foreign market.

    How I bought a property in Georgia

    I have four apartments in Moscow. I rent them out and get a regular stable income. At some point, I realized that it was time to expand the business. I thought about Sochi – it is, after all, a resort city. But while I was thinking, Sochi banned the construction of high-rise buildings. The price of the apartment I was planning to buy has gone up. Before the moratorium, it cost 7 million ($95,000), after – 11 million ($150,000). The difference of 5 million rubles is a lot.

    But I didn’t despair. In addition to Russian, I was looking at foreign resorts – in Bulgaria and Georgia. Georgia was especially attractive to me. The fact is that I often rested in Batumi as a child. My mom is from there. Now my relatives live there.

    But I decided not to buy real estate in Batumi right away. There is no need for haste in such matters. In 2019, I went to Batumi – it was my first visit in the last 20 years. I wanted to relax, well, and at the same time explore the local real estate market. After studying the situation on the spot, I made sure that this is a good idea for investing in real estate. There are good reviews about life in Batumi. The sea in Batumi is clean, the infrastructure is developed, the people are friendly.

    The next year, in 2020, I found the Sea Inside agency. Together with the manager, we selected several potential apartments. I reviewed them and chose the Alliance Palace hotel and residential complex. I know that the investment attractiveness of real estate is characterized by two factors – location and a big name. There were several reasons for my decision. Firstly, it is located on the first coastline, close to the sea. Secondly, the price is more than acceptable compared to the prices of Russian real estate with similar conditions. And, thirdly, because it is operated by the well-known hotel brand Courtyard by Marriott. Global hotel chains do not enter the market if they do not see potential in it. In April 2021, I bought an apartment. I bought it remotely – since I studied all the details earlier, there was no point in coming. I look to the future with hope. Batumi is growing by leaps and bounds. If everything goes as I plan, in five years the purchase will fully pay off. Maybe I’ll buy a house in Georgia.

    Looking for a property in Georgia? Browse our catalog and we will help, prompt, advise.


    Georgia has established itself as a convenient country for recreation, life, business and investment. There are many arguments in favor of this statement — we have chosen four main reasons for investing in Georgia, which, in our opinion, seem to be the most convincing.

    1. Affordable prices

    The cost of 1 sq.m is on average $ 700 – $1200. As in any country, it is cheaper to buy an apartment at the excavation stage, ready–made – more expensive. On average, a studio apartment can be bought for $40,000, a two-room apartment — from $ 50,000 and above. The Sea Inside database includes apartments, apartments, villas, townhouses, as well as land for development in Tbilisi and Batumi. A separate plus is that real estate purchased for rent and earnings pays off quickly — investments can be returned in 6-8 years.

    2. Easy registration of real estate

    You can buy a house in Georgia in one day. The registration procedure is one of the fastest and most convenient in the world. No real estate tax, no additional payments. Half an hour in the House of Justice, $40 for renewal — and the property is in your name. You can also buy an apartment remotely. The demand for online transactions especially increased during the pandemic, when movement between countries was temporarily restricted. Recently, the possibility of buying cryptocurrency has appeared. In the conditions of sanctions, such a payment method is becoming more and more in demand. On the Sea Inside website, you can easily choose an apartment for your needs – just enter the desired parameters.

    3. Free business

    The country has simplified taxation. You can get the status of an individual entrepreneur in half an hour. In the World Bank’s Doing Business ranking in 2020, Georgia ranked 7th among 190 countries. In terms of simplicity and ease of doing business, the country has overtaken Russia, Turkey, Spain, and Greece. Not only millionaires can open a business here, but also aspiring entrepreneurs. The main thing is to have an original and working idea.

    Where is it better to buy — in Tbilisi or Batumi? Judging by our practice, both cities are in demand. Tbilisi is because it is the capital. Batumi is because it is a popular seaside resort. The main advantages of buying real estate in Batumi are expressed in three factors: there is a high demand for houses, the first lines by the sea are still available here (which investors consider the sweetest “piece of cake”) and real estate can be bought quickly. An apartment in this Black Sea resort is guaranteed to be rented, which means it will bring income. We talked about how to choose an area in Batumi here.

    4. Residence permit when buying real estate in Georgia: step-by-step instructions
    We have already written that if a foreigner buys real estate in Georgia for $ 100,000, he can get a residence permit. We will tell you step by step what procedures should be followed.
    A residence permit is a document that allows a foreigner to enter and stay in Georgia, as well as invite another foreigner. It comes in different types. Consider a residence permit when buying real estate. If you have already purchased real estate and have an extract from the Public Register on hand, you can not pull and immediately apply for a residence permit.

    An application for a residence permit is submitted at the House of Justice or any of its branches. The applicant must apply either personally or through a representative. You can also fill out an application online (remotely) on the website of the Agency for the Development of Public Services. The website has English and Russian versions, but the application and all documents attached to it must be translated into Georgian and notarized.


    At the time of submission, he must be on the territory of Georgia (even if the documents are submitted by the certifier on the basis of a power of attorney instead of him). If a foreigner’s passport contains the foreigner’s personal data in Latin transliteration, then you can provide it without translation into Georgian.

    What documents should be provided

    1. Questionnaire;
    2. Photo (taken in the same place, in the House of Justice in a few minutes);
    3. Passport translation;
    4. Extract from the Public Registry;
    5. Audit evaluation;
    6. Payment receipt from the desired review period.

    How much should I pay and when does the answer come
    The application is considered as standard for 30 days. In this case, the service costs GEL 210. Accelerated review options are also available: in 20 days (330 lari) or in 10 days (410 lari).

    Summing up, we can say that the investment climate in Georgia is quite favorable. It is comfortable to live, work, and relax here. Simple registration, minimal state participation and a low level of corruption ensure the country’s high places in international rankings.


    We have already told you why real estate in Georgia is a profitable way to save savings and even multiply them. Today we will tell you how the purchase procedure goes.

    Is it possible to buy an apartment in one day? Perhaps. If the apartment is in Georgia. The purchase procedure here is fast, clear, transparent and, importantly, cheap. If you have already chosen an apartment and agreed on a price, you can not delay and proceed with the registration (if you have not chosen, Sea Inside will help you choose a property for your budget and requests).

    Registration takes place in the House of Justice. The House of Justice is a structure of the Ministry of Justice, working on the principle of “one window”. It unites about 200 public services. All services included in the department have a common electronic database. The document flow is carried out in electronic form (therefore, documents are issued without printing, but don’t let it bother you – they have legal force). Thanks to this, clients do not have to go to the authorities with a pile of paper documents – it is enough to have a passport.

    How to become an apartment owner in Georgia
    The registration process is simplified as much as possible – it takes about 20 minutes (it will take one month to register an apartment in Cyprus in your name, two months in Greece, and about four months in Spain). After the buyer and seller conclude the transaction in the House of Justice, the buyer will receive confirmation – an SMS with an extract from the Public Registry Agency (in Georgian) will be sent to the specified mobile phone number. The rates for registration depend on the urgency. In the standard mode (confirmation comes in four days), you can apply for $ 15, in the accelerated mode – for $ 50 (the next day) or for $ 80 (on the same day). If you need to buy real estate urgently, please contact us – Sea Inside has already helped more than 600 clients from different countries to buy apartments. We will advise, prompt, translate documents (free of charge).

    Even faster purchase of real estate in Georgia
    In the digital world, online purchase of products, equipment, cars is a common thing. It is really convenient to buy things without leaving home. A remote transaction has two main advantages – it saves time and money (no need to plan a trip, spend money on tickets and a hotel). “In the last two years, during the period of restrictions associated with the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for remote purchase has increased dramatically,” says Alexander Meldenburg, head of Sales at Sea Inside.

    Sea Inside managers will help you choose a property remotely. They will organize an online video call (free of charge), collect documents, draw up a contract and consult on other issues.


    What to see in Batumi? We will tell you about the sights of the sunny region of Adjara, which must be seen, and explain why it is worth going on a tour to Georgia for a week | Sea Inside

    Although Adjara is a small region by world standards, there are so many interesting things in Batumi and its surroundings that the eyes run away. If you have not been to the Black Sea coast of Georgia yet, we will tell you what you can see in Batumi in 7 days.

    By the way, if you are looking for real estate in Georgia, Sea Inside organizes a tour to Georgia with a flight. This is an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone:
    1. Look for a house by the sea
    2. Relax and get to know the city

    The program with a list of everything that includes a tour to Batumi for everyone can be viewed here. Let’s just say that it includes an inspection of real estate, a walk along the arched bridge of Queen Tamar of the XII century (they say that a wish made on the bridge is fulfilled), a visit to the Mahuntseti waterfall and a dinner in the vineyard with wine tasting.

    “How much does a tour to Batumi cost?” you may ask. We answer: “Not at all. It is free in case of purchase of real estate in the amount of at least $ 40,000. In other cases, the cost is determined individually.” So, what to see in Batumi?

    Botanical Garden
    This is a huge tropical forest located on the top of Cape Verde. Fabulous panoramas of the sea open from the top. There are about 5 thousand varieties of local and exotic plants in the garden. M. Bulgakov liked to walk around the Botanical Garden. They say that during one of his walks he came up with the idea to write a novel about the “Master and Margarita”.

    Dolphins in Batumi can also be seen in the sea — in spring and autumn they often swim near the shore. The rest of the time you can go to the dolphinarium. Opened in 1975, it was the first demonstration dolphinarium in the USSR. Today Monica, Nini, Maya, Zorro, Marco, Olympia and other inhabitants arrange a brilliant show – dancing with balls and balancing on their tails. And a couple of years ago, a sea lion cub was born in the Batumi Dolphinarium.

    Arboretum in Shekvetili
    It is an oasis of beauty. Bamboo alleys, giant sequoias, century–old eucalyptus trees, ginkgo, Himalayan maples, lemurs, pink flamingos, peacocks and other exotic birds and animals from five continents of the world – all this can be seen in one place. Some exhibits are representatives of rare protected species.

    At the top of a steep cliff, near the village of Tsikhisdziri, there is a Byzantine fortress of the VI century. Invulnerable from the sea, it is also protected from the land – by natural relief and stone walls. Everything here breathes antiquity and solitude. The ruins of the fortress are quite well preserved. Lemons grow in cascades on the slopes – thanks to this, the fortress resembles the blooming Gardens of Semiramis. They say that Petra is the very fortress of Kajeti, about which Shota Rustaveli writes in the poem “The Knight in the Tiger Skin”.

