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Apartments in Batumi: the main locations, and their pros and cons

In which area of Batumi is it better to buy real estate?
Before answering this question, decide for what purposes the apartment is purchased? For life or for investment? If for life, then you are looking for something that corresponds to personal wishes (a noisy active city center or a quiet cozy far quarter close to nature). If for investment – focus on proximity to the sea. The closer, the better.

Which new buildings in Batumi are better?
The quality of new buildings can be determined in two ways: either to visit the object yourself and assess its characteristics (but for this, you need to professionally understand the construction), or focus on experience, past projects and the reputation of the developer. SeaInside cooperates only with proven builders. All objects that we sell are peer-reviewed. In our catalog – new buildings by the sea from the developer in Batumi and Tbilisi.

Choosing a property in Batumi, you should pay attention to the area around the Alley of Heroes. Nearby is the new Batumi stadium, near the hypermarket "Karfour". A lot of new buildings are being built here. This arrangement is convenient: everything you need is at hand. And although this is not the first coastline, but the second, but the sea is not far away – about 10-15 minutes on foot. The main thing is that the prices here are acceptable. You can walk to the old town in half an hour or by public transport, which in Batumi works perfectly (and is inexpensive – 0.50 lari. Taxi to the center will cost 3 lari).

Many residential complexes are being built on the first coastline. The undoubted plus of them is that the sea is literally two steps away. For example, Batumi View – came out of the entrance to the boulevard, and already the beach. However, remember that property prices in coastal neighborhoods are slightly higher. Another feature of such large hotel and residential complexes is that they sell not flats, but apartments. Apartments differ from flats in that they are more like their own hotel room, which is completely at the disposal of the owner and which at the same time opens access to hotel services.

If you are searching for a house for yourself in a quiet place, near the sea, but far from the bustle of the city, you should consider comfortable apartments in the suburbs of Batumi – Makhinjauri, Chakvi, Gonio, Kvariati. In the new complexes, Dreamland Oasis (Chakvi) or Mziuri Gardens (Makhinjauri) developed infrastructure that will provide comfort and privacy. If you want a city society, you can always go to Batumi – it is a 15-20 minute drive away.

Are you planning to buy an apartment in Batumi? Need the first line? Contact us, we will select real estate for individual requests.

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