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Author: Sea Inside

How to quickly buy an apartment in Georgia in 1 day

We have already told you why real estate in Georgia is a profitable way to save savings and even multiply them. Today we will tell you how the purchase procedure goes.

Is it possible to buy an apartment in one day? Perhaps. If the apartment is in Georgia. The purchase procedure here is fast, clear, transparent and, importantly, cheap. If you have already chosen an apartment and agreed on a price, you can not delay and proceed with the registration (if you have not chosen, Sea Inside will help you choose a property for your budget and requests).

Registration takes place in the House of Justice. The House of Justice is a structure of the Ministry of Justice, working on the principle of "one window". It unites about 200 public services. All services included in the department have a common electronic database. The document flow is carried out in electronic form (therefore, documents are issued without printing, but don't let it bother you – they have legal force). Thanks to this, clients do not have to go to the authorities with a pile of paper documents – it is enough to have a passport.

How to become an apartment owner in Georgia
The registration process is simplified as much as possible – it takes about 20 minutes (it will take one month to register an apartment in Cyprus in your name, two months in Greece, and about four months in Spain). After the buyer and seller conclude the transaction in the House of Justice, the buyer will receive confirmation – an SMS with an extract from the Public Registry Agency (in Georgian) will be sent to the specified mobile phone number. The rates for registration depend on the urgency. In the standard mode (confirmation comes in four days), you can apply for $ 15, in the accelerated mode – for $ 50 (the next day) or for $ 80 (on the same day). If you need to buy real estate urgently, please contact us – Sea Inside has already helped more than 600 clients from different countries to buy apartments. We will advise, prompt, translate documents (free of charge).

Even faster purchase of real estate in Georgia
In the digital world, online purchase of products, equipment, cars is a common thing. It is really convenient to buy things without leaving home. A remote transaction has two main advantages – it saves time and money (no need to plan a trip, spend money on tickets and a hotel). "In the last two years, during the period of restrictions associated with the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for remote purchase has increased dramatically," says Alexander Meldenburg, head of Sales at Sea Inside.

Sea Inside managers will help you choose a property remotely. They will organize an online video call (free of charge), collect documents, draw up a contract and consult on other issues.
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