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    Sights of Batumi and the surrounding area with photos and descriptions. Don’t know what to see in Batumi? Let’s tell you what is worth visiting in this city | Sea Inside

    Batumi is called a year-round resort. In summer, people come here to swim in the sea and sunbathe, in winter – to go skiing (there is a ski resort in Adjara Goderdzi). We will tell you which sights in the vicinity of Batumi deserve attention.
    So, what to visit in Batumi?

    1. Boulevard
    The boulevard stretches along the coast. Today it is conditionally divided into new and old. The old one was landscaped in 1932. There are still ancient colonnades erected almost a hundred years ago, symbolizing the entrance to the beach. Walking along well-groomed paths, you can go out to a dense bamboo grove. An innovation of recent years is the building of the wedding palace in a futuristic style. Nearby you can see the Tower of the Georgian alphabet and the Ferris Wheel. At the beginning of the Boulevard there is also the office of the Sea Inside company.

    2. Piazza Square
    It is located in the old part of the city, the narrow streets of which beckon to take a walk in the summer. The reference to Italy and Venice is not accidental. Batumi really resembles a cozy European town on the seashore. Live music plays here in the evenings… Sitting in a cafe over a cup of coffee, you really feel like you are in Italy. Artful mosaics and stained glass windows create a cozy and unique atmosphere.

    3. The statue of “Ali and Nino”
    She appeared in the city not so long ago. The silent dance of two converging and diverging metal figures symbolizes a bitter love story. The statue of “Ali and Nino” in Batumi has become a landmark not only in Adjara, but also in Georgia.

    4. Fountain of Neptune
    He stands on the theater square, which is right in front of the theater. Rustaveli. Luxurious and majestic and sparkling Neptune, surrounded by mermaids, can’t take your eyes off – you can’t take your eyes off the sculpture. The Batumi Neptune is a copy of the famous composition with a fountain, which is located in Bologna, Italy.

    5. The Statue of Medea
    On the Europe Square in old Batumi stands the figure of Medea with a golden fleece in her hands. The history, myths and legends of Adjara are connected with her name Medea from Colchis. By the way, the Golden Fleece is considered the mascot of Georgia.

    6. Astronomical clock
    There is a tower on Europe Square. Balconies and stained glass windows make it look like a fairy-tale castle. An astronomical clock is installed on the tower. On the dial there are Roman and Arabic numerals, hands with figures of the sun and moon. The clock shows the time, sunrise and sunset, determines where the sun, moon and planets are located – and even indicates the phases of the moon.

    7. “Singing” fountains
    There are two famous fountains in Batumi. Some are located at the beginning of Batumi Boulevard. On summer evenings, when the Boulevard is filled with people, it’s nice to enjoy the evening coolness, admire the fountains and listen to music. The second fountain is located in the new part of the Boulevard, on Lake Ardagani. The light spectacle attracts a lot of people. It is especially impressive in the dark. Moving to rhythmic music, water jets act mesmerizingly.

    8. Cable car
    By cable car you can climb to the top of the hill. A beautiful panorama of the city and the sea opens from the observation deck – you can see Batumi from a bird’s-eye view.

    9. Botanical Garden
    This is a huge tropical forest located on the top of Cape Verde. Fabulous panoramas of the sea open from the top. There are about 5 thousand varieties of local and exotic plants in the garden. M. Bulgakov liked to walk around the Botanical Garden. They say that during one of his walks he came up with the idea to write a novel about the “Master and Margarita”.

    10. Fish market
    The stalls under the awnings are full of fresh fish. Local gourmets know this place well – seafood can be found here at any time of the year. The purchased fish can be given to cook in neighboring restaurants.

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