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    The antiquity and old age of the capital of Georgia are perfectly combined with the modern way of life. Tbilisi at night is as interesting as daytime, morning, and evening. The turbulent nightlife of the capital will not leave disappointed fans of hanging out in the clubs. There are many nightclubs here, and they are in no way inferior to European ones. Moreover, some have become world famous. For lovers of nightlife, Sea Inside has compiled a brief overview of fashionable establishments in Tbilisi.

    1. Bassiani
    This is one of the centers of rave parties in Europe, on a par with Berlin. It is located under the central football stadium of Georgia Dinamo Arena and occupies the premises of the former swimming pool. Bassiani has become a visiting card of the country for young people from different countries. According to Hostelworld, the club took first place in the top 20 best clubs in the world. Thanks to it, Tbilisi appeared on the map of the world club culture.

    2. Mtkvarze
    The club “On the Mtkvari River”, as the name suggests, is located on the banks of the Kura River. In Soviet times, there was a popular fish restaurant. Today it is a center of electronic and experimental music. The peculiarity of the club is the windows in the whole wall, from where a fascinating view of the river opens. The club is equipped with one of the best sound systems – Void Acoustics.

    3. Khidi night club, or “Bridge” opened in 2016
    The name was not chosen by chance – the club is located under the Vakhushti Bagrationi Bridge on the right embankment. Three floors accommodate about 1000 visitors. Exhibitions are sometimes held on the top floor. Music lovers will appreciate the avant-garde music that is played here.

    4. Art–Cafe Home.
    The club is located in a three-storey old building on Betlemi Street in the old town. On weekdays, it is a café, on Friday and Saturday – a noisy nightclub. Tourists and locals will be fascinated by an unusual interior. Living room with fireplace, library, cozy bedroom, paintings on the walls. Once you’ve been here, you’ll want to come back.

    5. Gallery Club
    Rustaveli Avenue, a building of the XIX century. In the afternoon – a café in a vintage style, chosen by the artist and creative people. In the evening – a nightclub where you can dance to music of different styles. Sometimes there are master classes in tango.

    6. Dublin Irish Pub
    An Irish pub with Georgian notes is located in a building of the XVIII century. It is small – only for 100 people, but this makes it especially cozy. Wooden benches and tables, posters, T-shirts, photographs, flags on the walls – everything is as befits a pub. Beer is delivered directly from Ireland. Local bands play rock music live.

    7. Underwheel
    The largest nightclub in the capital – it occupies an area of 1200 square meters. Located on Mount Mtatsminda, at the Ferris wheel in the amusement park. From the veranda there is a delightful view of the night city. Corporate parties, solemn events and even weddings are often celebrated here.

    8. Buddha Bar
    The network brand has clubs in Paris, Prague, London. In Tbilisi, it is located in Rike Park, on the embankment near the Peace Bridge. Soft lighting, dark wood furniture and tapestries create a secluded atmosphere. There is a strict dress code – in beachwear they will not be allowed here. Here you can hear music of different genres – jazz, ethno folk, Latino.

    9. El Centro
    The concept of the club is the atmosphere of the hot south. There are often jazz performances and hot Latin American parties. Incendiary music, dancing, delicious drinks, food, and entertainment program will provide rest for the glory.

    10. Safe Club
    The place is known for its noisy parties. There is a lively atmosphere, full of drive and incendiary music. Famous DJs from all over the world participate in the club’s programs. In the evening interior, after a few glasses of aromatic cocktails, it is pleasant to relax and spend time with friends.

    This, of course, is not all nightclubs in Tbilisi – there are many more. Anyway, there is a reason to visit Tbilisi and see for yourself that the nightlife here is boiling.

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