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    Real estate in Georgia for cryptocurrency: how to buy an apartment for bitcoins and why it is convenient, safe and profitable to invest virtual currency. | Sea Inside

    Digital money, as well as the usual ones, can be used to buy goods and services. The main thing is that the seller is ready to accept them. The crypt can also be exchanged for ordinary currencies. The exchange takes place through online services, payment systems and exchange offices.

    The sale of real estate for bitcoins has recently become very popular in Georgia. The law allows you to mine coins. Thanks to low electricity prices, a loyal tax system and high-speed Internet, the country occupies a leading position in the world in mining.

    Advantages of using cryptocurrency:

    • Reliable. Blockchain technologies protect personal information.
    • Quickly. Traditional payment can take weeks
    • Comfortable. A secure deal can be made from anywhere in the world

    How to buy an apartment for Bitcoin

    The first such transaction took place in 2018 – a foreigner purchased an apartment in the Black Sea resort of Batumi worth $ 50 thousand for bitcoins. Today it is easy to buy an apartment here for bitcoins and other types of crypts (Ethereum, altcoins, USDT). A large selection of real estate for bitcoins is in the Sea Inside database.

    Payment with virtual money is carried out in the same way as with ordinary money. The process looks like this. After the object for purchase is selected, the buyer signs an agreement with the seller and transfers bitcoin to his electronic wallet. In case of a successful transaction, the new owner of the property receives a confirmation of payment.

    Converting digital currency into a tangible asset is especially beneficial in cases when the exchange rate of national currencies jumps. Real estate in Georgia is a profitable investment. Firstly, it is a way to save savings, and secondly, to receive regular income in dollars. The growing economy, affordable prices, orientation towards Europe, simplified taxation and beautiful nature attract hundreds of small and large investors from all over the world to the country.

    Do you want to buy luxury real estate for bitcoins? Contact us, we will help you pick up and arrange.

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