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    Which apartment is better to buy – a resale or a new building? Probably every real estate buyer asks this question. There is no exact answer to this eternal housing question. Both new buildings and resale have advantages. To make your choice easier, read our recommendations. However, please note that these tips are general in nature.

    Advantages of apartments in a new building:

    • Fresh renovation
    • Own parking
    • New communications (pipes, elevators).
    • Well maintained front doors and stairs
    • Free layout of apartments
    • Concierge Services

    Advantages of apartments on the secondary market

    • Thick solid walls, high-quality sound insulation (although great attention is paid to sound insulation in new premium-class complexes)
    • Unusual original layouts, high ceilings
    • Historical value of the building (in some cases)
    • You can make an exclusive design in the style of “retro” or “vintage”.

    Of course, these are not all factors that play a role in choosing a property. Other criteria also influence the final decision – the view from the window, the presence / absence of a balcony, the floor, the adjacent territory, the general infrastructure of the area.

    Finding the right option takes a lot of time. It is difficult to find housing that would suit in all respects. Sea Inside managers will save your time, tell you about the pitfalls and select the property according to your needs.

    It is easier to choose a property according to your needs in a new building, the choice here is more diverse. Such advantages of new buildings as enhanced seismic resistance of the building, a variety of layouts, modern elevators, new communications and a well-equipped house adjoining territory make it possible to find the right option.

    Resale is conditionally divided into two categories – buildings of the Soviet period and “pre-revolutionary” buildings. The first includes “Khrushchev” and “Stalin”. The “pre-revolutionary” includes not only historical buildings, often classified as architectural monuments, but also dilapidated houses that are on the verge of destruction.

    Thinking about what is better to buy – a resale or a new building, pay attention to the following details:
    Check the strength of the building, the condition of communications, the serviceability of the elevator.
    Please note that, having bought a secondary, most likely, you will have to make repairs. It will be necessary to repair everything – from flooring to interior decoration. So repairs in the old housing stock are a separate item of expenditure.

    The cost of real estate in a new building is higher, but buying and repairing a home in an old fund will cost the same, if not more.

    The Georgian Developers Association Sea Inside sells apartments in new complexes managed by global hotel chains (Hilton, Marriott, Ibis and others).

    Leave a request, and we will answer all your questions, tell you about the intricacies of moving
    and guide you on further steps.