    Do you dream of a house by the sea? Come on a tour to Batumi in 2022. You will have an exciting trip through mountainous Adjara and profitable resort real estate.


    Sights of Batumi and the surrounding area with photos and descriptions. Don’t know what to see in Batumi? Let’s tell you what is worth visiting in this city | Sea Inside

    Batumi is called a year-round resort. In summer, people come here to swim in the sea and sunbathe, in winter – to go skiing (there is a ski resort in Adjara Goderdzi). We will tell you which sights in the vicinity of Batumi deserve attention.
    So, what to visit in Batumi?

    1. Boulevard
    The boulevard stretches along the coast. Today it is conditionally divided into new and old. The old one was landscaped in 1932. There are still ancient colonnades erected almost a hundred years ago, symbolizing the entrance to the beach. Walking along well-groomed paths, you can go out to a dense bamboo grove. An innovation of recent years is the building of the wedding palace in a futuristic style. Nearby you can see the Tower of the Georgian alphabet and the Ferris Wheel. At the beginning of the Boulevard there is also the office of the Sea Inside company.

    2. Piazza Square
    It is located in the old part of the city, the narrow streets of which beckon to take a walk in the summer. The reference to Italy and Venice is not accidental. Batumi really resembles a cozy European town on the seashore. Live music plays here in the evenings… Sitting in a cafe over a cup of coffee, you really feel like you are in Italy. Artful mosaics and stained glass windows create a cozy and unique atmosphere.

    3. The statue of “Ali and Nino”
    She appeared in the city not so long ago. The silent dance of two converging and diverging metal figures symbolizes a bitter love story. The statue of “Ali and Nino” in Batumi has become a landmark not only in Adjara, but also in Georgia.

    4. Fountain of Neptune
    He stands on the theater square, which is right in front of the theater. Rustaveli. Luxurious and majestic and sparkling Neptune, surrounded by mermaids, can’t take your eyes off – you can’t take your eyes off the sculpture. The Batumi Neptune is a copy of the famous composition with a fountain, which is located in Bologna, Italy.

    5. The Statue of Medea
    On the Europe Square in old Batumi stands the figure of Medea with a golden fleece in her hands. The history, myths and legends of Adjara are connected with her name Medea from Colchis. By the way, the Golden Fleece is considered the mascot of Georgia.

    6. Astronomical clock
    There is a tower on Europe Square. Balconies and stained glass windows make it look like a fairy-tale castle. An astronomical clock is installed on the tower. On the dial there are Roman and Arabic numerals, hands with figures of the sun and moon. The clock shows the time, sunrise and sunset, determines where the sun, moon and planets are located – and even indicates the phases of the moon.

    7. “Singing” fountains
    There are two famous fountains in Batumi. Some are located at the beginning of Batumi Boulevard. On summer evenings, when the Boulevard is filled with people, it’s nice to enjoy the evening coolness, admire the fountains and listen to music. The second fountain is located in the new part of the Boulevard, on Lake Ardagani. The light spectacle attracts a lot of people. It is especially impressive in the dark. Moving to rhythmic music, water jets act mesmerizingly.

    8. Cable car
    By cable car you can climb to the top of the hill. A beautiful panorama of the city and the sea opens from the observation deck – you can see Batumi from a bird’s-eye view.

    9. Botanical Garden
    This is a huge tropical forest located on the top of Cape Verde. Fabulous panoramas of the sea open from the top. There are about 5 thousand varieties of local and exotic plants in the garden. M. Bulgakov liked to walk around the Botanical Garden. They say that during one of his walks he came up with the idea to write a novel about the “Master and Margarita”.

    10. Fish market
    The stalls under the awnings are full of fresh fish. Local gourmets know this place well – seafood can be found here at any time of the year. The purchased fish can be given to cook in neighboring restaurants.

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    Economists summed up the results of last year. Georgia’s economy has shown unprecedented growth. The results were better than expected. Details are in the article | Sea Inside

    According to the National Statistics Service, Georgia’s economy grew by 10.6% in 2021 compared to the previous year. This is 2.5 times more than experts predicted. The nominal GDP indicator has also grown. It amounted to about $20 billion instead of the expected $19 billion.

    Sea Inside experts predict that the price of real estate will also grow. They recommend investing in it now so that the money will start generating income in the near future.
    In December last year, more than 4,500 new business organizations were registered – this is 20% more than in December 2020.

    In 2021, the level of GDP per capita also increased to $5,000. Most of all, GDP growth is observed in such industries as trade, real estate transactions, the hotel and restaurant sector, as well as the entertainment and recreation industry. Experts explain such successes by two decisions of the authorities: 1 – taking measures to support business and 2 – lifting restrictions on movement and opening borders in June 2021. However, against this background, an increase in inflation to 13.9% is noticeable – this is the maximum since 2012.

    In 2021, Georgia improved its position in the world ranking of economic freedom of the World-2020. It rose to 8th place, leaving behind Russia (89), Turkey (99), Azerbaijan (112), Belarus (114), Estonia (14) and other countries. The World Economic Freedom rating compares countries according to five criteria. The following areas received the highest rating (10 points): financial openness, ease of opening a bank account, the activities of commercial banks, the level of interest rates on loans. Successes have also been noted in the legal system and in property issues.

    What will happen to Georgia’s economy in the future

    Experts give an encouraging forecast of the Georgian economy. They assume that growth will continue in 2022-2023. The Ministry of Finance writes in its report that “by the end of 2022, the volume will approach $21.5 billion, and the GDP per capita will be more than $5,600.” World Bank financiers expect the economy to grow by 5.5% in 2022 and by 5% in 2023. The international organization expects that in 2021-2022 the country will recover the fastest in the region. Next year, she will return to the usual rhythm of life and recover to the level of 2019. Analysts expect that in 2020-2025 Georgia will be on the 11th place in the world in terms of growth rates.


    What do developers mean by finishing “white frame”? In this article we will explain the nuances, give answers to questions and indicate approximate prices for finishing apartments | Sea Inside

    The process of building construction can be divided into three stages: the excavation stage, the middle of construction work and completion / commissioning. A house can be purchased at each of these stages. Having bought at the excavation stage, you win in price by buying a completed finished apartment – in time. However, what exactly do developers mean by a “ready-made apartment”? Let’s figure it out in detail.

    There are no strict requirements for the definition of a “ready–made apartment” – each developer company decides for itself in what condition to hand over the property to the owner, taking into account the requirements of the market. In Europe and the USA, the house is sold more often in the “turnkey” status – with a fine finish. It is enough to bring furniture and equip it with appliances. In Georgia and other post-Soviet countries, a different classification is common. Local developers rent real estate in the “black frame” and “white frame” states. Recently, a third class has appeared – the “green frame” (an improved version of the “white”). An apartment in a white frame is more expensive than in a black one, but cheaper than turnkey. In short, the white frame is when all the basic work is done, except cosmetic. This status is preferred by those who want to design their own housing according to their tastes and desires.

    What does the “white frame” include? We can say that this is an incomplete finishing of the apartment, but sufficient to minimize the costs of repairs. In particular, the finished flooded floor and hydro- and noise insulation of floors and walls. In addition, installed:

    • Metal entrance door
    • Double-glazed windows and a door to the balcony (if it is designed)
    • Central heating system
    • Electricity and water meters
    • Conducted by:
    • Electrician
    • Electric, gas and water supply systems
    • Internet line

    It is worth paying attention to the entire building. Fire safety systems should be installed in it and thermal insulation of the entire building should be provided. The systems should work properly – the serviceability should be checked at the stage of acceptance from the developer (we told you how to do it correctly here).

    However, some prefer this stage. It allows, on the one hand, to save time, on the other – to create an exclusive design for yourself. To bring a property from a black frame to a white one costs on average from $200/m2. For this amount, you can equip a bathroom and partially a kitchen. For one- or two-room apartments, finishing will take about 1-2 months. However, if the owner has a more refined taste, and he wants to emphasize his individuality, approach creatively to the arrangement or use expensive materials (marble, stone and others) in the decoration, then the price will be higher than $ 200/m2.

    If you are planning to buy an apartment in a white frame, please contact. We will select real estate in Georgia according to your requests.


    How to buy real estate for cryptocurrency? Is it possible to buy an apartment in Georgia for a crypt? Let’s tell you how to do it legally | Sea Inside

    Is it possible to buy housing for cryptocurrency? Can. We will tell you how it is done and explain the details.

    Investing in foreign real estate is a proven and reliable tool for income diversification. Unlike stocks, which can depreciate due to unexpected decisions of the government or the whims of the market, real estate is less exposed to risks.

    Sea Inside sells apartments, villas and townhouses in Georgia. Almost all possible forms of payment are available – in cash (in whole or in part), by bank transfer or other types of money transfer. You can also buy real estate for cryptocurrency.

    Virtual currency is useful in cases when national currencies are unstable (in economic terms, volatile). In recent weeks, such variability has been observed with the ruble and some currencies of Central Asian countries (tenge in Kazakhstan, SOM in Kyrgyzstan, etc.). According to the exchange rate on March 25, one dollar can get 100 rubles, or 500 tenge, or 100 soms.

    But the price of the crypt is also jumping, you will object. True, but at the moment digital gold is getting more expensive. Those who already have a crypt will be able to buy an apartment in Georgia and pay with digital money quickly and safely, but it’s not too late to buy it now.

    How to buy real estate in Georgia for cryptocurrency

    The payment process is quite simple. It is not much different from the usual payment methods. It consists of several simple steps:

    • To choose a suitable option for purchase
    • Enter into a contract with a real estate developer
    • Transfer cryptocurrency to the developer/seller’s electronic wallet

    After all these three stages are completed, you will receive a payment confirmation (similar to a receipt for a traditional payment). All transactions are protected and the information is confidential. We work with all the most common types of crypts (bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and others).

    So, it is not difficult to convert digital gold into a tangible asset. Buying real estate for cryptocurrency is available to everyone. Having bought an apartment for $ 100 thousand, you can get a temporary residence permit in Georgia, and for $ 300 thousand – a permanent one. Both types of residence permit give broad rights. We wrote about this in detail here.

    For those who are familiar with the old understandable methods, there is an opportunity to pay in a convenient way – including from our representatives in Moscow.


    Can foreigners buy real estate in Georgia?

