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    The Sea Inside team has been living in Batumi for many years. We have experienced the peculiarities of each season.

    In winter, Georgia is as beautiful and cozy as in other seasons. Perhaps that is why supporters of “seasonal migration” come here. This new trend has become quite popular in recent years – those who are allowed to work professionally (mainly freelancers, IT people and those who work remotely) move temporarily to live and work in warm countries during the cold months. Georgia is one of the proven destinations.

    Is it cold in winter in Georgia?

    Not at all. The weather in Georgia in winter is dry and warm. There is practically no snow in Tbilisi and Batumi. If it falls out, then not for long – for a couple of days. After the snow melts, the ground dries up quickly, leaving no trace of precipitation. The air temperature in Georgia in winter averages +10-12 degrees. In Batumi it sometimes rises to +20. All three months (December, January-February) the sun shines. Rains – a little (no more than six days a month).

    Those who love winter sports can always visit Gudauri and Bakuriani – these are proven ski resorts. The Goderdzi mountain resort in Adjara is also actively developing – soon skiing enthusiasts from all over the world will gather here.

    The warmest city in Georgia in winter is, perhaps, Batumi, the capital of the Adjara region. The city is located on the Black Sea coast. In summer it is the most popular seaside resort, but it attracts people even in the cold season. Winter here is mild and sunny. Fresh air, palm trees and a beautiful sea – what could be better in a cold season?

    Are utilities expensive?

    Despite the relatively warm weather, heating in Georgia in winter should still be used. There is no central heating in the country – usually local residents install individual boilers in their apartments that run on gas (such systems are called “central heating” here, but this phrase has a different meaning).

    Tariffs for utilities here are several times lower than in Europe. In European countries, a communal apartment takes about 700 euros, and next year, most likely, gas costs will increase to two thousand euros.

    In Georgia, the price of gas is $0.3 per cubic meter. And since the winter is not cold, gas consumption is lower than, say, in Germany. It will take 100-300 lari a month to pay for gas, depending on the area of \u200b\u200bthe apartment or house (this is about 30-100 dollars).

    In general, utility rates are as follows:

    • Gas – 0.54 lari / cu. m (~ $0.20)
    • Electricity – 0.22 GEL/1 kWh (~ $0.08)
    • Garbage removal – 1.50 GEL per 1 person / month. (~ $0.47)
    • Water – 0.52 lari / cu. m (~ $0.19). The tariff is valid for households in which a water meter is installed. If the meter is not installed, then the tariff is 4.50 lari for each person registered in the living space. In the second case, you can use water without restrictions.

    So the idea to spend the winter in this hospitable region is quite justified – it is much more pleasant to live in a warm climate, enjoying the warm sun and dry weather. And which city to choose for this – Tbilisi or Batumi, it’s up to you

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