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    Many who have visited Georgia want to buy real estate there. How to choose the best option? How much to expect? Our tips will help you make a choice | Sea Inside

    We have already written that real estate in Georgia is a good way to save and increase capital. We will tell you how to choose a property in Batumi.

    Before thinking about how to buy an apartment in Batumi, decide what you need it for – to live or to earn? In Georgia, real estate is getting more expensive by 20-25% every year. A properly selected apartment can bring about 30% income. The best option, which has long been mastered by investors, is seasonal accommodation. This is when the owner lives in the apartment for a certain period, and the rest of the time rents it out. You should immediately decide on the type of housing as well – do you prefer a new building or a secondary one? Sea Inside sells villas, townhouses and premium apartments in new buildings on the Black Sea coast. If you are looking for real estate to earn money, it is profitable to buy an apartment in Batumi with a sea view. It will always be in demand among tourists, which means it will bring a constant stable income.

    How to buy a house in Batumi
    The buying process in Georgia is fast, transparent and easy. Registration takes place in the House of Justice and takes 15-20 minutes (for example, in Cyprus, real estate registration takes 1 month, in Greece – 2 months, in Spain – 2-4 months). After the transaction is concluded, the new owner will receive a code from the Registry in the form of an SMS message, which confirms ownership of the property (in Georgian). The standard code comes in four days ($15), in accelerated form – in a day ($50) or on the same day ($70). Do not be surprised when you receive a printout of the statement without printing. Electronic document management has been introduced in Georgia for many years, so all official documents of the House of Justice are issued without a seal, but they have full legal force. This eliminates paperwork.

    Housing prices in Batumi vary. On average, 1 sq.m costs $500 – $2000. The specific price depends on the location of the house, condition, view from the window. Buying at the excavation stage is cheaper, upon completion of construction – more expensive. Prices for the “white frame” are lower, with repairs and finishes from the developer – higher. For example, apartments with an area of 32 m2 in the Blue Sky complex at the white frame stage cost $30,400 ($950/m2), with a complete turnkey finish, including furniture and appliances – $46,400 (+ $ 500/m2). Finishing in all apartments is according to Holiday Inn standards.

    *Blue Sky is a 36–storey hotel and residential complex 10 minutes from the beach, next to the new Batumi Stadium. It consists of two blocks – block A and block B. In Block A there is a Holiday Inn hotel and turnkey apartments for rent. In block B there are apartments for living.

    How to buy an apartment in Batumi for a citizen of Russia and citizens of other countries
    Recently, remote purchase has been in demand. It saves time and money – no need to change plans, quit business, buy tickets and go just because of the purchase. Those who are in Batumi can either walk around the city and take a closer look at the objects under construction, or contact us. Sea Inside managers will pick up real estate, orient in prices, help with registration.

    Leave a request, and we will answer all your questions, tell you about the intricacies of moving
    and guide you on further steps.