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    What do developers mean by finishing “white frame”? In this article we will explain the nuances, give answers to questions and indicate approximate prices for finishing apartments | Sea Inside

    The process of building construction can be divided into three stages: the excavation stage, the middle of construction work and completion / commissioning. A house can be purchased at each of these stages. Having bought at the excavation stage, you win in price by buying a completed finished apartment – in time. However, what exactly do developers mean by a “ready-made apartment”? Let’s figure it out in detail.

    There are no strict requirements for the definition of a “ready–made apartment” – each developer company decides for itself in what condition to hand over the property to the owner, taking into account the requirements of the market. In Europe and the USA, the house is sold more often in the “turnkey” status – with a fine finish. It is enough to bring furniture and equip it with appliances. In Georgia and other post-Soviet countries, a different classification is common. Local developers rent real estate in the “black frame” and “white frame” states. Recently, a third class has appeared – the “green frame” (an improved version of the “white”). An apartment in a white frame is more expensive than in a black one, but cheaper than turnkey. In short, the white frame is when all the basic work is done, except cosmetic. This status is preferred by those who want to design their own housing according to their tastes and desires.

    What does the “white frame” include? We can say that this is an incomplete finishing of the apartment, but sufficient to minimize the costs of repairs. In particular, the finished flooded floor and hydro- and noise insulation of floors and walls. In addition, installed:

    • Metal entrance door
    • Double-glazed windows and a door to the balcony (if it is designed)
    • Central heating system
    • Electricity and water meters
    • Conducted by:
    • Electrician
    • Electric, gas and water supply systems
    • Internet line

    It is worth paying attention to the entire building. Fire safety systems should be installed in it and thermal insulation of the entire building should be provided. The systems should work properly – the serviceability should be checked at the stage of acceptance from the developer (we told you how to do it correctly here).

    However, some prefer this stage. It allows, on the one hand, to save time, on the other – to create an exclusive design for yourself. To bring a property from a black frame to a white one costs on average from $200/m2. For this amount, you can equip a bathroom and partially a kitchen. For one- or two-room apartments, finishing will take about 1-2 months. However, if the owner has a more refined taste, and he wants to emphasize his individuality, approach creatively to the arrangement or use expensive materials (marble, stone and others) in the decoration, then the price will be higher than $ 200/m2.

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