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    We talked about why it is profitable to live in Georgia in the last article. If you are thinking about emigrating to Georgia, this article is for you. We will tell you how to move to Georgia, what are the pros and cons of permanent residence in Georgia and how to get it.

    According to the law, foreigners can stay in Georgia without a visa for 365 days. They can work, register companies, buy real estate (by the way, Sea Inside has a large real estate database in Tbilisi and Batumi). Obtaining a higher residence status gives you more rights, but also more responsibilities. In fact, residence permit, permanent residence and citizenship are these three stages of the same process. How do they differ? Consider it in detail.

    What gives a residence permit

    • You can stay in the country for more than a year
    • You can remotely issue a power of attorney from a notary according to the Procedure
    • It is possible to receive public services in electronic form
    • You can get vaccinated against COVID-19
    • Medical services and insurance will be cheaper
    • To apply for a visa, you do not need to travel outside Georgia
    • After 10 years, a temporary residence permit can be changed to a permanent one

    What gives permanent residence in Georgia
    Permanent residence is the next stage. The owner of this status has all the same advantages as the owner of a residence permit, as well as the following rights and obligations:

    – You can not renew your residence permit every year
    – You can receive a pension in the future
    – You need to make a 2% contribution to the Pension Fund from the salary

    How does citizenship differ from permanent residence

    Obtaining citizenship is the third and last stage. The holder of a Georgian passport, among other things:

    • Can visit EU countries without a visa
    • Can buy agricultural land
    • Can participate in elections
    • Must undergo military service (men 18-27 years old)

    How to get a residence permit/permanent residence
    To get a passport, you must first take a residence permit, and then permanent residence. One of the most convenient ways to apply for a residence permit is to purchase real estate for $ 100,000 (we wrote here in detail about what to pay attention to when buying an apartment). To go through the procedure of obtaining a residence permit, it is necessary to evaluate the purchased property. The assessment is carried out by private companies (it is important that they have state accreditation. The appraiser charges an average of about $60. The application is submitted at the House of Justice.
    Need to:

    • Fill out a questionnaire
    • Attach a real estate appraisal document
    • Attach a photo (it is taken in the same place, in the House of Justice in an automatic photo studio).
    • Pay 75 USD

    All this is done in one place and takes 10-15 minutes. The operator, having accepted your application, will issue a registration number – with its help, you can monitor how the review process is going. After 30 working days, you will receive a response (usually by SMS). The option of reviewing the application in an accelerated mode is available – in 20 days ($ 100) or 10 days ($ 130). You can also fill out the questionnaire remotely (via the platform sda.gov.ge ), but in this case it will be necessary to provide material documents to the House of Justice within 10 days.

    What to consider before applying for a residence permit
    If a residence permit is issued on the basis of real estate ownership, then the time of residence in Georgia does not matter. However, two nuances should be taken into account: a) you must stay in the country legally and b) the remainder of the legal stay must be at least 40 days.

    Leave a request, and we will answer all your questions, tell you about the intricacies of moving
    and guide you on further steps.