    Yes, citizens of any country have the right to buy real estate in Georgia, including non-agricultural land. Details are in the article.|Sea Inside

    Real estate in Georgia can be bought by all foreigners, including citizens of the Russian Federation. There are no restrictions on the purchase, and there are no plans. Houses, apartments, villas and townhouses in Tbilisi, Batumi, Gudauri, Kutaisi and other cities can be purchased by both those who are already in the country and those who are outside it. In the second case, a remote online purchase is available.

    Popular regions for real estate and undisputed leaders are the capital of Tbilisi with its suburbs and the Adjara region near the Black Sea. The wine-making region of Kakheti, the Svaneti mountain region and other popular places are also attractive. Different types of real estate and the search for a suitable option are available on the Sea Inside platform – you can choose housing to your taste and budget.

    Step-by-step procedure for buying a home

    The rules of purchase for foreigners are the same as for citizens – there is no difference. The design itself is fast and transparent.

    • The seller and the buyer go to the House of Justice – that’s where the transaction is registered. It is enough to have only a passport with you.
    • The standard registration period is four days ($20). You can also re-register in your name in an accelerated mode: the next day ($ 60) or the same day ($80).
    • After the conclusion of the contract of sale, the buyer receives an SMS code from the Civil Registry confirming ownership to the specified mobile phone number.

    Sea Inside works with all types of payment – cash, by transfer, cryptocurrency.

    What does real estate in Georgia give and is it possible to obtain citizenship

    According to the law of the country, buyers of real estate do not receive citizenship, but a residence permit is available. To do this, you need to buy an apartment / house worth $ 100,000. A residence permit allows citizens of other countries to live in Georgia on official grounds and invite other foreigners. Having a residence permit, you can apply for citizenship in 10 years.

    The Sea Inside company helps foreigners to search and register real estate of any type in Georgia. Contact us – our managers will help, prompt, advise. Here is one of the reviews.

    “Manager Alexander showed me several residential complexes in Batumi, told me in detail about each one. I chose the one that suited me in terms of prices and conditions. The registration took no more than half an hour. Everything went easily and transparently – signed the contract, paid, received the documents. Thanks to Alexander. He quickly solved any issues. It was felt that he was on my side and sincerely interested in making me satisfied. This is rare,” Azim (Uzbekistan).


    How not to lose investments and stay with an apartment? Everything that anyone who plans to invest in real estate in Georgia should know. | Sea Inside

    Investing in real estate was considered and is considered the safest way to save capital (at least) and increase it (at most). By renting out real estate, you can make a regular profit.

    Investments in apartments in Georgia have an additional bonus. They will bring not just income, but income in dollars, which looks especially attractive against the background of the instability of some national currencies (for example, the ruble).

    Three reasons to invest:

    1. Favorable price – quality ratio. An apartment in a new building can be bought from $ 30,000.
    2. High income and payback: you can earn from $6,000 a year on renting, the invested pay off in 5-7 years.
    3. The price is rising: according to statistics, houses here are getting more expensive by 15-20% every year.

    Advantages of buying an apartment in Georgia:

    • Residence permit: when buying an apartment for $ 100,000, they give a residence permit.
    • Simple and quick registration: the property is issued in 15 minutes and $ 80.
    • Simplified taxation: there are no taxes on purchase and ownership
    • No visas: citizens of about 100 countries can freely enter the country.
    • Convenient conditions for business: transparency of operations, the principle of “one window”. The right of private property protected by the state
    • Absence of bureaucracy and corruption: Georgia is on the 6th place in the World Bank’s Doing Business ranking.

    Other advantages of buying a house in Georgia are a mild climate, beautiful nature, affordable prices and hospitable people. It’s nice to live, work and relax here.

    Georgia’s popularity as a fashionable tourist destination is growing. Foreigners are increasingly buying houses here. Apartments and houses in the Black Sea resorts of the country are in the greatest demand. For example, the profitability of real estate in Batumi is about 15-18%. This is a high indicator (the global average yield is 4-10% per year). In the database of the company Sea Inside – the best real estate in Georgia for investment. We sell apartments, apartments, villas in Batumi and Tbilisi for every taste and budget.


    The disadvantages include, perhaps, only one factor – the complexity of self-management, if you live in another country. In this case, the management company will help. For example, some Sea Inside facilities are managed by global hotel chains (Hilton, Marriott, Holiday Inn, Wyndham, Ibis and others). This ensures that the customer receives service to a high standard.


    Real estate in Georgia for cryptocurrency: how to buy an apartment for bitcoins and why it is convenient, safe and profitable to invest virtual currency. | Sea Inside

    Digital money, as well as the usual ones, can be used to buy goods and services. The main thing is that the seller is ready to accept them. The crypt can also be exchanged for ordinary currencies. The exchange takes place through online services, payment systems and exchange offices.

    The sale of real estate for bitcoins has recently become very popular in Georgia. The law allows you to mine coins. Thanks to low electricity prices, a loyal tax system and high-speed Internet, the country occupies a leading position in the world in mining.

    Advantages of using cryptocurrency:

    • Reliable. Blockchain technologies protect personal information.
    • Quickly. Traditional payment can take weeks
    • Comfortable. A secure deal can be made from anywhere in the world

    How to buy an apartment for Bitcoin

    The first such transaction took place in 2018 – a foreigner purchased an apartment in the Black Sea resort of Batumi worth $ 50 thousand for bitcoins. Today it is easy to buy an apartment here for bitcoins and other types of crypts (Ethereum, altcoins, USDT). A large selection of real estate for bitcoins is in the Sea Inside database.

    Payment with virtual money is carried out in the same way as with ordinary money. The process looks like this. After the object for purchase is selected, the buyer signs an agreement with the seller and transfers bitcoin to his electronic wallet. In case of a successful transaction, the new owner of the property receives a confirmation of payment.

    Converting digital currency into a tangible asset is especially beneficial in cases when the exchange rate of national currencies jumps. Real estate in Georgia is a profitable investment. Firstly, it is a way to save savings, and secondly, to receive regular income in dollars. The growing economy, affordable prices, orientation towards Europe, simplified taxation and beautiful nature attract hundreds of small and large investors from all over the world to the country.

    Do you want to buy luxury real estate for bitcoins? Contact us, we will help you pick up and arrange.


    Housing by the sea is the best thing to invest in today. Real estate in Batumi will ensure a comfortable existence in the future. Why is it profitable to buy an apartment in a resort and how to choose it? | Sea Inside

    The real estate market of Batumi is developing rapidly. Over the past decade, the construction sector has made a huge leap. The country attracts more and more foreign investors who find here a source of regular passive rental income. According to statistics, 40% of foreign buyers of real estate are citizens of the Russian Federation and the CIS, a lot of Europeans and residents of Central Asia and the Middle East. Last autumn, the authorities of Adjara announced a new grandiose project – artificial islands with elite hotels and villas will be built in the sea. It is expected that the Georgian equivalent of palm island in Dubai will make the region a central tourist destination.

    Why an apartment in Georgia is a stable source of passive income
    Because real estate is cheaper here, and rent is more expensive. Apartments in Batumi pay off twice as fast as in Alanya (Turkey) and three times faster than in Sochi (Russia). The figures also show that Batumi is the best city for investment. Rental income – 11-18% per annum (in the world on average – 4-10% per year). The rental rate in Batumi is 30-60% higher than the global average. You can earn from $ 6 thousand a year on rent. Investments pay off in 5-7 years. In addition, Georgia is a kind of “spare airfield” where you can temporarily live in case of a difficult situation at home. The Sea Inside database has a large selection of apartments and apartments in Tbilisi and Batumi.

    Which area to choose
    In the central historical part of the city, mainly, there is an old housing stock, in the new one there are many new buildings and large hotel and residential complexes. Some of them are operated by famous hotel brands (Marriott, Hilton, Holiday Inn). Real estate near the sea, on the first coastline, is especially in demand. Apartments within walking distance from the beach are in constant demand among tourists, which means they will never be idle.

    What for how much
    The price of real estate in Batumi varies from $600/m2 to $2000/m2 and above. The cost depends on the area, proximity to the sea, condition, floor, hotel network (if the complex has a management company). For example, you can buy apartments in the Blue Sky complex (Holiday Inn) at a price of $ 55 thousand. And ready-made turnkey apartments with an area of 45 sq.m in the White Sails complex – for $ 82 thousand.


    You can relax in Georgia at any time of the year. How does the country attract visitors and how to enjoy a holiday in Sakartvelo? | Sea Inside.

    Georgia has made an incredible leap in recent years. It has become fashionable to come here. Tourists from all over the world came to the country. The flow of visitors caused a construction boom: hotels and guest houses began to be built. Today you can stay here in 5* hotels, hostels and apartments. Experienced travelers include Georgia in their routes. They make programs and films about her. Analysts study the “Georgian miracle” and cite the Adjara region as an example. Those who do not have time to organize a trip on their own can come on a tour of Georgia for real estate: Sea Inside will show the country and offer a choice of real estate for purchase.

    Why Georgia is a year–round resort

    The beautiful nature of Georgia allows you to travel and discover new little–known places – mountains, forests, lakes. A wide variety of recreation is available here: in summer people come to Batumi to sunbathe and swim in the sea, in winter they go skiing in Gudauri, Bakuriani or Goderdzi (a ski resort in Adjara). Those who like to travel spontaneously can come to the capital, Tbilisi, at any time – here you can walk along the old narrow streets and admire the beautiful views from Mtatsminda Mountain.

    Why is a vacation in Georgia profitable? One of the advantages is reasonable prices for housing and entertainment. That is why Georgia is suitable for all types of holidays – both budget and premium. Here:

    1. Clear sea. There are no large enterprises in the Black Sea region of Adjara – accordingly, there is no industrial waste. Mountain rivers flow down to Batumi, originating in glaciers on the tops of mountains. The beaches here are mostly pebbly (by the way, free). And pebble beaches are usually cleaner than sandy beaches – the water is self-cleaning. The proof of this is the flocks of dolphins that often enter the Batumi waters.

    2. Mild climate. There are two climatic zones in Georgia, and four in the Adjara region. Due to the subtropical climate on the Black Sea coast, it is warm both in winter and in summer.

    3. Favorable environmental situation. The purest water flows from the tap in Georgia – you can drink it freely without fear for your health. And the healthy mountain and sea air has healing properties. There are more than two thousand mineral springs in Georgia.

    4. Convenient visiting conditions. It is easy to get here – about 40 airlines from 30 countries and more than 70 cities around the world operate flights to Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi.

