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    Who is suitable for an apartment in Georgia | Sea Inside

    What professions are convenient for people to live in Georgia? Why do IT specialists and private entrepreneurs move here? And is it expensive to move? About this – in the story of SeaInside.

    Restrictive measures introduced by many countries in 2020 affected the employment market – organizations began to switch to a remote format. Freelancers and businessmen working remotely began to look closely at countries where it would be convenient to live and work. They found conditions in Tbilisi, Batumi and other Georgian cities the most convenient. Working remotely from Georgia is beneficial for several reasons. Here:

    • infrastructure of a modern city
    • affordable prices
    • fast Internet
    • simple rules of entry and stay
    • low taxes
    • mild climate

    It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to the question “is it worth buying real estate in Georgia”. It depends on how long you are going to live here. However, it is profitable to have an apartment abroad in any case – you can either rent it out or sell it after a while and win on resale.

    Even a cursory review of the Georgian real estate market and reviews of Batumi show that freelancers feel great in Sakartvelo. Among the clients of Sea Inside there are many who work remotely. Basically, they buy odnushki or dvushki. The fact that Georgia is a convenient country for working remotely is confirmed by reports of international organizations. In the rating “The best places for remote work-2021” Tbilisi took 2nd place out of 50 cities. Such a high place was promoted by the initiative “Work from Georgia”.

    The country’s authorities launched the Remotely from Georgia program in the coronavirus pandemic. Residents of almost 100 countries of the world can use it. Anyone whose monthly income is at least $2,000 can apply for participation. If the application is approved and you arrive, you must stay in the country for at least 180 days. The project allows not only those who participate in it to move, but also their family members. The program Remotely from Georgia quickly became popular with “digital nomads”, as freelancers are sometimes called. Several thousand private entrepreneurs are already involved in it.

    Sea Inside will help with the purchase of an apartment for freelancers and for anyone who plans to move to Georgia. We work without commissions. We take into account individual preferences.

    Leave a request, and we will answer all your questions, tell you about the intricacies of moving
    and guide you on further steps.