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    You can relax in Georgia at any time of the year. How does the country attract visitors and how to enjoy a holiday in Sakartvelo? | Sea Inside.

    Georgia has made an incredible leap in recent years. It has become fashionable to come here. Tourists from all over the world came to the country. The flow of visitors caused a construction boom: hotels and guest houses began to be built. Today you can stay here in 5* hotels, hostels and apartments. Experienced travelers include Georgia in their routes. They make programs and films about her. Analysts study the “Georgian miracle” and cite the Adjara region as an example. Those who do not have time to organize a trip on their own can come on a tour of Georgia for real estate: Sea Inside will show the country and offer a choice of real estate for purchase.

    Why Georgia is a year–round resort

    The beautiful nature of Georgia allows you to travel and discover new little–known places – mountains, forests, lakes. A wide variety of recreation is available here: in summer people come to Batumi to sunbathe and swim in the sea, in winter they go skiing in Gudauri, Bakuriani or Goderdzi (a ski resort in Adjara). Those who like to travel spontaneously can come to the capital, Tbilisi, at any time – here you can walk along the old narrow streets and admire the beautiful views from Mtatsminda Mountain.

    Why is a vacation in Georgia profitable? One of the advantages is reasonable prices for housing and entertainment. That is why Georgia is suitable for all types of holidays – both budget and premium. Here:

    1. Clear sea. There are no large enterprises in the Black Sea region of Adjara – accordingly, there is no industrial waste. Mountain rivers flow down to Batumi, originating in glaciers on the tops of mountains. The beaches here are mostly pebbly (by the way, free). And pebble beaches are usually cleaner than sandy beaches – the water is self-cleaning. The proof of this is the flocks of dolphins that often enter the Batumi waters.

    2. Mild climate. There are two climatic zones in Georgia, and four in the Adjara region. Due to the subtropical climate on the Black Sea coast, it is warm both in winter and in summer.

    3. Favorable environmental situation. The purest water flows from the tap in Georgia – you can drink it freely without fear for your health. And the healthy mountain and sea air has healing properties. There are more than two thousand mineral springs in Georgia.

    4. Convenient visiting conditions. It is easy to get here – about 40 airlines from 30 countries and more than 70 cities around the world operate flights to Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi.

    All these factors make the Georgian real estate market attractive for investment. Batumi is especially convenient for investment – houses and apartments in this popular resort can be rented out and receive a stable income.

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