    All these factors make the Georgian real estate market attractive for investment. Batumi is especially convenient for investment – houses and apartments in this popular resort can be rented out and receive a stable income.


    Maintenance of real estate in Georgia ✅ Taxes on purchase, sale, ownership. ✅ How much does it cost to maintain an apartment in Georgia? | Sea Inside

    Georgia’s tax system is considered one of the most liberal in the world. In the World Bank index “Ease of doing Business-2020”, the country is in 7th place. In 2005, a reform was carried out here, the purpose of which was to allow the economy to grow and business to develop. Judging by the results, the approach paid off – international investments flowed into the country.

    Taxes in Georgia
    Before the reform, there were 21 types of payments to the state budget in the country, today there are six:
    1. Income 20% (including 2% pension) – for individuals
    2. Profit tax (15%) – for legal entities
    3. VAT
    4. Excise duty
    5. For import
    6. On property

    What is a real estate tax?
    This is a type of mandatory payments to the state budget that exists in more than 100 countries, which the owner of an apartment or house is obliged to make. There are two types: for purchase and ownership (for example, for purchase in Israel – 9%, in Greece – 24%, and for ownership in Greece – $9 per 1 sq.m, in Israel – more than 700%). What are the taxes on real estate in Georgia? None. This is one of the few countries where there are no tax payments either for the purchase or for the ownership of real estate (regardless of who is buying – a citizen of the country or a foreigner).
    The only payment is the registration fee. You can get a house in your name for $17. The standard renewal period is 4 days. However, the buyer can speed up the registration for an additional fee. The data will be entered into the Registry the next day for $60 or the same day for $100. For example, in Croatia, registration will cost $14,000 and last up to 2 months.

    How to get around Property taxes in Georgia
    There is no need to bypass them, because they are already as simplified as possible. They need to be paid only if the owner plans to earn money by renting out the house. In this case, he must pay 5% of the profit to the state budget (this applies equally to both citizens and foreigners). Perhaps this is the smallest real estate tax. In terms of – $370 (in Spain – $ 2,100, in Croatia – $2,220).

    The utility costs include payment for water, electricity, gas, Internet. On average, a communal apartment with an area of 90 sq.m will cost about 200-250 lari per month ($70-$75). We will tell you more about this in the following publications.

    When buying an apartment abroad, the buyer often does not know that in addition to its cost, additional expenses will have to be borne – the services of a lawyer, translator, etc. Because of this, the final price sometimes rises by a third. We hope that the advice of Sea Inside will help you to correctly calculate the budget and choose the right house.

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    How much have apartments gone up in price in Georgia, and in particular in Tbilisi, in 2021? How much profit did they bring to the owners? The answers are in the article. | Sea Inside

    Covid-the restrictions imposed to stop the coronavirus pandemic have affected the economy all over the world, including in Georgia. The increase in the cost of building materials, which the construction market experienced last year, was added to the external factors acting on the real estate market: rebar almost doubled in price, prices for wood, concrete, brick, cement, sand, paints, plastic windows, electrics soared. On average, the prices of materials have risen by 40%. Analysts suggest that in 2022, building materials may rise in price by another 15%.

    This has affected the price per square meter – after all, materials account for about a third of its market value. Developers have already raised prices. According to the Statistics Service, real estate in Tbilisi in 2021 has risen in price by 10% compared to the previous indicator. Today, the average cost of an apartment in a new building in the center of Tbilisi is $1200–$1400/sq.m. You can buy an apartment in residential areas for $700-$800/sq.m.

    Developers note a new trend – the demand for apartments in central areas has gone down, and in residential areas has risen. If earlier they cost about $400-$500/sq.m, now they cost $600–$800/sq.m.

    Current price for real estate in Georgia:

    • economy segment – $600-$900/sq. m (without repair)
    • comfort class – $900–$1200/sq. m (without repair)
    • premium class – $1600-$2200/sq. m (turnkey)

    Another trend that experts note is that private houses and townhouses have become more in demand. Large families are especially interested in them. Usually foreigners purchase real estate in Georgia either for the purpose of investment and earnings, or for relocation or immigration, or for seasonal residence.

    Since the end of February, there has been an increased demand. Experts expect a rise in the price of real estate in Tbilisi in 2022 against the background of continuing demand. On average, it becomes more expensive by 10-15% annually.Analysts advise those who plan to buy an apartment in Georgia not to delay.

    Sea Inside managers help foreign citizens to choose and arrange real estate in Tbilisi and Batumi. We work without commission.


    Georgia’s real estate market is growing. Investments in the construction sector did not stop even during the pandemic. Let’s tell you how to buy an apartment in Georgia | Sea Inside

    The construction boom in Georgia, which began several years ago, continues. This is most noticeable in Tbilisi and Batumi. There are a lot of ready-made and under construction housing on the market at attractive prices. Some doubt that buying an apartment in Tbilisi is easy and simple. Let’s dispel this myth.

    Several factors make local real estate affordable. The first is a favorable price–quality ratio: housing in a new building built in compliance with international standards can be bought for $ 30 thousand. The second is the ease of registration. You can arrange an apartment or a house in 20 minutes in the House of Justice. And, perhaps, the most important factor is the absence of a tax on the purchase and ownership of real estate. The owner is obliged to pay the tax only if he plans to rent out the house and earn on it. In this case, the payment to the state budget is 5% of the annual earnings.

    What to do with real estate in Georgia
    There are more and more foreigners among the buyers. 40% of apartments and houses purchased by foreigners in 2015-2021 are owned by Russians – they bought about 10,000 objects. Foreign citizens buy real estate for the purpose of investment and earnings. They are especially willing to buy houses in Tbilisi. Elite housing in the resort of Batumi on the Black Sea coast is also in great demand. The number of tourists coming to the country increases annually by 15-20%. This ensures a high demand for apartments in Batumi, which means that it makes it possible to consistently make a profit from renting.

    How to find an affordable apartment in Georgia? There are several search options.

    1. Search on specialized websites with sales announcements. There are several such platforms in Georgia. Most of them have a version in English and Russian. Such a search has one drawback – sometimes there are old ads that have lost relevance.
    2. Ask your friends. If you have friends living in Georgia, you can ask them about the details, nuances, advantages of a particular area of the city.
    3. Walk around the areas of interest and try to find an ad for sale locally. This advice will be useful for what is in Georgia.
    4. Contact a single broker. The demand for the purchase of real estate has led to the emergence of demand for intermediaries, including individual ones.
    5. Contact a professional experienced agency. Sea Inside owns a large database of ready-made and under construction residential complexes in Tbilisi, Batumi, Gudauri. Remote purchase is available.

    SEA INSIDE. We work without commissions. We accompany the transaction in three languages. Contact us.


    A house by the sea without taxes with an annual income of $ 7000 | How to buy an apartment in Georgia and earn money from it? Sea Inside will tell you what to do to make real estate profitable.

    The Georgian real estate market attracts investors from all over the world. It is interesting to businessmen because it gives them the opportunity to earn money on real estate. Why Georgia, and not some other country? There are many arguments, but the main reasons for investing are fast payback and high profitability. Let’s look at them in more detail.

    You can buy turnkey apartments in Batumi, on the Black Sea coast, for an average of $50,000. Batumi is a resort that receives about a million tourists annually. Investors are well aware that houses in the resort are in constant high demand, which means they will not be idle. But after all, you can earn money on resort real estate only during the season, would you object? Not quite. Let’s see how the rental benefit looks in numbers.

    If you rent an apartment in Batumi, Makhinjauri, Chakvi, Kobuleti or some other Black Sea resort of Georgia for daily rent, you can earn about $ 1000 per month (at the rate of $35 per day – this is the minimum rate in the season). In the off-season, you can rent monthly (on average for $ 400). The season in Adjara lasts from May to October – six months. So, the income is $8,700. Now we are counting expenses: the tax on rental income is 5%, communal plus Internet – about $ 1200 per year. Total expenses – an average of $1,700. Net profit is $7000. That is, investments can be recouped in 7 years. In the investment sphere, such a payback is considered very profitable.

    It is also important that the purchase of real estate itself is a fairly easy, fast, transparent and cheap procedure. You can arrange an apartment or a house in your name in the House of Justice for one day and $ 80. The whole process takes 20-30 minutes. And there are no hidden additional costs in the form of payment for the services of a lawyer, notary, and so on (which is common practice in other countries – Turkey, Montenegro, Spain, Croatia). The translation of documents into English or Russian is undertaken by Seaside. Remote purchase is available on request.

    Sea Inside sells apartments, apartments, villas and townhouses in Tbilisi and Batumi for earning, living or relaxing. We work without commissions.


    Where to invest money during the crisis? Why is buying an apartment in Georgia during a period of uncertainty a profitable investment? All about investing in crisis – from the experts of Sea Inside.

    Everyone who has savings, in a situation of a shaky situation in the world or in a country, tries to save savings that he may have saved for many years. One of the ways is to buy real estate. In a crisis, interest in it increases, since it was and remains the most solid “currency”.

    “Why is it important to invest in real estate? Because it provides stability. Foreign real estate is especially in demand during the crisis. Money depreciates, local currencies become volatile, and an apartment in another country is a guarantee of saving funds, unlike bank deposits,” says Alexander Meldenburg, head of sales at Sea Inside.

    Apartment prices jump, but in the long run they return to previous levels and even rise, so the buyer remains in the benefits. According to A. Meldenburg, investments during the crisis are reasonable, provided that they are executed correctly: “For example, if you buy apartments on the first coastline in Batumi and rent them out, you can earn from $ 7 thousand a year. Resort real estate is always in demand among tourists, which means that it will bring a steady income.”

    Tips for investors
    It is not necessary to be afraid to invest in real estate, but it is also not worth buying the first apartment that comes along headlong. Experienced investors, giving advice to beginners, often recommend: “Seize the moment.” In our opinion, this is the most ambiguous advice that can be given. We could also say “Rely on your gut,” but we won’t do that. Flair by flair, and no one, as they say, canceled sanity. There are certain rules on how not to lose money in a period of uncertainty.

    1. Don’t panic. With an emotional purchase, you can agree to terms that do not suit you. The main advice from the expert is “stay calm while others are panicking.” Look to the future and think about long-term benefits.

    2. In order not to lose money, look at the object from the point of view of liquidity. Spontaneous decisions can lead to the conclusion of an unprofitable transaction and the purchase of initially illiquid objects. Before buying, remember why you are buying real estate in general – for living, reselling or renting.

