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    A house by the sea – a profitable purchase or a headache? Let us analyze the features of resort real estate located at different distances from the coast. |Sea Inside

    In seaside resorts, housing located on the first coastline has the most advantageous location. Living with a sea view is, of course, a great pleasure, but it also has its drawbacks. How to choose a holiday home in Batumi? Let’s talk about the features.

    The Sea Inside real estate database includes new apartments, apartments, villas and townhouses on the first and second coastlines of Batumi. We select profitable options that are suitable for both life and investment.


    1. The first and biggest plus is the beautiful views from the window. It’s nice to watch sunrises and sunsets, enjoy the sound of the surf, admire the landscape.
    2. The second plus is the proximity to the beach. When the beach is within walking distance from the house, there is no need to waste time on the road and the hassle of collecting things.
    3. Another advantage is clean air. The fresh sea breeze and the absence of harmful emissions allow you to enjoy the beneficial sea air.
    4. Developed infrastructure – well-maintained alleys and boulevards, walking paths and bicycle paths, the presence of coastal cafes, restaurants and entertainment areas make life easier and comfortable.


    It is really nice to have an apartment on the seashore: in the morning you can swim or walk along the beach, in the evening you can have dinner while admiring the sunset. But sometimes life by the sea has some drawbacks.

    1. Cost – housing prices are higher than for apartments located far from the sea line.
    2. Noise during high season. In summer, crowds of vacationers come to seaside resorts, who walk until late at night. It will not be possible to rest and recuperate against the backdrop of loud sounds outside the window.

    What to choose

    Housing by the sea on the first coastline, for example, in the Batumi View residential complex, which is located just 20 meters from the beach, is undoubtedly a tasty morsel. But why is it necessary to live on the first line? We have been successfully selling resort real estate for a long time and we know that housing on the second and third lines is only slightly inferior to coastal real estate. The first and second coastlines are perfect for renting out and earning money, but you can also live in other areas of the resort. The level of comfort there is no less – due to privacy and away from the hustle and bustle. A separate plus is the cost. Apartments away from the beach are cheaper. In any case, follow the advice of experts: when buying property by the sea, be guided by your own preferences, goals and lifestyle.

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