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    Acceptance of an apartment from the developer is the last and, probably, the most exciting stage of buying real estate. How to make sure that it goes smoothly and does not overshadow the joy of acquisition? Follow our advice.

    Acceptance, developer, verification, documents… Don’t let these words scare you. The first thing to remember when preparing for acceptance is not to rush. The main thing at this stage is to check everything carefully in order to detect possible jambs of the developer in time. You can mark all comments in a notebook so as not to forget. If, having come once for acceptance, you are not sure that everything has been checked properly, you can take your time to sign the acceptance certificate. Instead, ask the developer to come again – so you will be calm that you didn’t miss anything and everything was taken into account. If you are afraid to miss something important in the acceptance process, and you need help, you can contact us. Sea Inside managers are well prepared – they know what needs to be checked and will control all steps. For those who prefer to take it themselves, we advise you to consider the following.

    So, how to take an apartment from the developer? After the developer has informed that the object is completed, and the company is ready to hand over the keys to you, agree on an acceptance date that will suit both parties. We recommend that you sign up in the morning or afternoon hours – it is better to inspect the premises in good lighting.

    Take with you:

    • The contract and the plan of the apartment – they will be useful for checking the area and layout.
    • Sheet of paper (you will need it to check for drafts)
    • A light bulb and some simple electrical device (for example, a hair dryer). With their help, you can easily check the health of sockets and other electrical outlets.
    • Building level for detecting uneven surfaces.

    How to accept a new building from the developer

    The first step is a general inspection. Go around all the rooms. First of all, pay attention to the surfaces – the floor, walls, ceiling. They should be even (a building level is useful here), dry, with no signs of dampness. Feel free to count the number of windows and doors, measure their size and check the shape. If there is a balcony, check its floor – it should be laid with a slope so that during rains the water does not collect on the balcony, but flows down. If you are buying a turnkey apartment, check whether the wallpaper is of good quality and if there are any rough joints. Do not be too lazy to see if the skirting boards are tightly laid. Turn on the heating and check how the heating works.


    Avoid all wet spots. Run water at full capacity from the taps in the bathroom and shower, in the kitchen. If the plumbing communication is carried out according to the rules and installed tightly, then it should not leak anywhere. The pressure must be strong and stable. See how quickly the water goes into the drain at maximum pressure – if there is a blockage. Flush the toilet tank and watch how quickly the tank fills up.


    To make sure that the wiring is done correctly, you can use a light bulb or a hair dryer. Do not forget about electricity and water meters – record their readings (or better yet, take a picture on your phone).

    Doors and windows

    The front door must be installed exactly (a crookedly installed door will cause trouble in the future). Open and close the front and interior doors. Listen to see if they creak (if they creak, then the hinges are not greased). There should not be a gap in the doorway, otherwise it will blow through. Now windows. Close the windows and attach a sheet of paper to the gap in the frame – if it moves, then there is a gap, and there will be a draft in the room.

    Follow these tips, and the acceptance of an apartment from a developer in a new building will go without delay. The Association of Developers of Georgia cooperates only with reliable proven developers. Contact us!

    Leave a request, and we will answer all your questions, tell you about the intricacies of moving
    and guide you on further steps.