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    In the capital of Adjara, Batumi, the summer season lasts a long time – from May to October. At this time, you can swim in the sea, sunbathe, ride bicycles. But what to do in Batumi in winter? Let’s tell you in more detail.

    Winter in Batumi is quite warm. The air temperature rarely drops below +10 degrees. Snow here, if it falls, then rarely, and melts quickly. We can say that winter in the conventional sense lasts here for two weeks a year. The rest of the time, winter is like autumn. It will not work to swim in the sea, but in good weather you can sit on the shore, listen to the surf, breathe the sea air. So Batumi does not lose its attractiveness in winter. If it is difficult to make a program, you can come on a winter tour of Georgia from Sea Inside. It’s convenient – we organize the trip down to the smallest detail. You will be able to visit the main sights of Batumi, climb the mountains, look for a house on the seashore for living or investing.

    Besides, you can always go to see other cities of Georgia – it’s not so far from Batumi. The choice is quite large. Popular ski resorts are Gudauri, Bakuriani, Tetnuldi, Goderdzi. Lovers of antiquity will be interested in ancient temples, cave cities, ancient wineries. Winter is a good time to visit the Svaneti mountain region. The snow-strewn Svan towers will not leave anyone indifferent, and fabulous mountain landscapes and picturesque roads will decorate the trip.

    Batumi in winter: what to see

    The first thing you can advise is to celebrate the New Year in Batumi. On New Year’s days, a festive atmosphere reigns in the city. You can recharge with positive energy so that the New Year celebrated in Georgia will be remembered for a long time.

    • Visit the fish market. The stalls of the oldest fish market are full of seasonal fish. Here you can buy fish and give it to restaurants in the neighborhood – it will be cooked and served on the terrace, where, sitting under a canopy, you can enjoy local cuisine amid the noise of the surf.
    • Go to museums. For connoisseurs of beauty in Batumi there is a Museum of Fine Arts and an Archaeological Museum. And in the museum of the Nobel brothers (they lived and worked here at the beginning of the XX century), which still holds rare exhibits – for example, a bottle of oil, which was traded by famous oil magnates. Another interesting place is the ethnographic museum “Borjgalo”, the creator of which has been collecting rare exhibits throughout Adjara for 40 years.
    • Attend master classes in Georgian cooking. Professional craftsmen will teach you how to properly wrap khinkali, bake khachapuri and cook churchkhela.
    • Go to the movies. In the old town, near Europe Square, you can find the Apollo cinema. This is the oldest cinema in Batumi – the first cinema show was held there in 1903! The building is perfectly preserved. Watching masterpieces of world cinema and new films in an old but very cozy cinema hall is unusual and interesting.
    • Swim in the pool. Of course, this will not replace the sea, but for those who want to stretch their bones or just splash in the water, going to the pool is a good option. In any large hotel complex there are swimming pools, including Olympic–class (50 m). Let’s face it, it’s a great pleasure to swim in the pool located on the roof of the hotel and admire the sea.
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