    3. There is a danger of overpaying. Some unscrupulous sellers, hoping to hit the jackpot in a crisis, raise prices. Try to stick to the price frames that you have determined for yourself in advance.

    4. Do not rush, even if time is running out. With an urgent purchase in a stressful situation, you can miss the details – legal or domestic.

    In order not to lose money with the purchase, it is better to turn to professionals. Sea Inside managers will take over the inspection of the facilities and ensure the conclusion of a profitable deal.


    Developers of Georgia: how to choose what to pay attention to, what points to consider. Good advice from Sea Inside.

    The real estate market in Georgia is developing rapidly. New complexes are being built, new construction companies are appearing in Batumi, Tbilisi and other cities. The risk that the construction will not be completed is extremely small. New buildings are put into operation, as a rule, on time or with a slight delay.

    Sea Inside partners are reliable construction companies with extensive experience and a good history. Those who prefer to buy an apartment, house or apartments directly from a construction company, we advise you to pay attention to the following points in order to minimize possible risks.

    1. Check whether the official documentation is in order (whether there are building permits, licenses, etc.).
    2. Examine the portfolio – if there are completed projects in it. The more of them, the easier it is to trust her.
    3. Find out if the builder is meeting deadlines. It is important that he fulfills his promises and puts the facility into operation on time.
    4. Is the management company reliable? Is it known in the market? Apartments managed by large international management companies are more liquid.

    We, as the Association of Developers of Georgia, feel responsible to investors and buyers, therefore, before offering an object, we study the construction market of Batumi. Choosing partners, we pay attention to the integrity of the developer and his business reputation. All our facilities are selected according to additional criteria:

    Investment attractiveness. We select only profitable real estate from the point of view of investment.
    Advantageous location. We treat the issue of location with special care, as this is one of the decisive factors of the liquidity of the object

    SEA INSIDE. We cooperate only with trusted partners. We offer what we would buy ourselves.


    Who is suitable for an apartment in Georgia | Sea Inside

    What professions are convenient for people to live in Georgia? Why do IT specialists and private entrepreneurs move here? And is it expensive to move? About this – in the story of SeaInside.

    Restrictive measures introduced by many countries in 2020 affected the employment market – organizations began to switch to a remote format. Freelancers and businessmen working remotely began to look closely at countries where it would be convenient to live and work. They found conditions in Tbilisi, Batumi and other Georgian cities the most convenient. Working remotely from Georgia is beneficial for several reasons. Here:

    • infrastructure of a modern city
    • affordable prices
    • fast Internet
    • simple rules of entry and stay
    • low taxes
    • mild climate

    It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to the question “is it worth buying real estate in Georgia”. It depends on how long you are going to live here. However, it is profitable to have an apartment abroad in any case – you can either rent it out or sell it after a while and win on resale.

    Even a cursory review of the Georgian real estate market and reviews of Batumi show that freelancers feel great in Sakartvelo. Among the clients of Sea Inside there are many who work remotely. Basically, they buy odnushki or dvushki. The fact that Georgia is a convenient country for working remotely is confirmed by reports of international organizations. In the rating “The best places for remote work-2021” Tbilisi took 2nd place out of 50 cities. Such a high place was promoted by the initiative “Work from Georgia”.

    The country’s authorities launched the Remotely from Georgia program in the coronavirus pandemic. Residents of almost 100 countries of the world can use it. Anyone whose monthly income is at least $2,000 can apply for participation. If the application is approved and you arrive, you must stay in the country for at least 180 days. The project allows not only those who participate in it to move, but also their family members. The program Remotely from Georgia quickly became popular with “digital nomads”, as freelancers are sometimes called. Several thousand private entrepreneurs are already involved in it.

    Sea Inside will help with the purchase of an apartment for freelancers and for anyone who plans to move to Georgia. We work without commissions. We take into account individual preferences.


    What to do if there is not enough money to buy a house or apartment? Can foreigners purchase real estate with a mortgage in Georgia? The company Sea Inside will tell you the details.

    A foreigner has the right to take out a loan for an apartment in any commercial organization of the country. Real estate developers often cooperate with banks and can contribute to the partner bank issuing a loan for real estate in Georgia.

    Mortgage terms and rates

    The conditions for non-residents are simple and differ little from the rules established for citizens. For registration, both citizens and non-residents will need the following documents:

    • Passport
    • Extract from the register of acquired property
    • Georgian bank account (opens for free in half an hour)

    A document confirming the source of income. As such, a certificate from the bank on payroll, an agreement with the employer or any other document confirming financial viability can be used.
    A prerequisite is to make an initial payment. For foreigners, its amount is 40% of the value of the purchased property (for citizens, the contribution amount is less than 20%). The maximum period for which local banks issue a mortgage loan is 15 years.

    The law defines the maximum amount that a borrower can regularly pay for obligations. It is directly proportional to the level of income. To be more precise, the bank has the right to take no more than 25% of monthly income on loan payments. This means that if, for example, you receive a salary of $1,000, the bank will assign no more than $250 as a regular payment. Interest rates vary, but on average they range from 9% per annum (in US dollars or euros) and from 14% in the national currency lari.

    Real estate in Georgia: mortgage or installment from the developer

    A bank loan has an alternative that has its advantages. You can take real estate in Georgia in installments without interest. To do this, you need to find a developer who provides so-called internal installments. It means that the cost of the purchased apartment is divided into equal shares, which will have to be paid periodically – once a month or once a quarter. The obvious advantage of this payment method is that it does not require overpayments, as in the case of a mortgage, the interest payments of which significantly exceed the initial amount of the loan taken. Based on the practice of Sea Inside, interest-free installments are available in most construction companies.

    Association of developers of Sea Inside. We help to buy an apartment in Batumi on credit. We’ll find what you’re looking for.


    If you are buying directly from a real estate developer and want to protect yourself from a dubious deal, follow our advice. Or contact us directly. Seainside cooperates only with reliable developers.

    How to check a property in a new building

    Does the builder have a construction permit in Georgia? There are two ways to check this – on your own or at the House of Justice. To check the data yourself, you should go to the platform of the National Agency of Public Registry (English version available). In this state agency all the information about new buildings in Georgia, secondary housing stock and other types of real estate is collected in electronic form.
    On this website, anyone can check the apartment or house they are interested in. To do this, you must enter the cadastral code of the property (to be provided by the seller). The search result will show the data of the current owner, the presence or absence of legal changes to the land, documents for legal construction, whether the apartment is not encumbered with a mortgage and other legal nuances. The same information can be obtained from the branches of the House of Justice.
    The service costs 10 LARI (about $3). The document will be ready the next day after the request. Note that the statement is provided in Georgian, but it can be translated into English for an additional fee. It is ideal to check twice: at the selection stage and just before the purchase (to make sure that the data has not changed).

    How to buy real estate

    If everything is clear, you can proceed with the paperwork. The buyer and seller sign a document of sale, then the buyer pays for the purchase. You can pay either in cash or by bank transfer. Payment is accepted only in national currency – lari.

    What else to check

    Check with the developer about the deadline for commissioning. In practice, the final completion of construction rarely coincides with the deadline stated in the papers, but the deadline should not be delayed longer than a few months. For example, if the builder undertakes to deliver in September, then count on December. Verify whether the developer is a bona fide developer or not, you can by studying his past projects. The builder’s reputation is an important component of the deal. You can trust the professionals to save your time and nerves. The experienced Sea Inside managers will thoroughly check all the information on the property and will provide you with the detailed analysis of the transaction.


    The influx of tourists in 2010-2019 increased the demand for real estate in Georgia. Entrepreneurs began to buy apartments to rent them out. And earn money on it. There are many foreign citizens among the buyers. They buy houses in the capital Tbilisi and in popular tourist towns Batumi (sea resort) and Gudauri (winter resort). In response to the increased demand, the construction market intensified – builders began to build more objects. The construction boom, which began a bit halted in the pandemic, but is quickly recovering as restrictions are lifted.

    Real estate in Tbilisi: prices and conditions

    The cost of apartments in Tbilisi varies depending on the area and condition. Secondary real estate is cheaper. New construction is more expensive, as the demand is higher. Houses in Georgia are sold in three stages: white-frame, black-frame and turnkey. Buying in the white frame stage is cheaper. But you’ll have to wait until construction is complete. Buying a turnkey apartment, the buyer will pay more, but will get a ready-made home to move in (or start renting).

    Average prices in Tbilisi:
    – Downtown areas – from $700;
    – Central – from $1000.

    On average, you can buy a turnkey apartment of 50 square meters in a new building close to the center for $60,000. If you buy real estate for $100 thousand, you can get a residence permit for Georgia.

    Real estate content

    There are no property taxes in Georgia. This distinguishes it from other countries (we are talking about taxes on ownership and purchase). However, in the case of renting and earning money, you have to pay income tax (5% per year). To do this you need to register at a special register of landlords Revenue Service.

    Property insurance is not obligatory. There is no rent payment in Georgia, as it is customary in some countries. As for utilities, rates in Georgia are lower than in other countries. Payment for electricity (0.22 GEL/kWh), gas (0.54 GEL/m3), water (0.50 GEL/m3), internet ($20) and waste collection (GEL 5 per person) costs an average of about $80 per month.

    If the apartment complex has a management company, you will have to pay for its services. Why do you need a management company? They are responsible for cleaning the entrance, protecting the adjacent territory, and maintaining elevators. Her services are paid for at a rate of $0.50-$1 per square meter of housing. An additional service offered by a management company is apartment or apartment management. This is convenient for foreigners who own an apartment in Georgia, but live in another country. The management company takes care of renting out the apartment and reports to the owner. On average this function of the MC costs 10-40% of the rent price. We spoke in detail about the work of the management company here.

    Testimonial of a novice investor

    Is it worth buying real estate in Georgia? Here is what Nikita from Kazakhstan thinks, who bought an apartment in Batumi, in the hotel and residential complex Blue Sky (Holiday Inn brand):
    “Investing in Batumi real estate is justified because it is a popular resort. I think there is no point in keeping money in the bank. You have to be a fool to put $100,000 in the bank and get a profit of 1%. Money should generate income. When choosing which country to buy real estate, I was guided by two factors. It is an affordable price and the prospects for development. Probably I could have considered other countries too, but Georgia has prospects – the country is developing. Even if I get less income than promised, say 5% per annum instead of 8-11%, I will consider that buying an apartment in Batumi is a successful investment.


