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    How can I buy an apartment?

    You can contact any branch of our company, in Tbilisi or Batumi, or call +995 555 233 565. We are also available in instant messengers (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram). If you are outside of Georgia, you can purchase real estate remotely.

    I am not in Georgia. Can I buy an apartment remotely?

    You can. Remote transactions are a common way to acquire real estate, especially when it comes to overseas real estate. All documents, contracts and receipts are sent by e-mail. After the transaction is concluded, the buyer receives an SMS code from the State Real Estate Register of Georgia on the specified mobile phone number, confirming the ownership of the property. Buying online saves time and money, no need to change plans and spend money on a trip to another country.

    Can the price change the day before the purchase?

    The price of the property can change at any time, but if the apartment is booked, then the price remains the same for that time.

    Is it possible to buy property anonymously?

    Yes. Georgia does not transfer information about property buyers, even upon request. The property will remain yours, even in case of confiscation of property at home. In addition, the transaction is registered with the Ministry of Justice and a unique code is provided, by which only you can see the purchase in the cadastre.

    Can I buy real estate through a trustee?

    Can. To do this, you must have a power of attorney certified by a notary.

    What are the conditions for the sale of the apartment?

    There is no tax on real estate in Georgia - neither on the purchase nor on the sale. The only condition is that if the apartment is sold within the first two years after the purchase, the owner must pay a tax of about 18%.

    How to buy property in installments or credit?

    When applying for a bank loan, the mortgage rate for foreigners will be, on average, 8% per annum. You can also arrange an interest-free installment plan from the developer for a period until the end of construction.

    What are the conditions for granting installments?

    The amount of the initial payment is 30%. The average monthly payment for an economy class property is from 700 $. Premium class — from 1500 $.

    What documents are needed to apply for an installment plan?

    To apply for an installment plan, you only need a passport.

    Can a foreign citizen buy real estate in Georgia with a mortgage?

    If we are talking about buying real estate in a new building, then he can purchase it in a mortgage. Under Georgian law, foreign citizens cannot take out a mortgage loan from Georgian banks, but in practice this rule applies to secondary housing. In the case of buying a new building, the situation is different. Developers, as a rule, cooperate with commercial banks, which provide specific lending programs for their clients.

    Under what conditions can a foreigner take a mortgage loan in Georgia?

    The allowable mortgage loan amount is $3,000 – $500,000. The repayment period is up to 15 years. Requirements for the borrower: at least 23 years of age at the time of obtaining a mortgage and not more than 65 years at the end of payments on it, a stable income, an account in a Georgian bank. You will need the following documents: a passport, an extract from the state register of the acquired property and a document confirming income. Interest rates depend on the lending program and are set in each case separately. On average, mortgage rates in Georgia are from 8% per annum in dollars and from 6% per annum in euros.

    Can I make a payment without having a bank account?

    You can. When buying real estate through Sea Inside, almost all possible forms of payment are available - in cash, by bank transfer, through fast transfer systems, cryptocurrency.

    Is it possible to pay for real estate with cryptocurrency?

    Can. Virtual currency will help out in cases where national currencies are unstable (volatile). We work with all the most common types of crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and others). The payment process is simple and not much different from the work of the usual payment methods. After the conclusion of the contract, the buyer transfers the cryptocurrency to an electronic wallet. All transactions are secure and the information is confidential.

    Is it possible to pay part of the apartment with maternity capital?

    The state program of financial support for families "Maternity Capital" operates throughout the Russian Federation. Accordingly, it does not operate in Georgia. However, maternity capital can be cashed out on the territory of Russia and the funds received can be used to pay for the purchase.

    I want to check the legal documents. Where can I watch them?

    You can check the ownership of the apartment in the register. To do this, you need to go to the site and enter the cadastral number of the property in the last column.

    What language is the deal in?

    Document flow in Georgia is conducted in Georgian, however, for foreign buyers of real estate, we translate all documents, including the sale and purchase agreement, into English or Russian free of charge.

    What is the real estate tax in Georgia?

    There are no real estate taxes in Georgia, neither for purchase nor for ownership. This law applies to all owners of real estate, both Georgian citizens and foreigners. The only tax exists if the owner rents out the property and earns on it. In this case, he must once a year pay 5% of the annual profit to the state budget. To do this, the owner should contact the Tax Inspectorate with a request to enter it into a special register of landlords. This rule applies equally to citizens of the country and foreigners.

    How much do utilities cost in Georgia?

    As of 2022, utility bills in Georgia average $70 – $150 per month. Utilities in Georgia include payment for the use of electricity, gas, water, waste disposal and the Internet. Additionally, a fee may be charged for cleaning general areas (entrance, elevator, house territory). If there is a management company in the residential complex, then it provides these additional services.

    How to manage real estate remotely?

    Property management can be transferred to a management company. A management company (MC) is a private organization that undertakes the trust management of real estate, as well as the technical and sanitary maintenance of apartment buildings on the basis of an agreement with apartment owners. The owner concludes an agreement with the Criminal Code and undertakes to pay monthly for its services in the amount prescribed in the document. In return, the company undertakes to provide a quick and convenient solution to issues related to daily home maintenance.

    What are the responsibilities of a management company?

    The obligations of the management company are described in detail in the contract. Usually its functions include: • Pay utility bills and taxes on time; • Ensure the safety of property; • Landscape the local area; • Update the facade; • Monitor the smooth operation of communications; • Provide safety; • Monitor the serviceability of the fire protection system; • Carry out minor repairs. If the owner wants to rent out the property for the purpose of earning money, then the management company takes on this function (which should also be spelled out in the contract). In particular, she must: • Attract tenants (advertise and promote the apartment on websites for booking accommodation); • Control the processes of check-in and check-out of guests; • Organize cleaning of the rented property after the departure of guests; • Inform about occupancy and income.

    What to do if the management company does not fulfill its obligations?

    If the management company ceases to fulfill the obligations specified in the contract, the owner has the right to go to court with a request to hold the company liable, compensate for damages and compensate for lost profits.