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    Where is the Goderdzi winter resort located and what does it offer skiing enthusiasts?

    Fans of winter sports are well acquainted with the ski resorts of Georgia Gudauri and Bakuriani. However, it would be surprising if there were only two popular winter destinations in a mountainous country like Georgia. We at Sea Inside love to explore new places. We also visited Goderdzi (Georgia).

    Goderdzi is a ski resort in the high-mountainous Georgian region of Adjara, near the Black Sea coast. They began to develop it not so long ago, but quite actively – over the past couple of years it has already been heard and receives tourists. Although it is still developing, vacationers can already appreciate the potential of the Adjarian mountains.

    The Goderdzi ski resort is located 110 kilometers from the capital of Adjara, Batumi, at an altitude of 2,025 meters above sea level, in the alpine zone. This is the highest point in Adjara. A lot of snow falls here, so the snow cover here is especially thick and lasts longer. The season usually starts in early December and ends in late April.


    The Goderdzi tracks stretch for eight kilometers (they are marked in blue). The length of the cable car is four kilometers. It consists of two levels (two kilometers each). Skiers ascend to the first level in cabins that can accommodate six people. Inside the cabins there is a special place for skis. The cabins are comfortable, but some may find them a little low – large people may have to bend over to get in or out of them. A chair lift lifts skiers to the second level – through the self-closing glass, you can admire the beauty of the winter mountains.

    According to experienced people, going down from the first level of the cable car is already enough. extreme occupation, so you can limit yourself to it, and not experience a descent from the second level. Professional skiers and extreme skiers will like it – there is a large space for freeride and backcountry. The lift operates every day from 10:00 to 16:00, and on weekends – until 17:00. One ticket for a one-time lift costs 7 GEL, a daily subscription is also available at a price of 35 GEL, which allows you to use the cable car an unlimited number of times.


    Skis or snowboards can be rented – it will cost 10 GEL per hour or 25 GEL per day. Ski equipment rentals are located right next to the cable car. Sledges are cheaper to rent. Beginners can hire an instructor who will teach you the basics of skiing for 40 GEL.

    There are a few fast food restaurants that serve homemade food, as well as a hotel restaurant, but no grocery stores (by the way, not a bad business idea). There are still few entertainment facilities here – the development of the resort has not yet ended. Apres-ski fans are unlikely to find anything to do here. But lovers of peaceful rest in the circle of relatives, friends and family will appreciate the majestic tranquility of the Adjarian mountains.

    Where to stay

    There are several cottages and a hotel in Goderdzi. Prices per night – from 100 to 250 GEL. There are also more budget options. For example, you can stay in guest houses in neighboring villages. A night in the private sector will cost 60-80 GEL (food is included in the price). The only inconvenience is that you will have to get to the ski lift by jeep (since the villages are located 5-6 kilometers from the highways). Of the pluses – the owners of private houses often offer a transfer to the highway.

    The resort is still developing – the authorities are planning to bring the Adjarian mountains to the world level. So, if your heart skips a beat from the fresh winter air and the special silence of the mountains, pay attention to this Georgian resort. Goderdzi – Georgia, which is worth seeing with your own eyes.

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