    The Sea Inside team has been living in Batumi for many years. We have experienced the peculiarities of each season.

    In winter, Georgia is as beautiful and cozy as in other seasons. Perhaps that is why supporters of “seasonal migration” come here. This new trend has become quite popular in recent years – those who are allowed to work professionally (mainly freelancers, IT people and those who work remotely) move temporarily to live and work in warm countries during the cold months. Georgia is one of the proven destinations.

    Is it cold in winter in Georgia?

    Not at all. The weather in Georgia in winter is dry and warm. There is practically no snow in Tbilisi and Batumi. If it falls out, then not for long – for a couple of days. After the snow melts, the ground dries up quickly, leaving no trace of precipitation. The air temperature in Georgia in winter averages +10-12 degrees. In Batumi it sometimes rises to +20. All three months (December, January-February) the sun shines. Rains – a little (no more than six days a month).

    Those who love winter sports can always visit Gudauri and Bakuriani – these are proven ski resorts. The Goderdzi mountain resort in Adjara is also actively developing – soon skiing enthusiasts from all over the world will gather here.

    The warmest city in Georgia in winter is, perhaps, Batumi, the capital of the Adjara region. The city is located on the Black Sea coast. In summer it is the most popular seaside resort, but it attracts people even in the cold season. Winter here is mild and sunny. Fresh air, palm trees and a beautiful sea – what could be better in a cold season?

    Are utilities expensive?

    Despite the relatively warm weather, heating in Georgia in winter should still be used. There is no central heating in the country – usually local residents install individual boilers in their apartments that run on gas (such systems are called “central heating” here, but this phrase has a different meaning).

    Tariffs for utilities here are several times lower than in Europe. In European countries, a communal apartment takes about 700 euros, and next year, most likely, gas costs will increase to two thousand euros.

    In Georgia, the price of gas is $0.3 per cubic meter. And since the winter is not cold, gas consumption is lower than, say, in Germany. It will take 100-300 lari a month to pay for gas, depending on the area of \u200b\u200bthe apartment or house (this is about 30-100 dollars).

    In general, utility rates are as follows:

    • Gas – 0.54 lari / cu. m (~ $0.20)
    • Electricity – 0.22 GEL/1 kWh (~ $0.08)
    • Garbage removal – 1.50 GEL per 1 person / month. (~ $0.47)
    • Water – 0.52 lari / cu. m (~ $0.19). The tariff is valid for households in which a water meter is installed. If the meter is not installed, then the tariff is 4.50 lari for each person registered in the living space. In the second case, you can use water without restrictions.

    So the idea to spend the winter in this hospitable region is quite justified – it is much more pleasant to live in a warm climate, enjoying the warm sun and dry weather. And which city to choose for this – Tbilisi or Batumi, it’s up to you


    Where is the Goderdzi winter resort located and what does it offer skiing enthusiasts?

    Fans of winter sports are well acquainted with the ski resorts of Georgia Gudauri and Bakuriani. However, it would be surprising if there were only two popular winter destinations in a mountainous country like Georgia. We at Sea Inside love to explore new places. We also visited Goderdzi (Georgia).

    Goderdzi is a ski resort in the high-mountainous Georgian region of Adjara, near the Black Sea coast. They began to develop it not so long ago, but quite actively – over the past couple of years it has already been heard and receives tourists. Although it is still developing, vacationers can already appreciate the potential of the Adjarian mountains.

    The Goderdzi ski resort is located 110 kilometers from the capital of Adjara, Batumi, at an altitude of 2,025 meters above sea level, in the alpine zone. This is the highest point in Adjara. A lot of snow falls here, so the snow cover here is especially thick and lasts longer. The season usually starts in early December and ends in late April.


    The Goderdzi tracks stretch for eight kilometers (they are marked in blue). The length of the cable car is four kilometers. It consists of two levels (two kilometers each). Skiers ascend to the first level in cabins that can accommodate six people. Inside the cabins there is a special place for skis. The cabins are comfortable, but some may find them a little low – large people may have to bend over to get in or out of them. A chair lift lifts skiers to the second level – through the self-closing glass, you can admire the beauty of the winter mountains.

    According to experienced people, going down from the first level of the cable car is already enough. extreme occupation, so you can limit yourself to it, and not experience a descent from the second level. Professional skiers and extreme skiers will like it – there is a large space for freeride and backcountry. The lift operates every day from 10:00 to 16:00, and on weekends – until 17:00. One ticket for a one-time lift costs 7 GEL, a daily subscription is also available at a price of 35 GEL, which allows you to use the cable car an unlimited number of times.


    Skis or snowboards can be rented – it will cost 10 GEL per hour or 25 GEL per day. Ski equipment rentals are located right next to the cable car. Sledges are cheaper to rent. Beginners can hire an instructor who will teach you the basics of skiing for 40 GEL.

    There are a few fast food restaurants that serve homemade food, as well as a hotel restaurant, but no grocery stores (by the way, not a bad business idea). There are still few entertainment facilities here – the development of the resort has not yet ended. Apres-ski fans are unlikely to find anything to do here. But lovers of peaceful rest in the circle of relatives, friends and family will appreciate the majestic tranquility of the Adjarian mountains.

    Where to stay

    There are several cottages and a hotel in Goderdzi. Prices per night – from 100 to 250 GEL. There are also more budget options. For example, you can stay in guest houses in neighboring villages. A night in the private sector will cost 60-80 GEL (food is included in the price). The only inconvenience is that you will have to get to the ski lift by jeep (since the villages are located 5-6 kilometers from the highways). Of the pluses – the owners of private houses often offer a transfer to the highway.

    The resort is still developing – the authorities are planning to bring the Adjarian mountains to the world level. So, if your heart skips a beat from the fresh winter air and the special silence of the mountains, pay attention to this Georgian resort. Goderdzi – Georgia, which is worth seeing with your own eyes.


    Since the beginning of 2022, the demand for real estate in Georgia has increased dramatically. How has the market changed and what forecasts do experts make?

    According to the statistics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, over one million Russians visited the country in the first nine months of 2022. Some of them went to third countries. According to official figures, about 120 thousand citizens of the Russian Federation remained.

    Most of those who came rent housing, but there are also many who buy it (some for living, and some for earning). According to the National Public Registry Agency, in the six months of 2022 (from February 24 to September 9), Russians purchased about three thousand objects, about a thousand of which are located in the capital Tbilisi. The total area of real estate purchased during this period by citizens of the Russian Federation is 190,000 square meters (63 square meters on average).

    How prices have changed

    The increased demand for apartments in Georgia has led to the fact that housing in Tbilisi has risen in price. If earlier a two-room apartment in the capital could be rented for 300-400 US dollars, then after the influx of Russians – for 600 US dollars and more. Newly refurbished downtown options are rented for $1,000-1,200 per month. Not only the rental of apartments in Tbilisi has increased, but also the prices for apartments in Batumi. Today, you can rent a house in this seaside city for no less than $500.

    Those who plan to stay for a long time (at least 5-7 years) often prefer not to rent, but to buy with a mortgage. This is beneficial because you can always sell the apartment and get your investment back. Read more about whether to take a mortgage loan, we talked here.

    We at SeaInside sell a lot of apartments, apartments, villas and townhouses in Batumi, Tbilisi, Gudauri and other cities, so we noticed that in 2022, not only renting an apartment, but also buying, has risen in price. Last year, two rooms in a new building could be purchased for 50,000 US dollars, today – for 60,000 US dollars. However, experts do not see this as a direct influence of the influx of Russian citizens. Real estate in the country is already becoming more expensive by 10-20% annually. If we add to this the fact that the prices of building materials rose sharply around the world last year, then the increase in the market price of housing was expected.

    Why do Russians buy real estate in Georgia

    According to official statistics, in general, over the past less than five years (from January 1, 2017 to September 9, 2022), about 20,000 citizens of the Russian Federation have become owners of real estate in Georgia. The peak of activity occurred in the pre-pandemic year of 2019, when citizens of the Russian Federation concluded about 4,200 transactions.

    Real estate in this country attracts foreigners, including the fact that its owner can apply for a residence permit. The owner receives such a right, provided that its value is at least $ 100,000 (this requires the conclusion of an “appraiser”). From February to September 2022, about 3,300 citizens of the Russian Federation applied for a residence permit. Of these, just over 2,100 applications have been approved, 700 have been rejected, and about 100 are under consideration.

    How to buy an apartment in Georgia?

    Easily. All you need is a passport. The popularity of Georgian real estate among Russians is explained by the ease of registration and simplified taxation – you can register a new acquisition in your name in one day. The only expense is the payment of the fee ($20-70 depending on the urgency) at no additional cost. The owner receives an SMS message with a code from the State Register on confirmation of the transaction to the specified mobile phone number.

    SEA INSIDE will select options for individual requests.
    Contact. +995 555 233 565 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram).

    Image: sea view apartment in Panorama residential complex in Batumi.


    How to move to live in Georgia, where to find housing and what to do?

    Due to the fact that Georgia has a warm climate, an acceptable standard of living, affordable prices and no entry visa for citizens of more than 100 countries, the country has become a place of attraction for foreigners, including Russians. Since the beginning of 2022, almost a million Russian citizens have come to Georgia – about 150,000 of them have remained to live and work.

    How to move to Georgia from Russia

    How to leave Russia for Georgia now? There are two ways: air and land. Air – in transit through Istanbul, Yerevan, Baku, Minsk. You can fly to Tbilisi, Batumi or Kutaisi. The excitement of September-October, caused by mobilization, subsided – the prices for air tickets stopped jumping and amounted to $400. The overland route lies through the Upper Lars checkpoint, which is periodically closed in winter due to the danger of avalanches. When crossing the border, a stamp is put in the passport – from that moment on, you can freely stay in the country for 360 days.

    What about housing?

    Since the beginning of 2022, the demand for rental property in Tbilisi and Batumi has increased dramatically. Those who are financially able and who plan to stay in Georgia for a long time buy an apartment. The advantage of such a solution is, firstly, it can always be sold and the invested funds can be returned (and possibly even earned, since real estate is constantly becoming more expensive), and secondly, that it costs several times cheaper than in Russia . For example, in Batumi apartments in a new building can be bought for 50-60 thousand US dollars. An apartment with similar conditions in Sochi is three or even four times more expensive.

