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    Where is it better to buy an apartment for rent – in Tbilisi or in Batumi? There is no specific answer to the question, but we will give some tips that will help you make the right choice if you decide to make money on renting real estate.

    From the point of view of investment attractiveness, both resort real estate and metropolitan real estate have their own advantages. Batumi is a large resort on the Black Sea coast of Georgia, the capital of the Adjara region. It is called the Georgian Las Vegas. The entertainment industry is concentrated here (casinos, restaurants, nightclubs, attractions, etc.). The botanical garden, ancient boxwood forests, nature reserves and other unique natural sites attract millions of tourists to Adjara every year. Batumi has repeatedly won international competitions in the nomination “The best tourist destination”. A large influx of tourists has led to the fact that the construction market began to develop rapidly. It has become profitable to buy and rent apartments in Georgia (in particular, in Batumi). Thanks to the quick payback, you can earn decent money (we wrote more about this here). Demand has also grown for such a relatively new market segment as apartments, which is convenient for foreign investors. Particularly high interest is shown by citizens of Israel, the USA, the Russian Federation, the countries of Central Asia, Europe and the Baltic states.

    The capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, is distinguished by the developed infrastructure of a large city. Tbilisi is rich in sights, monuments of architecture and antiquity. Accordingly, many tourists from all over the world come here all year round. As a result, the market is growing, new residential and hotel complexes are being built and accordingly sold.

    The main question that every investor faces is what income this or that property will bring? Rental income depends on many factors. The most important of these is location. When buying an apartment in Batumi, pay attention to the distance from the sea. When buying a house in Tbilisi, consider how close it is to the center. The level of income is also affected by the type of property – apartments, apartments or villas.

    What to consider:

    • If you buy an apartment in Tbilisi, it is better to choose the central and business districts – there is a high demand and developed infrastructure (communications, transport interchanges, availability of shops).
    • If Adjara is more attractive, look at the objects on the first coastline or close to it, preferably with a sea view. There is always a demand for them.
    • In Tbilisi, as in any major economic center, long-term rentals are in demand. At the resorts – short-term. The first will bring a stable, even income, the second will require more effort, but will also allow you to earn more.
    • In the case of resorts, consider seasonality. There are summer, winter and mixed resorts. Batumi is mixed (the Goderdzi ski resort is open in winter).

    Georgia is a popular tourist destination, real estate here is becoming more expensive every year. You can earn money by renting real estate in Tbilisi and Batumi. To decide where to buy a property, decide how exactly you plan to rent it out – long-term or short-term. In general, apartments in Georgia (for example, in Tbilisi) are purchased by those who want their savings not to lie dead in the bank, but to generate income.

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