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    How to buy real estate for cryptocurrency? Is it possible to buy an apartment in Georgia for a crypt? Let’s tell you how to do it legally | Sea Inside

    Is it possible to buy housing for cryptocurrency? Can. We will tell you how it is done and explain the details.

    Investing in foreign real estate is a proven and reliable tool for income diversification. Unlike stocks, which can depreciate due to unexpected decisions of the government or the whims of the market, real estate is less exposed to risks.

    Sea Inside sells apartments, villas and townhouses in Georgia. Almost all possible forms of payment are available – in cash (in whole or in part), by bank transfer or other types of money transfer. You can also buy real estate for cryptocurrency.

    Virtual currency is useful in cases when national currencies are unstable (in economic terms, volatile). In recent weeks, such variability has been observed with the ruble and some currencies of Central Asian countries (tenge in Kazakhstan, SOM in Kyrgyzstan, etc.). According to the exchange rate on March 25, one dollar can get 100 rubles, or 500 tenge, or 100 soms.

    But the price of the crypt is also jumping, you will object. True, but at the moment digital gold is getting more expensive. Those who already have a crypt will be able to buy an apartment in Georgia and pay with digital money quickly and safely, but it’s not too late to buy it now.

    How to buy real estate in Georgia for cryptocurrency

    The payment process is quite simple. It is not much different from the usual payment methods. It consists of several simple steps:

    • To choose a suitable option for purchase
    • Enter into a contract with a real estate developer
    • Transfer cryptocurrency to the developer/seller’s electronic wallet

    After all these three stages are completed, you will receive a payment confirmation (similar to a receipt for a traditional payment). All transactions are protected and the information is confidential. We work with all the most common types of crypts (bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and others).

    So, it is not difficult to convert digital gold into a tangible asset. Buying real estate for cryptocurrency is available to everyone. Having bought an apartment for $ 100 thousand, you can get a temporary residence permit in Georgia, and for $ 300 thousand – a permanent one. Both types of residence permit give broad rights. We wrote about this in detail here.

    For those who are familiar with the old understandable methods, there is an opportunity to pay in a convenient way – including from our representatives in Moscow.

    Leave a request, and we will answer all your questions, tell you about the intricacies of moving
    and guide you on further steps.