    SeaInside organizes a real estate tour to Georgia, including flights, accommodation and excursions. You won’t have to worry about anything. Going on tour is an opportunity to visit the country and look after or buy real estate.

    How to get a residence permit

    Georgia gives a residence permit for several reasons. The most common are studies, work, real estate, investments, the presence of a spouse or children who have Georgian citizenship. Each case is considered individually. When buying real estate worth more than 100 thousand dollars, you can apply for a residence permit.

    This method has been mastered by many foreign citizens. The only necessary condition is that the apartment must be ready, in a completed house, that is, real estate in a facility under construction, which will be commissioned in a few years, is not a basis for a residence permit. SEA INSIDE offers a wide range of real estate in Georgia. Our lawyers will help with obtaining a residence permit. You can choose a residential complex to your taste and wallet from the catalog.

    How to get a job in Georgia

    This is more difficult. Finding a job in Georgia will not be easy. Best for those who work remotely. There are good conditions for “remote work”: fast Internet and modern infrastructure. Freelancers, IT specialists, translators, teachers, marketers and people of other professions who work remotely will find their niche faster and better than others.

    For freelancers, the Remotely From Georgia program is available. Anyone who has an income of two thousand dollars can get into it. In six months, the project participant will receive the status of a tax resident.

    A separate category of people are businessmen. Private entrepreneurs, whose occupation allows relocation, transfer business to Georgia (in part or in whole). Getting the status of an entrepreneur is not difficult, but you need to know the nuances that the newcomer is often unfamiliar with. SEA INSIDE lawyers within the program “Relocation: services for starting a business in Georgia” will help to register a case in accordance with the law.


    Is it worth planning a vacation in Georgia in winter: reviews, tips, recommendations.

    Georgia, winter, mountains, snow… Is it worth going to Georgia in winter? Definitely worth it if you like fresh air and winter coolness. This land of mountains, valleys and rivers is attractive not only in summer. In the cold season, he is also charming and sweet. The weather in Georgia in winter is generally warm and dry – the temperature hardly drops below zero. It starts getting colder from the end of November – the cold weather lasts until February. Snow usually falls only in the mountainous regions – Svaneti, Tusheti, Racha and others. In Adjara, where the climate is subtropical, the winter is more humid, but there is more snow in the mountainous part.

    What to see in Georgia in winter

    Although the country is small in size, there is a lot to see here. Rock cities and hidden caves, ancient temples and abandoned chapels, parks and gardens, museums and theaters, restaurants and wineries… All this is available at any time of the year. The capital Tbilisi often hosts festivals, exhibitions and concerts of international level – cultural life is in full swing.

    However, the first question that winter lovers ask themselves is where to go skiing? There are several ski resorts in the country. The most famous are Gudauri (pictured below), Bakuriani, and more recently Goderdzi in mountainous Adjara. There are trails for both beginners and professional skiers. Those who do not ski, but love mountains and snow, can use snowboards, skates or, at worst, sleds (you can rent them).

    By the way, it is profitable to buy real estate in Gudauri – from time to time you can stay there to live or rent and earn. If there is no time to organize a trip, Sea Inside arranges real estate tours: you can visit Georgia, and at the same time look after or buy an apartment.

    Tbilisi in winter

    Tbilisi is worth visiting at any time of the year. Old mansions are harmoniously combined with buildings built in a modern architectural style. Lovers of antiquity will enjoy a walk through the old quarters of Sololaki and Mtatsminda. During the day, you can admire the city from a bird’s eye view, climbing the Narikala fortress, or take a tram ride to the top of Mount Mtatsminda. In the evening you can have dinner in a cozy restaurant in the old town with a glass of Georgian wine.

    On a particularly cold day, we advise you to warm yourself in sulfur baths – plunging into a bath with healing hot water is not only pleasant, but also useful (it will cost 30-150 GEL per hour). If time permits, it is worth a trip to the ancient capital of Mtskheta, climb to the Jvari temple to the observation deck, from where a fantastic panorama of the confluence of two rivers opens – the Kura and Aragvi. You will never get tired of admiring this fabulous view.

    Batumi in winter

    This city on the Black Sea coast, of course, is known as a popular summer resort, however, even in the cold season, Adjara will not let you get bored. Starting from November, the water in the sea gets colder, you can’t swim, but you can visit the Goderdzi ski resort – skiers will appreciate the trails and slopes of the new tourist destination, which is still under development, but already accepting tourists. Those who are not attracted to skiing will enjoy visiting the unique Botanical Garden, the Ethnographic Museum (the first private museum in Georgia!) and the fish market, where you can buy fresh fish and cook it in the neighboring restaurants.

    Georgia is mountains and snowy peaks, sea and noisy surf, forest and quiet rustle of leaves. In summer, this original country warms with a hot sun, in spring it refreshes with a light breeze, in autumn it envelops with leaf fall, in winter it teases with fluffy snow. There are so many interesting things here that you will not be bored.


    Bakuriani: photo, history, tracks. A popular ski resort through the eyes of Sea Inside.

    Bakuriani is a Georgian ski resort in the Borjomi municipality (another popular winter resort, Gudauri, is located in the Kazbegi municipality). The weather here is mild in winter – many sunny days, winds rarely blow. Snow falls enough – about 60 centimeters. The average temperature is +5…+8 °C. The winter season lasts from December to April, but the snowiest months are January-February.


    Bakuriani is located in the Borjomi Gorge, surrounded by the Caucasian mountain range. It is on the tops of the local mountains that the sources of an underground source are formed, which then flow into the gorge. The village of Borjomi is adjacent to the resort – there you can drink the famous Borjomi mineral water in its original form, directly from the source (unlike the bottled version, it tastes warm and without gas). The road to Borjomi will take half an hour by car. You can also get on the narrow gauge railway, which the locals call “Kukushka”.

    The Bakuriani resort is located in the subtropical climate zone. In the 19th century, it was a resting place for the Russian royal family – the royal palace of the Romanovs is still preserved in Borjomi. In Soviet times, Bakuriani often hosted competitions in bobsleigh, slalom, biathlon and ski jumping. In the 80s of the last century, there was even a training base for the USSR Olympic team.

    Today it is a small cozy village surrounded by greenery. It has two main streets and several lanes. All infrastructure is nearby. There are shops, supermarkets, cafes, pharmacies. Lots of signs so tourists don’t get lost. In the conditional center of the village there is a bus station, an information center for tourists and the police.


    Ski slopes in Bakuriani (Georgia) – of varying degrees of difficulty. Some of them have been certified. The tracks Kokhta, Didveli, Tatra, Mitarbi descend from the peaks of the same name. Their total length is about 20 km. The largest slope is located at an altitude of 2700 meters above sea level. Thanks to the dense coniferous forests, the village has a reputation as a balneological resort. The purest air and picturesque mountain landscapes make Bakuriani an ideal place for a family vacation.

    Beginners can train on a special track with a length of 250 meters. The slope of the mountain in this place is 10-12 degrees. Also, beginners can try their hand at the Plateau track. The next in terms of difficulty are the tracks “Kokhta-1” and “Kokhta-2”. Both are two levels. The length of “Kokhta-1” is 1.5 km, “Kokhta-2” is 3 km. They are convenient in that steep slopes are interspersed with gentle ones. The most difficult are the upper slopes. Their length is about 400 meters, and the slope of the slopes is 52 degrees. They are designed only for seasoned professionals. Fans of cross-country skiing can climb the Tskhratskaro pass, located 13 km from Bakuriani. Its height reaches 2.5 thousand meters.


    A one-time pass costs 10 lari (about $3). You can pay for three rises at once – it will cost less (21 lari, or $7). The tariff for a subscription for the whole day and an unlimited number of lifts is 40 lari ($13) for an adult and 25 lari ($8) for a child. This subscription is valid from 10:00 to 17:00. Another option: subscription for the period from 17:00 to 21:30. Its price is 25 lari ($8).

    Those who do not have their own skis can rent them (as well as snowboards, sleds and other equipment). You can rent skis for 10 GEL per hour ($3) or 30 GEL ($10) per day. To borrow a snowboard for a while costs 15 lari per hour ($5) or 35 lari ($12) per day, sleds – 10 lari ($3) per hour or 25 lari per day ($8). You can stay both in large hotels and in the private sector – the choice is large. The average price per day is from 70 lari ($23) to 400 lari ($130) up to a day.

    In general, everyone will find here a cozy place to live and relax. After all, Bakuriani and Georgia as a whole is a paradise lost in the mountains, where you can relax your body and soul and gain energy and strength.


    Time and money. These are the two fundamental components of investment. “How much to invest” and “how quickly the investment will pay off” – it is enough to decide on the answers to these questions, and the profit is guaranteed.

    At all times, one of the most stable ways to ensure a stable income has been investing in real estate. However, in order for capital to generate income, it is necessary to correctly draw up a business plan. Together with experts from Sea Inside, we will analyze whether it is worth investing in real estate in Georgia.

    How to choose the right property for investment?

    Before buying an apartment, you should decide exactly how it will generate income. There are the following types of investments in real estate: for the purpose of rent and for the purpose of resale.

    In the first case, it is more profitable to buy an already finished apartment – in order to quickly start renting it out and earning money. In the second case, on the contrary, it is more profitable to buy at the construction stage (or even better – at the start of sales, when the developer has just put up a new object for sale). The price of real estate at the excavation stage is the lowest. As construction progresses, it rises several times, and by the time the house is completed and put into operation, it reaches the market bar.

    However, that’s not all. Having become the owner of an apartment in a built house, you can dispose of it in different ways. You can sell it in a black or white frame – this is already a big benefit (about 25-30%). However, it is even more profitable to make repairs, equip and sell on a turnkey basis. So you can earn about 35-40%.

    All three types of investments in real estate – rent, sale of a white frame and turnkey sale – are actively used by investors. Entrepreneurs from Israel, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, the USA, Europe, Turkey and Canada buy not one, but several apartments in Georgia at once – sometimes whole floors.

    Why Georgia?

    Many factors can be named in favor of this country, however, from the point of view of investment attractiveness, two are decisive. These are affordable housing prices and high demand. You can buy an apartment in a white frame from 40 thousand dollars (in Europe or Turkey, on average – for 250 thousand and more). Another good thing is the interest-free installment plan. You can make an initial payment (usually 30% of the cost), and pay the rest in installments over 12 to 36 months (monthly or quarterly). And no commission. This is very convenient when you don’t have the whole amount on hand. In extreme cases, you can take a mortgage (rate from 8% in dollars).

