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    Where to invest money during the crisis? Why is buying an apartment in Georgia during a period of uncertainty a profitable investment? All about investing in crisis – from the experts of Sea Inside.

    Everyone who has savings, in a situation of a shaky situation in the world or in a country, tries to save savings that he may have saved for many years. One of the ways is to buy real estate. In a crisis, interest in it increases, since it was and remains the most solid “currency”.

    “Why is it important to invest in real estate? Because it provides stability. Foreign real estate is especially in demand during the crisis. Money depreciates, local currencies become volatile, and an apartment in another country is a guarantee of saving funds, unlike bank deposits,” says Alexander Meldenburg, head of sales at Sea Inside.

    Apartment prices jump, but in the long run they return to previous levels and even rise, so the buyer remains in the benefits. According to A. Meldenburg, investments during the crisis are reasonable, provided that they are executed correctly: “For example, if you buy apartments on the first coastline in Batumi and rent them out, you can earn from $ 7 thousand a year. Resort real estate is always in demand among tourists, which means that it will bring a steady income.”

    Tips for investors
    It is not necessary to be afraid to invest in real estate, but it is also not worth buying the first apartment that comes along headlong. Experienced investors, giving advice to beginners, often recommend: “Seize the moment.” In our opinion, this is the most ambiguous advice that can be given. We could also say “Rely on your gut,” but we won’t do that. Flair by flair, and no one, as they say, canceled sanity. There are certain rules on how not to lose money in a period of uncertainty.

    1. Don’t panic. With an emotional purchase, you can agree to terms that do not suit you. The main advice from the expert is “stay calm while others are panicking.” Look to the future and think about long-term benefits.

    2. In order not to lose money, look at the object from the point of view of liquidity. Spontaneous decisions can lead to the conclusion of an unprofitable transaction and the purchase of initially illiquid objects. Before buying, remember why you are buying real estate in general – for living, reselling or renting.

    3. There is a danger of overpaying. Some unscrupulous sellers, hoping to hit the jackpot in a crisis, raise prices. Try to stick to the price frames that you have determined for yourself in advance.

    4. Do not rush, even if time is running out. With an urgent purchase in a stressful situation, you can miss the details – legal or domestic.

    In order not to lose money with the purchase, it is better to turn to professionals. Sea Inside managers will take over the inspection of the facilities and ensure the conclusion of a profitable deal.

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