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    Having decided to buy an apartment, people sometimes do not think about how affordable housing prices are in a particular country. How to buy an apartment in Georgia, so as not to miscalculate? Expert advice | Sea Inside

    Each investor who decides to purchase foreign real estate for earnings, responsibly approaches the selection of the most profitable option. Why are more and more entrepreneurs paying attention to Georgia? Experts attribute this popularity to several factors. According to the head of the Sea Inside sales department, Alexander Meldenburg, it is profitable to invest in real estate in Georgia, because it becomes more expensive every year:

    “According to statistics, prices for apartments and apartments in Tbilisi and Batumi rise by an average of 15-20% every year. This means that if you buy a house today, you can earn on resale in two years. And those who bought apartments from us two years ago can now sell them for a third more. So they are already winning. This is without taking into account the volatility of the ruble, which tends to depreciate.”

    New building in Georgia: relevant or not

    Another advantage of the country is that it is a year-round resort. Stable high demand and the influx of tourists guarantee a quick income. The liquidity of such property increases from year to year. Therefore, investments in real estate in this small sunny and hospitable country are highly profitable. The average payback is from 6 years. “When they ask me when it is worth buying an apartment in Georgia, I answer – without delay for tomorrow. In order not to lose ruble savings, but on the contrary, to make them bring income, it is important to buy an apartment in Georgia right now,” A. Meldenburg believes.

    Why us?
    Sea Inside are the official representatives of Georgian developers on the territory of the Russian Federation. We have the widest base of quality real estate for both living and income. Our managers analyze the real estate market, assess the liquidity of the project, understand the technical details. We work under direct contracts, we do not charge a commission, we provide free consultations on issues related to real estate, we guarantee the confidentiality of the transaction, we apply an individual approach, we help make the right decisions, taking into account the requests and wishes of each client, we accompany the transaction in three languages.

    Giving tour
    When buying real estate in the amount of $40,000 or more, we give five exciting days in mountainous Adjara. A tour is an opportunity to see the apartments/apartments you like on the spot, relax by the sea and see the mountains.

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