    High demand is provided by millions of tourists visiting the country every year. That is why the most popular cities for buying an apartment are Tbilisi and Batumi. Real estate in these cities attracts investors with its high payback. Due to the increased demand for rentals, investments in apartments return in 5-7 years.


    Where and for how much can I get an individual entrepreneur in Georgia and what nuances should be taken into account? Lay out on shelves.

    According to the Ministry of Justice, in the six months of 2022 (March-August), citizens of the Russian Federation registered more than 9,000 companies in Georgia. The main part (about 7 thousand) is registered as an individual entrepreneur (IE).

    These numbers are easy to explain. Over the past ten years, major reforms have been carried out here. The previously existing 21 taxes were reduced to nine. Simplified taxation has yielded results.

    The country’s economy is booming today. Hundreds of companies open every day. Foreigners actively invest in Sakartvelo. In the 2020 Doing Business ranking for ease of doing business by the World Bank, Georgia ranks 7th. There is no bureaucracy here, taxation is simplified and benefits are established for certain industries (for example, for the IT industry).

    How to register an individual entrepreneur in Georgia

    How to open an IE in Batumi, Tbilisi or other cities? Anyone can get the status of “individual entrepreneur” in Georgia – both a citizen of the country and a foreigner. All are subject to the same procedure.

    To apply for an IE, you need to contact any branch of the House of Justice – in total, there are about 30 branches in 20 cities across the country. What documents are needed for an individual entrepreneur in Georgia? It sounds incredible, but all you need is an ID. In addition to it, you should pay the state duty for registering an individual entrepreneur. Provide the receipt of payment along with your passport to the operator – he will accept the documents and help fill out the application.

    How much does it cost to open a sole proprietorship in Georgia?
    The standard fee is 20 lari (about $7). In this case, confirmation will come the next day. You can pay for the accelerated option and get the status on the same day – it will cost 50 lari ($17).

    Despite the ease, there are some nuances that should be considered. For example, what address should be indicated when registering – registration or residence? Individual or legal? Is it possible to indicate the address of a third party other than the residence of an individual entrepreneur? Is it possible to issue an IE by proxy or do I need to physically visit the House of Justice myself? How is the contract concluded in this case?

    If you want to transfer a business or start your own business in Georgia, but do not have the time and opportunity to apply for an IP in Georgia on your own, contact Sea Inside. As part of the “Business Startup Services” program, we help open a turnkey business (LLC, sole proprietorship and other types), suggest how to manage documents and accompany the entire registration process from the first step to the last.


    A house by the sea – a profitable purchase or a headache? Let us analyze the features of resort real estate located at different distances from the coast. |Sea Inside

    In seaside resorts, housing located on the first coastline has the most advantageous location. Living with a sea view is, of course, a great pleasure, but it also has its drawbacks. How to choose a holiday home in Batumi? Let’s talk about the features.

    The Sea Inside real estate database includes new apartments, apartments, villas and townhouses on the first and second coastlines of Batumi. We select profitable options that are suitable for both life and investment.


    1. The first and biggest plus is the beautiful views from the window. It’s nice to watch sunrises and sunsets, enjoy the sound of the surf, admire the landscape.
    2. The second plus is the proximity to the beach. When the beach is within walking distance from the house, there is no need to waste time on the road and the hassle of collecting things.
    3. Another advantage is clean air. The fresh sea breeze and the absence of harmful emissions allow you to enjoy the beneficial sea air.
    4. Developed infrastructure – well-maintained alleys and boulevards, walking paths and bicycle paths, the presence of coastal cafes, restaurants and entertainment areas make life easier and comfortable.


    It is really nice to have an apartment on the seashore: in the morning you can swim or walk along the beach, in the evening you can have dinner while admiring the sunset. But sometimes life by the sea has some drawbacks.

    1. Cost – housing prices are higher than for apartments located far from the sea line.
    2. Noise during high season. In summer, crowds of vacationers come to seaside resorts, who walk until late at night. It will not be possible to rest and recuperate against the backdrop of loud sounds outside the window.

    What to choose

    Housing by the sea on the first coastline, for example, in the Batumi View residential complex, which is located just 20 meters from the beach, is undoubtedly a tasty morsel. But why is it necessary to live on the first line? We have been successfully selling resort real estate for a long time and we know that housing on the second and third lines is only slightly inferior to coastal real estate. The first and second coastlines are perfect for renting out and earning money, but you can also live in other areas of the resort. The level of comfort there is no less – due to privacy and away from the hustle and bustle. A separate plus is the cost. Apartments away from the beach are cheaper. In any case, follow the advice of experts: when buying property by the sea, be guided by your own preferences, goals and lifestyle.

    SEA INSIDE. We select real estate in Georgia according to individual requests.


    The antiquity and old age of the capital of Georgia are perfectly combined with the modern way of life. Tbilisi at night is as interesting as daytime, morning, and evening. The turbulent nightlife of the capital will not leave disappointed fans of hanging out in the clubs. There are many nightclubs here, and they are in no way inferior to European ones. Moreover, some have become world famous. For lovers of nightlife, Sea Inside has compiled a brief overview of fashionable establishments in Tbilisi.

    1. Bassiani
    This is one of the centers of rave parties in Europe, on a par with Berlin. It is located under the central football stadium of Georgia Dinamo Arena and occupies the premises of the former swimming pool. Bassiani has become a visiting card of the country for young people from different countries. According to Hostelworld, the club took first place in the top 20 best clubs in the world. Thanks to it, Tbilisi appeared on the map of the world club culture.

    2. Mtkvarze
    The club “On the Mtkvari River”, as the name suggests, is located on the banks of the Kura River. In Soviet times, there was a popular fish restaurant. Today it is a center of electronic and experimental music. The peculiarity of the club is the windows in the whole wall, from where a fascinating view of the river opens. The club is equipped with one of the best sound systems – Void Acoustics.

    3. Khidi night club, or “Bridge” opened in 2016
    The name was not chosen by chance – the club is located under the Vakhushti Bagrationi Bridge on the right embankment. Three floors accommodate about 1000 visitors. Exhibitions are sometimes held on the top floor. Music lovers will appreciate the avant-garde music that is played here.

    4. Art–Cafe Home.
    The club is located in a three-storey old building on Betlemi Street in the old town. On weekdays, it is a café, on Friday and Saturday – a noisy nightclub. Tourists and locals will be fascinated by an unusual interior. Living room with fireplace, library, cozy bedroom, paintings on the walls. Once you’ve been here, you’ll want to come back.

    5. Gallery Club
    Rustaveli Avenue, a building of the XIX century. In the afternoon – a café in a vintage style, chosen by the artist and creative people. In the evening – a nightclub where you can dance to music of different styles. Sometimes there are master classes in tango.

    6. Dublin Irish Pub
    An Irish pub with Georgian notes is located in a building of the XVIII century. It is small – only for 100 people, but this makes it especially cozy. Wooden benches and tables, posters, T-shirts, photographs, flags on the walls – everything is as befits a pub. Beer is delivered directly from Ireland. Local bands play rock music live.

    7. Underwheel
    The largest nightclub in the capital – it occupies an area of 1200 square meters. Located on Mount Mtatsminda, at the Ferris wheel in the amusement park. From the veranda there is a delightful view of the night city. Corporate parties, solemn events and even weddings are often celebrated here.

    8. Buddha Bar
    The network brand has clubs in Paris, Prague, London. In Tbilisi, it is located in Rike Park, on the embankment near the Peace Bridge. Soft lighting, dark wood furniture and tapestries create a secluded atmosphere. There is a strict dress code – in beachwear they will not be allowed here. Here you can hear music of different genres – jazz, ethno folk, Latino.

    9. El Centro
    The concept of the club is the atmosphere of the hot south. There are often jazz performances and hot Latin American parties. Incendiary music, dancing, delicious drinks, food, and entertainment program will provide rest for the glory.

    10. Safe Club
    The place is known for its noisy parties. There is a lively atmosphere, full of drive and incendiary music. Famous DJs from all over the world participate in the club’s programs. In the evening interior, after a few glasses of aromatic cocktails, it is pleasant to relax and spend time with friends.

    This, of course, is not all nightclubs in Tbilisi – there are many more. Anyway, there is a reason to visit Tbilisi and see for yourself that the nightlife here is boiling.


    Holidays with friends in Georgia are a great idea to spend a vacation. Where else can you get an unforgettable experience, if not in Georgia? The Georgian region of Adjara offers what every vacationer needs. The sea in Batumi in summer is warm, clean, and calm. During the day you can swim and sunbathe on the beach, in the evening – dine in restaurants and attend cultural events. Festivals, exhibitions, museums – you will not be bored. Every summer there is the annual Batumi Jazz Festival, where you can hear world stars – this is a major musical event in the country.

    In Georgia, you can enjoy not only traditional Georgian singing and jazz performances, but also listen to modern electronic music. Parties in beach clubs with a breathtaking view are an integral part of the rest in Batumi. Summer nightclubs, casinos, discos – the nightlife of Batumi is bubbling and beckoning. Here you can dance and relax.

    Open discos on the Boulevard are usually closed for the winter, but in the summer they reopen, and fill the city with noise, dancing, and fun. In the season, which lasts from the beginning of July to the end of August, the clubs offer a daily program with performances of DJs. The price for admission ranges from 15 to 30 GEL depending on the program. The Sea Inside team is no stranger to simple human joys. We also like to sometimes spend our evenings in a noisy company, so we made a list of places to go in the evening in Batumi in the summer.

    Sector 26 
    Located on the waterfront, near the Hilton Hotel. It is distinguished by the fact that it has its own swimming pool – with sun loungers, towels and cold coffee (as a gift from the institution). During the day, this cozy café-bar serves delicious business lunches, and after sunset an evening program is offered. By the way, the Hilton complex sells apartments according to the standards of this hotel chain.

    Take Five Club 
    This intimate open-air club is located on the old Boulevard, close to the tennis courts near the Sheraton Hotel. The summer atmosphere and live music performances will ensure a pleasant, fun evening. There are often afterparties of the participants of the Jazz Festival.

    During the day, the institution works as a café (by the way, it has its own equipped beach), and in the evening it turns into a club where you can listen to the live performance of invited DJs. It offers European cuisine, a good selection of alcoholic beverages and high-quality music.