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    The low cost of living in Georgia is one of the factors that attract tourists, investors, freelancers from all over the world to the country. Many consider Georgia as a country for moving to a permanent place of residence. Let’s take a closer look at how much living expenses are in Georgia.

    The country has a well-developed real estate market. It’s easy to rent a house here, and buy it for every taste. In Georgia, you can buy an apartment for $ 40,000 in a new building. Rent will cost about $300 and above. Sea Inside has the largest real estate base – in Tbilisi and Batumi, on the first coastline. Having moved to Georgia, you will not be bored. There is a rich cultural life and a lot of entertainment. There are 60 museums, 30 theaters, nightclubs, art spaces, galleries, casinos, and a developed fashion industry in the country.

    Public transport is represented by metro, buses and minibuses. Metro stations connect different areas. There are only two branches – the Central and Saburtalinskaya lines. A one-time travel ticket costs GEL 1.00. It is valid for an hour and a half – during this time you can transfer from one type of transport to another for free. Travel cards for a week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and a year are also available. For those who do not use public transport, taxis (including online services). A taxi ride will cost 4-10 lari ($2-4). Acceptable fares for long-distance transport. For example, the Tbilisi-Batumi train costs 25-65 lari ($8 – $20). It takes you 5 hours to get from the capital to the sea.

    Foreigners note that Georgia has affordable prices for products. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are on the shelves all year round. The cost of fruits and vegetables is 2-4 lari per 1 kg. For comparison, here are the prices for some basic foodstuffs: 1 kg of beef – about 40 lari, cheese – 12-18 lari. At the same time, in the capital and resorts, as usual, everything is more expensive than in small towns and villages, but not much. For those who prefer to eat in public catering places, the prices are also acceptable. A full dinner for two at the restaurant will cost $30.

    There are quite reasonable prices for high-quality communication and fast Internet. There are three major providers operating in the country – Magti, Geocell, Beeline. They provide 4G generation connectivity. Each company has several tariff plans, from which you can choose the most convenient. SIM cards can be purchased at the operators’ offices (they are usually located on all main streets), shopping malls and at the airport. When buying a passport is enough. Phone expenses, including mobile Internet – about $ 10-15 per month.

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