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    Bakuriani: photo, history, tracks. A popular ski resort through the eyes of Sea Inside.

    Bakuriani is a Georgian ski resort in the Borjomi municipality (another popular winter resort, Gudauri, is located in the Kazbegi municipality). The weather here is mild in winter – many sunny days, winds rarely blow. Snow falls enough – about 60 centimeters. The average temperature is +5…+8 °C. The winter season lasts from December to April, but the snowiest months are January-February.


    Bakuriani is located in the Borjomi Gorge, surrounded by the Caucasian mountain range. It is on the tops of the local mountains that the sources of an underground source are formed, which then flow into the gorge. The village of Borjomi is adjacent to the resort – there you can drink the famous Borjomi mineral water in its original form, directly from the source (unlike the bottled version, it tastes warm and without gas). The road to Borjomi will take half an hour by car. You can also get on the narrow gauge railway, which the locals call “Kukushka”.

    The Bakuriani resort is located in the subtropical climate zone. In the 19th century, it was a resting place for the Russian royal family – the royal palace of the Romanovs is still preserved in Borjomi. In Soviet times, Bakuriani often hosted competitions in bobsleigh, slalom, biathlon and ski jumping. In the 80s of the last century, there was even a training base for the USSR Olympic team.

    Today it is a small cozy village surrounded by greenery. It has two main streets and several lanes. All infrastructure is nearby. There are shops, supermarkets, cafes, pharmacies. Lots of signs so tourists don’t get lost. In the conditional center of the village there is a bus station, an information center for tourists and the police.


    Ski slopes in Bakuriani (Georgia) – of varying degrees of difficulty. Some of them have been certified. The tracks Kokhta, Didveli, Tatra, Mitarbi descend from the peaks of the same name. Their total length is about 20 km. The largest slope is located at an altitude of 2700 meters above sea level. Thanks to the dense coniferous forests, the village has a reputation as a balneological resort. The purest air and picturesque mountain landscapes make Bakuriani an ideal place for a family vacation.

    Beginners can train on a special track with a length of 250 meters. The slope of the mountain in this place is 10-12 degrees. Also, beginners can try their hand at the Plateau track. The next in terms of difficulty are the tracks “Kokhta-1” and “Kokhta-2”. Both are two levels. The length of “Kokhta-1” is 1.5 km, “Kokhta-2” is 3 km. They are convenient in that steep slopes are interspersed with gentle ones. The most difficult are the upper slopes. Their length is about 400 meters, and the slope of the slopes is 52 degrees. They are designed only for seasoned professionals. Fans of cross-country skiing can climb the Tskhratskaro pass, located 13 km from Bakuriani. Its height reaches 2.5 thousand meters.


    A one-time pass costs 10 lari (about $3). You can pay for three rises at once – it will cost less (21 lari, or $7). The tariff for a subscription for the whole day and an unlimited number of lifts is 40 lari ($13) for an adult and 25 lari ($8) for a child. This subscription is valid from 10:00 to 17:00. Another option: subscription for the period from 17:00 to 21:30. Its price is 25 lari ($8).

    Those who do not have their own skis can rent them (as well as snowboards, sleds and other equipment). You can rent skis for 10 GEL per hour ($3) or 30 GEL ($10) per day. To borrow a snowboard for a while costs 15 lari per hour ($5) or 35 lari ($12) per day, sleds – 10 lari ($3) per hour or 25 lari per day ($8). You can stay both in large hotels and in the private sector – the choice is large. The average price per day is from 70 lari ($23) to 400 lari ($130) up to a day.

    In general, everyone will find here a cozy place to live and relax. After all, Bakuriani and Georgia as a whole is a paradise lost in the mountains, where you can relax your body and soul and gain energy and strength.

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